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Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

Do any of you ladies have several backups of the same item? For example, I have 5 back-up Beauty Blenders... I know that they aren't limited edition, and probably won't be going anywhere EVER, but I just don't want to be caught without one!


The Hubby thinks I have a problem because I "collect pink sponges," but help me feel less crazy by sharing what you stockpile Smiley Happy Please? lol

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

I'm like you, if I like something, I get extras.  The only problem comes when I find the next big thing, then I have multiples of the now less favorite thing. I'm too fickle!

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

That is very true... I don't have very many color cosmetics or foundation backups because I change those so frequently!

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

I have back ups of nearly everything! I'm pretty much stocked for the year...don't want to run out of anything!

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

Ooh, share with me what you love so much!!

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

My stock pile includes philosophy supersize purity made simple (2 on back up, plus one in the shower and one at the sink...I think that's like a gallon of the stuff!) Hope In a Jar...4 on back up, BioElements stress solution, power peptide, moisturizer, recovery serum, keroafole, eye make up remover, UD naked foundation (2 for back up), eyeliners, set of Sephora brushes, ( plus the 30 or so that I have out for use!) better than sex mascara (2 for back up), VS love is heavenly fragrance, tons of body butters, shampoos, conditioners, a few sets of Wen hair care... I'm sure there's more...but that's what I can think of off the top of my head! 

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

I have a TON of Purity, but he won't complain about that because he uses it!!! lol

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

I had to buy a makeup box for my backups. Smiley Happy I am switching out mascaras more, so there's a collection of those. An extra blending sponge. Extras of my go-to face cleaner. Favorite liners, LE or not. Moisturizer. Some unopened things that I'm trying to decide if I want or not. Smiley Happy 


Some of the things I have are in bottles that it's hard to tell when it's going to run out, so when I think I'm getting low I get backups. 


No, you're not alone! Smiley Happy

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

I usually don't have any backups because I find I have enough to choose from... but there's a few exceptions Smiley Wink


Soap - I bought a few when placing my order with the company because I'm not going to pay shipping just for 1 soap when I run out.


Lipstick - I only have 2 with a backup.  Hello Sailor because I love it so much and it was hard for me to find.  The new Huggable Lipcolour from MAC because Cherry Glaze is like my HG now and it's an LE item.


Eye liner - I only have 1 color as a backup because it's beautiful and it was an LE item.


Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

I think I'm going to try that Cherry Glaze... I've been interested in the formula for awhile!

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

Oh sweet Jaimie girl..... you are FAR from alone!! I have Back ups for the following:

KVD Spellbinding Palette x1

Tarina Tarantino Star Child Odyssey palettex3

Stila Masterpiece x1

Stila Lionfish liner x1

Maybelline full and soft mascara x4

Stila Major lash x2


Benefit They're real x 2

Illamasqua nail varish in radium x 3

Smashbox full exsposure x2

Tarte 24-7 lip sheer in Sunday x 4, Tea time x 2, Monday x2

UD 24-7 liner in lucky x5

Lorac perfectly lit powders in luminous & spotlight x1

Nars Guy Bourdain lipstick in full frontal x 3


 and the list goes on and on, and on!! The cosmetics companies have trained us well! We know if we love something we have to stockpile because eventually they will take it away from us!!!! Smiley Happy You show your husband the above (not even close to complete) list, and you tell him you obviously have a very mild case of Cosmetics Caution and to leave you alone! LOL Obviously it could be much worse!!! 





Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

I showed this to my husband... And he was like "Oh goodness, there are MORE of you?!" Smiley Happy lol!!


And thank you... That makes me feel SO much better!! 

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

my boyfriend told me i needed a support group..then i showed him bt!  he quickly said never mind, your support group would just enable you to buy more! Smiley Happy

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

Haha!! He is soooooo very right!

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

Not only more. We basically have our own army !!!! LOL

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

I have loads of backups:

Phyto dandruff shampoo

Sachajuan scalp shampoo

Lancome Tonique Radiance

Origins Charcoal Mask

Glamglow Youthmud mask


I got all of these during sales/points perk times Smiley Happy

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

Ooh, I really want to try the Lancome Tonique Radiance!!

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

I love the stuff, it is the only toner I have ever used that doesn't dry my skin out at all, without it I get flaky skin on and around my nose Smiley Tongue

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

Just bought it! Thanks for the enable Smiley Happy My mom used to work at Lancome, and I have yet to find something from them that I don't like...

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

Ohh, I've been wanting to buy/try the Sachajuan scalp shampoo. What do you think about it? 

Re: Backups: Tell me I'm not alone :/

It has helped my scalp so much! I get eczema patches, these flaky patches that can bleed if I pick at them Smiley Sad I alternate between Sachajuan and Phyto, and I follow up once a week with Ouidad Mediterranean Bay Leaf Scalp Treatment to make sure my scalp gets all the tender loving care it needs Smiley Happy oh, and I use ojon deep conditioning on my ends to prevent split ends. My hair has come back to life! It was getting really oily at the roots and dry at the ends but now my hair looks pretty healthy! Oh, and bonus, my highlights haven't faded or turned brassy at all! People keep telling me my highlights look great and don't believe I last had them done 6 months ago, lol.

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