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Post in Beauty Confidential

Beauty Disasters

The other day I worked extra slowly on my makeup to achieve flawless complexion, radiance and illumination. I had already finished my eye makeup when, in a moment of feeling clever, I thought it would be fun to try using Benefit High Brow on my lower waterline to make my eyes look more alert.




Instantly my eyes turned super red and teared. I ended up having to remove everything on the lower part of the eyes and re-conceal the under eye area.


Have you tried to be extra clever with your makeup, only to end up with a disaster instead? Confess!

Re: Beauty Disasters

my worst beauty disaster is when i first started wearing makeup. i actually went out IN PUBLIC with blue eyeshadow and too much blush and i thought i looked so good and when i came home i realized how terrible i looked. ugh *shivers* never again...

Re: Beauty Disasters

one time i was rushing on my way to school so i swiped on my mascara and eyeliner and i wish that i had realy looked at myself before i left because my mascara got on my lids all over and my eyeliner was smudging all under my eye. now if im ever in a rush i either put it on in the bathroom in between classes or just dont put it on.

Re: Beauty Disasters

Pfft!  Is that all?  When I first started wearing makeup, I used to paint stripes down my cheeks with blush.  I thought that it accentuated my cheekbones.  I used to wear heavy eyeshadow and black eyeliner that reached past the the outer tips of my eyes to my eyebrows. 


I thought that I looked good!Smiley Tongue


My father, who has a wicked sense of humour, had the foresight to take lots of pictures.  Now, 20 years later, he thinks nothing of pulling out those pictures and showing them to EVERYONE!!! Smiley Very Happy


Re: Beauty Disasters

Oh my goodness! I just remembered the time that I used NAIL POLISH as lipstick... I was about 8 or 9, and had stolen my aunt's nail polish. I knew that I would need remover to get it off my nails, but at that age, it didn't occur to me that I would need remover to get it from my lips. I ended up scrubbing and scrubbing my lips F O R E V E R with a washcloth to get it off. My lips were raw, chapped and bleeding for days, and I didn't even get all the nail polish off, so I got caught anyway!

Re: Beauty Disasters

i was 12  and i was completely surprised beacuse it was picture day at school. so while i was in line just before they called my name i smeared on a bunch of shiny lipgloss thinking it looked amazing. so i get my picture  a few days later and the lipgloss is not just on my lips but it was ALL over the outside lining of my lips too! it looked like i had just eaten some really greasy chicken and forgot to use a napkin! lets just say now i use a mirror before i put ANY makeup on now

Re: Beauty Disasters

I got my best friend (since 8 years old, I'm now 38) from a beauty disaster.  I was new at the school and it was my 1st week at the school. I was in 3rd grade and we were not allowed to wear make-up.  I had brought a tinted lip balm to school and put it on while the teacher was out of the room.  I didn't have a mirror and totally missed my lip line.  There was a girl in the class who was a suck up to the teacher and had decided she didn't like me immediately.  She told the teacher as soon as she returned that I had put make-up on.  Since I had it smeared on my face, it was obvious i was guilty.  Another girl spoke up and told the teacher that my lips were really chapped and hurting me and she had loaned me her lip balm.  She didn't realize it was tinted and didn't have a mirror.  She totally lied for me to protect me from getting in trouble when she didn't even know me.  And we have been friends ever since...for 30 years and counting.  She has always stood up for me and has always had my back!

Re: Beauty Disasters

Well, when i was 3, i decided to take one of my moms lipsticks. I thought that i would look beautiful, so i smothered it on. My mom found out that i took it and she started yelling though out the house "MADDIE WHERE IS MY LIPSTICK?". Not wanting to get in trouble, i hid under my bed. She finally found me and had to pull me out by my feet! She didnt actually get mad though, she started to laugh and asked if i could do a pretty pose!


NEVER again will i play with my moms lipstick!Smiley Wink 

Re: Beauty Disasters

My 2 biggest beauty disasters didn't have to do with makeup, they both had to do with leg hair removal. They were awful at the time, but looking back, I have to admit they were both really funny!


1. After the summer of 7th grade, I was sick of shaving my legs everyday so I tried to use "Nair." When I tried a small spot on my leg as a test, it worked fine but when I tried to do my entire legs, I had a severe allergic reaction. Smiley Surprised My legs turned purple and I had to wear jeans all summer!


2. The summer after my junior year of high school I went to National Student Leadership Conference in Washington DC. Since I had to get up really early the next morning, I decided to shave my legs at night. I cut my ankle, but figured it was no big deal so I just slapped a band-aid on it. Later in the ladies' room when I was waiting in line for the sink, one of the other girls started screaming and ran to get a counselor because I was unwittingly standing in a pool of blood from my little cut, which was evidently not so little after all. The nurse came to my room to bandage it up and while she did so 2 female and 2 male conselors stood there in my room and all swapped stories about times when they'd accidently cut themselves shaving which made me feel better about it! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Beauty Disasters

I was with a couple of friends a Sephora a few years ago when the Smashbox O-Glow was still pretty new. I told my friends how cool it was because it customizes to your skintone. Before I sould stop her, my one friend, who is pretty clueless about makeup, grabbed the tube squeezed out a HUGE dollop & proceeded to rub it on her face! It was horrifying & hilarious at the same time. One of the lovely Sephora girls helped her put some concealer over top to minimize the damage, but she had to still walk around with neon pink hands because she used so much!

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Re: Beauty Disasters

@ eastakrongirl: When I was about 14-15, there's was this new lipstick (at the drug store) that claims to adapt, kinda like O-Glow does. Since it was pretty cheap (on sale, like 3$), I decided to give it a try. It was green, but turn red when applied. I did a few test, before wearing it out in public and it seems nice. But, since I wasn't a big "lipstick wearer" I think I apply way too much before going to a party. I thought everything was fine until one of my friends, who knew a lot more than me about make-up, turn to me and say: Andy, what did you do to your lips? When I look at myself in the mirror, it wasn't a reddish color like it was supposed to be, but still pretty green... So I tried to rub it off, and it wouldn't go away!!!

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