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Post in Beauty Confidential

Bad Idea

Using blush on your eye lids.

Re: Bad Idea

 I remember trying that.........and I agree....bad idea!

Re: Bad Idea

Using lipstick as on-the-go-blush (reccomended by Michelle Phan) DID NOT work out for me.....

Re: Bad Idea

1. Using eyeshadow as blush, or anything that is not blush as blush.

2. Using toothpaste to dry out pimples (I was like 13, don't judge me).

3. Tweezers for anything are a bad idea in my book.. wax in the hands of a professional for me as much as possible!

4. Sephora inside JC Penney - what were they thinking???

5. Shaving your eyebrows (again, I was like 13)

6. Green concealer. It only succeeds in making your skin green. Terrible invention! Does not neutralize red! Thank God I'm not a pimply 13 year old anymore! (Instead I'm a 22 year old with chronic eczema.. not much of an improvement.. boo. lol)

7. Waterproof mascara. I just don't see the point.


8. Fragrances meant to smell like foods. Again, why...?


9. Let's just put cheek stains, stick-form blush, liquid blush, roll-on blush, any other kind of non-powder blush on this list. It really creeps me out. I have a lot of issues with blush now that I think of it lol


10. Speaking of things that creep me out, fake eyelashes. If you're not dressing up for Halloween, performing on stage or walking the red carpet (ie viewed from 6 - 10ft away at all times), for me you shouldn't waste your time with those gross creepy things. They just look like hell.

I'm opinionated, I know. I could go on and on with this stuff. I hope I don't offend


Re: Bad Idea

Certain eyeshadows as blush work great in a pinch depending on your skin and the eyeshadow! The pink in Smashbox's Burlesque eyeshadow quad is good for that. Used it when i was runnin late and couldn't find my blush - looked great, woulda never known it wasn't blush.

Re: Bad Idea

I agree totally except for waterproof mascara. If it's hot outside, which it pretty much always is where I live, and you might sweat a little, it helps. But I have always hated the freaky blushes people come up with. The only thing that should be in a stick is lipstick. And blemish sticks. Those actually help. Smiley Wink





Re: Bad Idea


mymaserati wrote:

6. Green concealer. It only succeeds in making your skin green. Terrible invention! Does not neutralize red!

I have mild rosacea: my cheeks near my nose look like they're clown red. I have found that judicious and appropriate use of green primer/concealer works well under foundation to tone down the redness.

mymaserati wrote:

 8. Fragrances meant to smell like foods. Again, why...

I'm with you on this one! I don't  want to smell like cookies or candy; i am getting tired of perfumes that smell like spoiled desserts. I don't mind the *subtle* use of some fruits, chocolate, chili pepper (for example in Piment Brulant by L'Artisan Parfumeur), or *subtle* vanilla (as in the justly famous Guerlainade), however, when they are well blended and not dominant. I'm just glad i haven't seen roast beef scented perfume :-P

mymaserati wrote:

9. Let's just put cheek stains, stick-form blush, liquid blush, roll-on blush, any other kind of non-powder blush on this list. It really creeps me out. I have a lot of issues with blush now that I think of it l

Actually, i'm fond of creamy or transparent/translucent gel stick blushes. I started using them in the early 1970s. For me they blend well with my moisturizing foundation or on my dry skin. But it's good there are so many different kinds, that way each of us, with different skin issues and personal preferences, can find the ones we like best.


As for opinionated, i bet many of us on these boards are Smiley Wink

Re: Bad Idea (Green concealer)

I'm a redhead with a very ruddy complexion and my makeup goal ever since I've been wearing makeup (we won't go into how long that is!) is to conceal my red face.  Green concealers really do work, you just have to find the right one.  There is a makeup compay called Just For Redheads and, while many of their products are great, their green concelaer did just what you said - it make me green.  But a coworker turned me onto the Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer in the green and it REALLY works.  It's very light and blends like a dream. Combined with the Bare Escentuals foundation in Fairly Medium, (which is also great at camouflaging redness) I no longer look like I have a perpetual sunburn.  I would recommend this combo (especially the primer) to any of my fellow gingers (or anybody) who have a red face issue. 

Re: Bad Idea

Bad Idea: using eyeshadow + Vaseline as a lip color/gloss...thing. Okay, it wasn't awful, but when it dries out it looks weird.


Also, I agree that perfume or whatever shouldn't come in food scents. Unless it's bacon.


