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Beauty Disasters

The other day I worked extra slowly on my makeup to achieve flawless complexion, radiance and illumination. I had already finished my eye makeup when, in a moment of feeling clever, I thought it would be fun to try using Benefit High Brow on my lower waterline to make my eyes look more alert.




Instantly my eyes turned super red and teared. I ended up having to remove everything on the lower part of the eyes and re-conceal the under eye area.


Have you tried to be extra clever with your makeup, only to end up with a disaster instead? Confess!

Re: Beauty Disasters

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I know what it's like I did the same for my underarms and I had tank tops the whole time because it burned and everyone saw and laughed "magically" I caught a "cold" and got to stay home until my prescription cream made it go away. Smiley Wink


Re: Beauty Disasters

i always had a dirty blonde color to my hair and one day i decided i wanted to be platinum. when i was 14 i let my two best friends dye my hair from a box and we didn't let it sit for long enough which made my hair turn orange. it has never gone back to the nice shade of blonde i had before because of that

Re: Beauty Disasters

Sadly, this is a fairly recent story. It was the midst of a dry winter when I decided that I could use a super boost of moisture on the sensitive skin below the eyes. I'd already applied my makeup so I dabbed on some Vitamin E oil before I rushed off to work. Well, what I didn't realize is that the oil had made my lower lash mascara totally smear and I had scary racoon eyes for an entire shift without realizing it. Smiley Sad My coworkers didn't say a thing the whole time!


Re: Beauty Disasters

Oh Lord! This just happened last weekend... My other half and I were on our way to our hometown to visit his Dad, who we hardly ever see. Right before we left town, John gave me an Avon book, and Cool! Free samples! One of the samples was a Long-wearing type of foundation in Creamy Natural. Well, I opened it and tried a teeny bit on my jawline- looked nice! So, I did my whole face with it. ORANGE!!! It only took about two minutes to go from O.K. to OH! NO!!! I made John pull over at a rest stop and I tried splashing my face with water, it wouldn't come off! So I ended up having to use gas-station dispenser-soap on my FACE! to get the make-up off... EW!

Re: Beauty Disasters

I got stilla's waterproff glitter eyeliner and i was kind of playing with it so i decided to do a cleopatha/fairy look and to was cute but i got it all over my nose and i ran out of waterproff remover and i had to leave with it like that it was so embarssing Smiley Sad 

Re: Beauty Disasters

Ohhhhhh goodness.

I've had the Benefit BeneTint blush forever. The first day I used it, I swiped the brush over my cheek and left it for a couple seconds too long. When I tried to blend it with my fingers, it wouldn't budge!! Well, it budged a little, but there was still a bright red line on each of my cheeks. In my panic, I knocked over the bottle and spilled half of it in the sink. It got all over my hands too. It looked like I had killed someone xD. I ended up having to wash it off, pick my mess up, and listen to my mom yell at me about being careful. I was lucky I didn't get any on my clothes, because she would have freaked out Smiley Very Happy I have other ones, but this was the worst I could think of at the moment. Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Disasters

This thread had me ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!! I have also had the whole "foundation looks great then turns orange" problem! I thought it was just me! A few years ago, Aveda had this problem with all of their liquid foundations! Turns out one of the items in the formula oxidized as the day wore on, so  I would leave the house looking perfect and by halfway through the day, I would look orange, orange, orange!! I switched to Bare escentuals loose mineral makeup after that-- it's only LAST YEAR that I felt brave enough to go back to using liquid foundation! And even so--- I stay away from Aveda!!!! Smiley Very Happy


But I'd have to say, my worst beauty disaster was when I got into using straight peroxide on my bangs. Yes, I grew up with Sun-in, but I didn't think it would be good for my hair, I have an aunt who is pretty fair skinned with light ash brwon hair and she used to occasionally do peroxide rinses in the summer to lighten her hair. It looked great on her! So I started to do the same thing, too. In the winter--everyday. After a few weeks of this, people started asking me if I lightened my hair. I smiled and said, "Oh, no. It's from the sun." Even though it was BRIGHT red-- and only my bangs!!!!!

Re: Beauty Disasters

When I had turned 15 during band camp I had started breaking out with a few pimples and zits on my forhead and between my eyebrows. I started freaking out because I had never had acne before and didn't know what to do. My mom was out of town on a business meeting and she had never had acne period, so in a moment of "ingenuity" I had decided to put straight rubbing alcohol on the pimples and on my nose in an effort to get rid of the shine and the zits. The alcohol ended up burning my skin and made my entire nose covered with sebacious acne (under the skin) as soon as my mom came home she took me to the dermatologist who said it wasn't that bad of acne and prescribed two on the spot treatments and Cetaphyl facial cleanser. Imagine my feeling of shame that I had never had acne and low and behold the doctor thought it was awful enough to prescribe something, all because I had tried to get rid of a few zits with alcohol.

Re: Beauty Disasters

When I was in middle school, I wanted to be "different" and wear bright NEON makeup. My mom eventually convinced me to ditch the costume makeup (I literally used halloween makeup for a while) and at least switch to some electric lime and hot pink MAC shades...which I applied liberally from my lids to my brows. The raccoon eyeliner didn't help either...I looked like some sort of scary hooker-clown. Now I hardly use eyeshadow at all, and when I do, it's brown or nude colors!

Re: Beauty Disasters

Well, this wasn't a makeup disaster but I do have quite the hair horror story. My hair gets dry on the ends and so I had been trying a dollup of olive oil on them from time to time. One night, I thought I could get a really good conditioning by covering my WHOLE HEAD in olive oil. I woke up the next morning looking like Encino Man. I rushed to my hair dresser with the emergency and she had to use heavy duty clarifying shampoo on me 3x. It was awful - I still looked like a greaseball for a few days, but her method definitely helped.

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