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Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

Do any of you ladies have several backups of the same item? For example, I have 5 back-up Beauty Blenders... I know that they aren't limited edition, and probably won't be going anywhere EVER, but I just don't want to be caught without one!


The Hubby thinks I have a problem because I "collect pink sponges," but help me feel less crazy by sharing what you stockpile Smiley Happy Please? lol

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

Jaime I think you have more company in this department than you know. In time I think we all learn to have back ups. One drawer of my fridge in devoted to backups in vacuum sealed bags; Dior lip pencil, now the shade is d/c along with other LE and d/c items. A drawer of back up perfume. Back ups are a good thing! Smiley Happy

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

You girls are seriously the best Smiley Happy 

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

I usually pick up backups for foundation when I am getting close to finishing them up because I'm paranoid I'll run out one morning or after I've done have my face or something ridiculous like that. haha. I also stock up if I know something I really like is going to be discontinued. 

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

When I started couponing, I went a little overboard with a few things because they were free or close to free. I also worked for a beauty company for a little over 2 years. As a result:


-My dad has enough body wash for the next couple years. I am being literal.


-I have enough Secret Clinical Strength deodorant to last me for a year and a half, possibly longer. In my defense, I thought I could give some to my sisters, who informed me (AFTER I bought the tubes) that they do not use that particular brand/type. Smiley Tongue


-Shampoo/conditioner: Again, probably enough for a couple years. I now have a rule for myself that I cannot buy hair products unless they are free, or I have used up a bottle.


-Body wash: enough for several months to a year, that seems to go more quickly.


-Lotion: enough for several months*, now subject to the hair product rule. I used to hear constant complaints about how there was not enough lotion in the house, now no one seem to use it. Go figure.


*Family stash. My personal stash will cover me for the same time period or longer.


-Face wash: Two years plus supply, just of my stuff. Enough that I am selling my extra Black Friday Purity cleanser to my sister.


-Moisturizer: I have three different bottles in my dorm room right now. I have at least one more (also different!) at home, plus travel sizes. This does not include the three bottles of serum (plus 3 or more travel sizes) I own.


Perfume: I do not actually know how many bottles I have. I am not allowed to buy any for an undetermined period of time. Only one bottle was a (semi) recent purchase, the others are from years back, inherited from my chic grandmother, or gotten through work. I may never need to buy perfume again, especially since I now also have all these samples from Sephora.


Hand Cream: I have at least 20 tubes of various sizes, types, and scents; most from a particular brand (that used to employ me). At least 3 are unopened 150 mL tubes. I have 5 (different) tubes here in my dorm. I did not purchase most of these.


Put it this way: One of my New Year's resolutions was to actually use up at least two products from each category listed. The only beauty products I am allowed to buy no questions asked are primer, concealer, and 2-3 of the products Dr. Gross recommended on Wednesday. Most everything else, I am supposed to use something up first.

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

Reading this, i cant help but think of that show Extreme Couponing on TLC. Everyone had huge shopping trips of like $1000 and got it all for free, it's insane

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

I am not quite that good (or crazy), but I do get some good deals. I have worked so much retail that I have a hard time paying full price for anything that I used to get at a discount. Clothes for less than 50 percent off? Skincare or body care for less than 40 percent off? The pain!


I do not mind spending more for quality products or paying a fair price, but the first several months after leaving a job, it is hard to ignore the little voice reminding you that with your discount at Store X, Product Y would only cost Z.

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

I have

12 bars of my preferred soap at any given time (we use about one a month;  )

6 tubes of toothpaste;

I stockpile razor cartridges like the world is ending;

three back-ups each for my eye cream, makeup remover, daily face moisturizer, eye primer, and primer; six back ups for daily lotion (everyone in the house uses it.)

I have a year's supply of cotton pads and makeup sponges.

My favorite six perfumes I have a single back-up for each, even though I've never used a full bottle.

My favorite nail polish I have a single backup.  

For products that expire, like color cosmetics, that I'm not likely to use within a year, I don't backup or stockpile. Which is occasionally frustrating. We usually have a six month supply of shampooo/conditioner on hand but we're looking for a new brand because they changed the formula and we need a soy-free, wheat-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, color-safe product which is ridiculously hard to find.


I have an unintentional stockpile of mascara, because I seem to get a mini in nearly every GWP I pick up. I wish I could trade these minis out for my preferred minis (Benefit BADgal.)  


For me, it's not just beauty stuff that I stockpile and back up. Things that are more "normal" to have a cabinet full of that I keep in my storage area: a month's supply of TP, a six-month supply of sponges and paper towels (we mostly use cloth, washable towels around the house so this isn't as crazy as it sounds, it's a single Costco bag of rolls of paper towels,) about six months worth of dish and laundry detergents and dish soap, boxes of tissues (12-ish of the small square ones I like soft tissues.) I buy steel-cut oatmeal, gluten-free (I have an allergy) pizza crust mix, GF pancake mix, and GF all-purpose flour once a year, so that's kind of like keeping backups. Smiley Tongue 

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

You should see if someone will trade you minis on the trade thread.