As a very red-faced person, I will also have to agree that I love green primers. At first, I didn't understand that it was something to be worn UNDER make up, and I wore it just plain once. I did have a green face. But once you put your foundation on, you look normal and there is no redness. Works amazingly! I love MUFE's green primer, but I think I am going to try Fusion Beauty's one next.



Re: Bad Idea

Clear Mascara.... umm hello, what is it even supposed to do but make your eye lashes look clumpy? Am I right? Smiley Tongue

Re: Bad Idea

I use clear mascara as a brow gel.  Sometimes my brows just misbehave for no reason and that keeps them in line.  But for the most part I have to agree with all of you.  I've never found a waterproof mascara that is REALLY waterproof (Pool tested lol)  Perfumes that smell like food are horrible!  Blush as eyeshadow or eyesadow as blush is a bad idea in my book, and I've never tried the lipstick as blush thing.  I think lip stains are a bad idea again never found one that worked well for me.  As for a new bad idea body creams with glitter in them!!!  I'm talking actual glitter, that's bad.  I don't really like the body creams with shimmer in them either.  I think they're still too noticeable.  You can tell that you put it on and to me that's not cool.  Smiley Wink

Re: Bad Idea


bethica wrote:

Clear Mascara.... umm hello, what is it even supposed to do but make your eye lashes look clumpy? Am I right? Smiley Tongue

I used clear mascara in the 90s. It made lashes look glossy, and for a day in the office or out being casual, it wasn't bad. And it actually does accent lashes as part of a no-makeup look, when regular (especially thickening / volumizing) mascara would be excessive.


Of course, for the currently popular, heavy-on-makeup, smokey eye look, clear mascara by itself isn't going to work.


Clear mascara can, however, be used to freshen colored mascara later in the day if it is looking a bit worn, without making what is already on the lashes look clumpier. That way you don't have to take it all off and put it back on.


Re: Bad Idea

There are ( or there used to be ) honest to goodness clear mascaras that worked really well. Tony and Tina and Modelco both made a clear mascara that thickened, glossed and defined my lashes while making them look TOTALLY natural. Unfortuneately, I have yet to find a decent replacement for these two companies. ( One is now defunct and the other stopped making their clear mascara). So sad because you never get racoon eyes with it.....

Re: Bad Idea

the only food sent i would want my perfume to smell like is cherry for the bedroom "pour mon amour", and wine from grapes, so cherry blossom by bath and body, for my love, entissing for my man, turn of for my sistas, and then pioson, that is a classic, very much a wine scent, if i could get a new bottle of that i would definaty, but i dont usually go beyond my area for perfume. no matter how good.  i have no idea why anyone would want to smell like cinneman no matter how great the mother was who baked him cookies, i dont want to remind him of his mother, i want him to only think of me.

Re: Bad Idea

thats right up there with souriois, i cant spell, i have the scalp kind, one of over twenty cousins of mine had to buy a tanning bed for her home because she has it everywhere from arms to legs , everywear. the sun makes it go away but i am on medicine so i cant be in the sun over ten minutes without getting physically il, so my worst was the year i had an outbreak that went into my hair line and on my face!!! i have a feeling i dont need to tell you that some days are better than others!!! does excema get triggered by change in PH levels? mine often does. most of the time that's my problem, change in water or hair product plus water, or body ph. that's my biggest trigger. that's why some times i am fine other times i have an issue with it.

Re: Bad Idea


rigel wrote:

does excema get triggered by change in PH levels? mine often does. most of the time that's my problem, change in water or hair product plus water, or body ph. that's my biggest trigger. that's why some times i am fine other times i have an issue with it.


Eczema is supposedly the result of a phenomena described by the hygiene hypothesis, which states that humans in the developed world live in too clean of an environment, so our immune systems are not as strong as they would be if we were routinely exposed to a greater number of pathogens. Conditions like seasonal allergies and asthma are also implicated by the hygiene hypothesis. This is further supported by the fact that parasitic infection seems to "cure" allergies. Parasites excrete chemicals to suppress the immune system (which would seek to destroy them) - in so doing, people infected with parasites find that their seasonal allergies, asthma and even food allergies are not longer a problem. Weird huh? Makes sense though. 


Since I first posted on this topic my eczema diagnosis has been changed to mild psoriasis.. fml. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder at its core, but it is triggered by environmental stuff. Basically your immune system is prone to overreacting to certain stimuli, causing rapid, uneven, unnecessary skin cell turnover that can turn into itchy lesions. My triggers are soaps (sadly I have to wash my hands many times per day with harsh soaps per state and federal laws pertaining to research laboratory people), hot water and detergents/tight clothing (I switched to Arm & Hammer unscented/hypoallergenic laundry detergent a while back but I still get flare-ups on my thighs and calves the first couple days after I wash my skinny jeans, before they stretch out). 

