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Post in Beauty Confidential

Bad Idea

Using blush on your eye lids.

Re: Bad Idea

I actually like blush as an eyeshadow, especially since I love pink eyeshadows. A super vibrant blush can make an amazing statement look. Plus, I am supported by NARS the multiple Smiley Wink


I am a big fan of tweezing because their accuracy, eventually you get numb to the pain!


I sometimes like fragrances that smell like food (cinnamon, fruit, tea- I like this line of perfumes by Caroline Sabas that is inspired by tea). It's way better than perfumes that smell like baby poweder or air freshener.


I'm still really undecided on the fake eyelash issue, because the subtle ones look so cute.


Re: Bad Idea


BaSiLlEgurl23 wrote:

Using lipstick as on-the-go-blush (reccomended by Michelle Phan) DID NOT work out for me.....


My mom always used her lipstick as a blush and it looked fine on her. It probably depends on the formulas of the foundation and the lipstick, and the color of the lipstick. She used a moisturizing foundation and a creme lipstick.


With the lipsticks i use (MAC Dazzle lipsticks and Dare to Wear glosses) it really wouldnt work for me Smiley Wink

Re: Bad Idea

Using brown eyeliner as lip liner.   ugh. Not pretty. Trashy.  

Re: Bad Idea

Using black lipliner to line your lips. It was the worst idea ever

Re: Bad Idea

Bad Idea:


Body products on the face.


Lipliner as eyeliner.


Sharing Mascara, or testing it directly on your lashes. Pumping it up and down in the tube.


Sleeping with makeup on.


Using the same foundation color all year long.



Re: Bad Idea

makeupmichelle wrote:


Using the same foundation color all year long.



Actually, because I'm darker skinned and don't really tan, I use the same foundation color all year round with no problem, but I can see how it would be an issue for the people who actually tan in the summer.

Re: Bad Idea

@beccababy15: I agree! I'm very fair, but since I wear sunblock with an SPF of 70 every day, my skin definitely remains the same color year-round. I don't tan (ever!), so I can always use the same shade of foundation. Smiley Happy

Re: Bad Idea

using make up from 7th grade.... trying to bring back memories

Re: Bad Idea

Buying lipstick because you think the color is cool, without considering your own coloring/how it looks on you.  I went through an orange-red lipstick phase in high school - bad idea!

Re: Bad Idea

i disagree, using a color becasue you love it, you can use other specific colors to ballence it, or play it down, or to alter its noticability next to your skin. its like you use a differnt brush techinique for diffront looks, i recently found a shad of bold bold teal, and thought it was beautiful it took me a few weekends playing arround to find the right colors to give it ballence and make it work for me, but like going from post impressionism to post dottism and ten to realism, you need diffront techniques and approaches to make diffrent colors work unless like me you have a phobia about purple eyeshadow and you wont go near it unless it is blended into taupe or brown. and not noticably purple. that's my make up fear, purple eyes!!!! i am afraid of the bruised eye look! 

Re: Bad Idea

Not wearing sunscreen everyday.


Tanning Beds are a horrible idea, especially public ones.


Wearing a dark lip with a dark eye and dark cheeks


Blue eye shadow all the way to the fact, I personally don't like blue eyeshadow unless I have a brown on my eye as well, to neutralize the potency of the blue.

Re: Bad Idea

instead of brown eyeshadow to neutralize it try a peach or a dusty rosish pale pastel brown with blue, use the blue like a touch of black, and the blushy eyeshadow as a highlight and to ballence, the lighter the blushy color to the darker blues. just try it on before your skin routine and take it off after, see if it makes blues more wearable and more comfortable!!!

Re: Bad Idea

I know what you mean about blue eyeshadow theres this girl I know and she wears neon blue eyeshadow all the way to her brow bone it's ridiculous!

Re: Bad Idea

I agree with all this, but especially on the blue eyeshadow. (Bright) Blue eyeshadow should not be worn with really bright red lips, black eyeliner, and obvious blush. Blue eyeshadow can be pulled off but it is really hard to do without looking bad. Also, if one area of your face is bold (such as bright lipstick, blush, or dramatic eyeshadow), you should tone down other areas of your face (unless it is Halloween or for a fashion shoot, then go crazy with colors). 

Re: Bad Idea

Bad idea(s):




Tanning of ANY kind (sun, bed, etc.).


Not wearing SPF early enough (in age), and every day, even when it's cloudy.


Eyeliner as lipliner (at least, I'm assuming that's what that blue ring is...)


Not blending foundation


...and, blush that is too heavy or not the right color (too red, etc.).

Re: Bad Idea

Bad ideas-


Sharpie eyeliner... I was young, and boy do those fumes sting.


Trying to use dried out mascara- it just clumps disgustingly


Using a powder or liquid foundation when your skin is peeling, since it just makes every flake apparent.


Using a badly-chosen color of red lipliner. It always made me feel like I had just eaten spaghetti.


Going by approximation when choosing a foundation color. "Light" colored foundation works as bronzer on my pasty white skin.

Re: Bad Idea

Ha HA. It works well for me to use Bare Escentuals Radiances as eyeshadow and blush.  It's a very easy natural look.  I use the true radiance.   I guess it would really depend on the color and formula of the blush and your own coloring.  I've used Nars Orgasm on my eyes in a pinch. With a light hand and blending it looks great.

Re: Bad Idea

ha ha!!! i accidently did that when i got the my red carpet by lorac from sephora, when the shipment arrived with the other items i was so excited i didnt read it! so i used the blush to highlight my eye brow and i thought it was right till the next time i read the details on what it really was!!! so i just got home today from the store, just a drugstore, cause highlighting colors go fast so i was looking for a cheap brand to try and work in with my better name brands, so i picked up all these (and trust me they arent blushes! haha) blush color highlighting shadows that i am sure some people use for a natural look from the drug store to figure out how these colors can ballence bold blues or wild greens, and was disapointed till i realized they are buildable which is more functional and that urban decay primer is a must for these colors, did you know that some drag queens use a powder over lipstick and then coat it again to have longer wear and bolder color? I love tips from drag queens even if they only do it professionally!!! you should post your favorite drag queen tips, from queens you love and respect!!! anyone that can make over a man into a woman I will take thier advice over anyone almost cause if they can do that they can make sweatshirt hoody n jeans me into sexy vixen, and if I learn more new ways of how too"s I am ready play!!! and happier doing it!!! i love your tips, my mother went nuts over your blistex tip!!! now everyone is talking about here!!!

Re: Bad Idea

Glitter or sparkle all over the face...unless it's New Year's Eve!

Re: Bad Idea


  • bronzer as eyeshadow
  • sleeping in makeup
  • glitter body lotion
  • dark lip liner with light lip gloss ugh
  • using the wrong color for filling in your brows


Re: Bad Idea

When I first started experimenting with makeup, no one showed me how to do it...  I remember using eyeshadow as bronzer because I wanted to be tan but I ONLY used it on my face so my neck and chest were white.  I cannot go on enough about how wrong my ideas were.  I don't remember when the beauty intervention was but I'm no longer a hot mess!

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