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Recently I cannot get enough of Urban Decay.


Between the new Revolution Lipsticks (marketed as badass luxury...seriously can't be much better than that), my favorite All-Nighter setting sprays, their eyeshadows, eyeliners...... do I need to go on? I AM OBSESSED.


No matter how much UD I have, I still want more. And I am absolutely drooling over the new launches of the Vice 2, Ocho Loco 2, and the Shattered Face Case (not excited about Zero being in that palette, but the rest of the palette works better for my taste).

Annnnyway obsession rant over... What are your brand obsessions? I find myself being obsessed with one brand more than any other at any given time. I had a crazy Benefit obsession at the beginning of the summer, then it moved on to Urban Decay. I want to hear yours below!!! And feel free to include pictures of items you're drooling over too Smiley Happy

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?


Skincare--First Aid Beauty

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

I am going to do a little enabling here but I wanted to let you know that ud also has another face case called anarchy coming out!

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

Ohh and a new naked highlighter.  That kind of sounds dirty Smiley Wink

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

I saw that too & thought how much I needed to add that to my other Naked products. 

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

Love the enabling Smiley Happy I actually saw that one but think I would get more use out of this one. It's really too bad that both didn't come with the perversion eyeliner, I love the blackest black eyeliners.


Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

Guerlain lorac and koh gen do 

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

For me, my obsessions come in waves! I remember when I first started shopping at Sephora, I would ONLY go to the NARS section. Then I was just floating around, but now I am Hooked on Tarte! >.< 


I just LOVE their lipsurgance! <33 

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

Im in love with Tarte as well currently!! They have amazing products!!!

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

Mine come in waves as well... I get hooked on one product of a certain brand then I have to have everything they offer. It's bad!

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

I think my wallet has suffered a couple of heart attacks since my local Sephora started carrying Giorgio Armani makeup. I used to buy it online, but now that I can touch/smell/feel/test everything, my obsession had gotten a little bit out of control. I especially appreciate their packaging - in my eyes, it is a perfect mix of luxury and simplicity.

Skincare-wise, I am seriously obsessed with Peter Thomas Roth and Shiseido. I used to care much less about my skin and what I put on it, but now I am trying to find a good skincare regimen, and those brands somehow evoke my trust more than others.

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