What sort of pH changes are you talking here? The skin is naturally slightly acidic and I doubt even soaps are able to raise it for a long enough period of time to get a reaction. I believe the pH of skin is around pH 6 (neutral = 7; most acidic = 1). This discourages most species of bacteria from taking up permanent residence on the skin. Of course several species of bacteria have coevolved with humans to enjoy our skin pH, Staphylococcus aureus being the most notable. You might be allergic to the detergents in your shampoo, i.e. the sulfates; this may not necessarily have anything to do with the pH, per say. By change in water do you mean that "hard" water aggravates your skin? A couple months ago my water softener broke, and my skin was the first thing to notice lol. Skin barometer. Perfect.

As for the tanning bed thing, that definitely has merit. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased itchiness, and vitamin D deficiency can be solved by going into the sun (or exposing yourself to UV light - same thing). Vitamin D technically isn't a vitamin at all, since your body is able to produce it when exposed to sunlight. My most recent blood test indicated a vitamin D deficiency, but I don't have time to go outside during the day unfortunately, so I take vitamin D dietary supplements to solve the problem. If you don't want to take vitamins, 30 min outside per day should do the trick. I live in Arizona and this desert sun hates me!

I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology. I dunno if that's relevant but I'm throwing it out there. I have at a minimum a slight grasp on what I babble about Smiley Wink

Re: Bad Idea

- green concealer is awesome, if used correctly, (you have to apply it UNDER your foundation)

- cheek stains help powder blush to stick to your skin and last a million times longer.

- waterproof mascara is a good idea for things like swimming but they really should invent OIL AND SWEAT proof mascara.

- false eyelashes are amazing.

Re: Bad Idea

Some of the ones i am guilty of in high school:

Neon eyeshadow completely up to the brow bone

Racoon Eyeliner

Spider lashes

eyeshadow as lipstick with a gloss over it (and not checking to make sure that it wasn't flaking off)

overplucking my eyebrows

shaving off my eyebrows, but only half because I wanted the front to look 'natural'


yeah young and dumb, at least it's in the past!

Re: Bad Idea

@mymaserati - WOW!  Very well explained !!  You just reminded me of my University years!  They were very good years.  My chemistry and biology classes and labs were my favorites.  Thanks for reminding me and making me happy for a few minutes   Smiley Tongue

Re: Bad Idea

I agree with it all, however, what don't you like about waterproof mascara? lol

Re: Bad Idea

 okay before i begin my opinion of what is a bad idea, i will have to point out, I grew up hearing that make up was bad for your skin (other than lipstick) and only washing your hair with shampoo and letting it air dry. So I am finally getting out of that bubble and experimenting with make up and learning it is okay to wear some. I usually go naked ( face wise) in public and feel so ugly next to the other people and FINALLY realized "oh they wear make up!!!" . lol. so points might be prudish now, but i am slowly becoming less reserved about it all 


-I can not stand it when girls spend an hour on their hair and make up, YET wear pj pants and scrubby clothes. If I am going to doll up my hair and face, my clothes will be nice to match, otherwise what's the point?!


-mascara so thick on a person's lashes you are worried if they biink it will spill on to their cheeks

-when eye lashes are seperated into triangles, as if the person has 4 major eye lashes in total sticking at awkward angles


-slapping on the blush eagerly since it barely shows up in your low lit bedroom, and walking out looking like a clown

-red lipstick on my skin color ( dark medium brown)- some can pull it off, i just can't and i finally admit defeat

-nails so long and fake they look like curly fries- EW

-dark skin and blond hair (just my opinion sorry, i'm sure some can pull it off)

-sharing lip products with a friend

-trying to shape my eyebrows with thread on my own

-using Nair or Neet on my legs, it stinks!

-orange skin  from a tan

-LOW cleavage tops : the **bleep** look tacky, and you spend more time trying to cover up if anything

-deodorant getting on your clothes- I was notorious for that almost all of highschool, thank goodness for Dove deodorant

-borrowing my friend's foundation and thinking it will work because she is "just a little lighter than me"

-letting my aunt, who is a beautician, do my make up for prom... I guess she wanted me to go from medium brown to fair as snow like her, I looked like a ghost!





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