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Recently I cannot get enough of Urban Decay.


Between the new Revolution Lipsticks (marketed as badass luxury...seriously can't be much better than that), my favorite All-Nighter setting sprays, their eyeshadows, eyeliners...... do I need to go on? I AM OBSESSED.


No matter how much UD I have, I still want more. And I am absolutely drooling over the new launches of the Vice 2, Ocho Loco 2, and the Shattered Face Case (not excited about Zero being in that palette, but the rest of the palette works better for my taste).


Annnnyway obsession rant over... What are your brand obsessions? I find myself being obsessed with one brand more than any other at any given time. I had a crazy Benefit obsession at the beginning of the summer, then it moved on to Urban Decay. I want to hear yours below!!! And feel free to include pictures of items you're drooling over too Smiley Happy

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?


Skincare--First Aid Beauty

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

Not brand obsession but specific item obsession. I've purchased multiple of these, a feat considering how much I love trying new things:


- Koh Gen Do cleansing water

- Caudalie Beauty Elixir

- Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

- Ouidad Bay Leaf exfoliating treatment

- Fresh Sugar lip balm SPF15

- Clinique toner 2


I don't care much about other items from these brands, but if they discontinue those specific products, there WILL be a riot. 

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

NARS Smiley Happy I want every blush they have!  I love the way they look on me! Now with the new eye paints i must have every one of those lol

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

I go through phases....I love Origins, Benefit, UD, but recently I've really been loving the KVD line.

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

I have an obsession for Tarte. There stuff in natural yet its on par quality wise with other luxury brands Smiley Happy I went crazy on their summer Aqualilies collection, and I can't wait to see whats in store for the holidays!

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

I have yet to try a tarte blush...I've been eyeing up that new blush palette

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

Depends on for what...

Eyes - Urban Decay and Lorac

Lips - Too Faced, Chanel (the perfume smell doesn't bother me)

Face - MUFE

Nails - Chanel


Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

I get obsessed with the more luxury brands (YSL and Nars right now), but I do admit that I own more from Urban Decay than any other brand.

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

if i'm not buying Sephora then i'm buying Nars


 for skin care i like Philosophy

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

Eye obsession - it is a toss up between UD & LORAC.  Their shadows seem to go on so smooth, have a great amount of pigment in them and last all day.  I am a total sucker for NARS lip gloss & lipstick.  For my cheeks I am a fan of the Benefit face powders.

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

I have to agree with you on the shadows. Between my Naked Basics palette and one of my Lorac palettes, its almost all I used on my eyes all summer. 


Haven't gotten around to trying Nars lip products yet.. if there's any amazing ones I should try first let me know Smiley Happy

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

Make Up For Ever is my eye makeup obsession and has been for years.  They just make such amazing liners and shadows!  I recently bought 2 Buxom brushes and am seriously impressed by their quality and versatility, I wish there were more available.  


And my newest obsession is Soap & Glory - I bought a bunch of products during the sale, and I'm so happy with every single one.  I have (and use) the 3-in-1 Facial Soap and Clarity, Heel Genius, the Fab Pore Peel, Greatest Scrub of All, and oil reducing moisturizer.  SOOOOO nice!  It all smells so fresh and works so beautifully for my skin.

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

UD for sure! Hourglass, Nars and Tarte...Marc Jacobs recently though I only have 2 items from his line the concealer pen and eyeliner for the moment!

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

Ah I'm dying to try everything Marc Jacobs but I've held off for the sole reason that I think I will fall in love and then want to buy everything from that line. I've been eyeing the foundation and eyeliner!

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

Love the eyeliner! 

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

Alright definitely checking it out... Should I go with black or do you guys have a different favorite?

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

Black is all I have tried, got it as a perk when it first came out Smiley Very Happy

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

I missed that perk I was so upset! Good for you for snagging it Smiley Happy

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

I'll second you on Urban Decay. I like certain products by different brands, but Urban Decay is the one brand that I have not been disappointed by even one product I've tried. Shadows, liners, setting sprays, lips, everything has been good.

Re: BRAND OBSESSIONS: What's yours?

I feel the same way! The more I've tried, the more I've fallen in love with UD. It finally hit me how obsessed I was when I looked at my wishlist and almost everything was Urban Decay.

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