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

Oh I have lots of backups. Mostly skin are stuff. Like face wash, moisturizer,etc. I buy a lot of kits so stock up that way.  Also stocked up on body washes this year with Black Friday sales at beauty brands and sephora.

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

I have 3 backup beauty blenders,

1 urban decay primer potion

2 Josie Maran argan oil light

And way too many bath and body works shower gels!


And I just opened my backup of smashbox blemish control primer

I think having backups makes you a order/ shop less I was always taught to have at least 1 backup of what you use.

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

Backups of:

- Sephora Superstars Set from Holiday 2013 (I loved every single item in it)

- Real Techniques Buffing Brush x4

- 3 MUFE Foundations (My HG!)

- 3 Estee Lauder Foundations (also another HG)

- Limited edition/Holiday specific items and items that I picked up from the sale section haha! I probably have more makeup/skincare than I really need =\

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

Nars radiant concealer

Kat von d liner

TF better than sex mascara

Guerlain maxi lash mascara

Koh Gen do spa water


and I am seriously considering ordering more Nars items from the latest collection, mine just came in and im sure i will be wanting more and don't cherish the thought of paying out the wazoo for them on ebay 

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

I don't buy backups on purpose - my weakness is those value sets, and some of them end up having the same things or minis of something I have. So I have:

*2 full-sized Benefit Porefessionals (one has never been opened)

*A mini of my full-sized Kendi oil mist

*Multiple Josie Maran Argan oils (I have two of the original, one of the light, and one hair serum)

*A mini of my full-sized Benefit They're Real mascara

*A backup of my shower smoothie from Bath and Body Works, plus backups of shower gels

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

I've got back-ups for a few things, 


my foundation--just 1, I'm ready to try something new anyway

Beauty Blenders---just a couple

MK eye-makeup remover

Shiseido eye cream

Shiseido cleanser

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

I definitely keep backups of things that are a bit of a hassle for me to get because they aren't super common, or that I'm totally obsessed with. 


Dr. Jart+ BB Cream - When I get close to the end of a bottle I use it as my purse backup and open the new bottle for my bathroom. 


Dior Extase Mascara and Maximizer Primer - Mascara is the main focus of my daily makeup routine and I'm very particular about the results, so I buy this often to make sure as soon as a tube starts to dry out I can move on. Also this primer is AMAZING at making my lashes grow! I have few and shortish lashes and this combo gives me thick, fluffy lashes that are craaazy long.


Aveeno Cream Oil Body Lotion - I buy 3 packs from Amazon because local Target, etc stores, stopped carrying it and it's awesome stuff.


Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments - I'm totally addicted to these so I usually have back stock ready for when I finish a tube. I also own every color except Honey, they are all so flattering!


Perfumes - I have a smell obsession, so I stock pile a bottle and a roller ball of my favorites, and keep sample tubes in my purse. the Kat Von D Saint and Sinner were some of my first favorites; so over time I have accumulated a large bottle of each, a roller ball of each, and a combined/double-ended rollerball that has them both...and samples. I love getting a rollerball or sample tube of my favorite perfumes to keep in my purse in case I need to reapply, perfume is like my own private aroma therapy.


Hair Products - I use White Sands hair spray which I can only find online so I tend to order a few bottles at a time. I get Pureology shampoo and conditioner and Kenra heat spray from Beauty First with their Gold Card 20% off days, so I buy a couple at a time with the discount.


Generally I don't want to drop the cash to back stock too much, but I definitely buy more when I'm about a third of the way through something because I'm terrified of running out!



Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

You're definitely not alone! I have backups of my favorite blushes that have been discontinued (Chanel JCs and NARS), and I like to have a backup face wash handy because I've forgotten to get it in the past and I've run out. I'm like this with other things, too -- if I really like a skirt or a t-shirt, I'll buy several of them. Smiley Happy

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

So today, thanks to comfyrock, I found some much sought after items. Did I buy just one? Noooooooo, I got duplicates/triplicates/quadriplicates!!! Lol. Remembered this thread and had to come back and post. Smiley Happy

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

Haha! That is awesome! What did you pick up? Enable me before my No-buy Smiley Happy

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

I bought several Urban Decay liners in the Lucky color (discontinued), Stray Dog (discontinued), one Eldorado mini just to play with, and a handful of Lorac eyeshadow single in Garnet. Yes, the single!! I've been looking for that!! 

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

Stray Dog is gorgeous!! And I have that Lorac single as well, but haven't touched it! I will have to look up some YouTube tutorials...

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

I want to get a backup of the Anastasia waterproofer. I use it as an eyeshadow primer, and my shadow and liner don't move at all--even at the gym. It still washes off fairly easily with Ren Cleansing Balm, so I don't have to use makeup remover. I also use the waterproofer over OCC Lip Tars and it makes them last pretty long (they usually don't last more than 2 hours on me without separating on my lips and getting patchy). I have a backup of Dior curling mascara that I got when Nordstrom had a buy 2 get 1 free mascara special. Oh, and I probably have a dozen Philosophy body washes--some of the same scent, because I love it so much.

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