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Post in Beauty Confidential

BIC Vernacular

One thing I love is when you found your people, and there's a language.  In BIC, we have a lingo, but what is it exactly?  Some of it is personal terms, internet speak, abbreviations, social media terms, etc.  I was just remarking with @Sunnysmom the plural of blush, and it got me thinking about what we all call different things in beauty and on the boards.


BIC - Beauty Insider Community

BT - Beauty Talk, (BIC before it was BIC), now a way to identify mods here + shout out to the old boards

Threads - Post

Tagging - Marking products or posts/usernames with '#' and '@' respectively, or use of a spoiler tag





My own vernacular here:


Blush Buffet - An assortment of blushes, typically occurs in a haul, with a purchase of 3 or more


What are some of your learned and loved linguistic lists?

Re: BIC Vernacular

Re-clutter - The act of purchasing items after a successful declutter to only excessively fill a space again

RUI - Re-cluttering under the influence of wine Inspo - @heartsmyface 

Haul Withdrawal - The strong urge to buy something while on a low-buy or no-buy, co-signed by @greeneyedgirl107 

Re: BIC Vernacular

I love the new terms @danielledanielle ! I am definitely guilty of RUI🤣

Re: BIC Vernacular

OOS - out of stock.  Lately, I've been saying this as a past tense, as in "ahh, it's oosed again, should've bought it when I saw it 🤣"

Re: BIC Vernacular

Ha @danielledanielle I use this one way too often! 🤣

Re: BIC Vernacular

I don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned, but apologies for repeats if someone already posted but these came to mind:


  • LE - limited edition (although I can’t count how many LE items I see kicking around for a while)
  • Empties - kinda self explanatory, but referring to products you’ve completely finished 
  • Pan Project/Pan It Project - a planned group of products you’re looking to use/finish/hit pan on in a given time period 
  • Ties in to the below but Bullet - referring to a solid lipstick that is packaged in a tube with a cap. This one is so ingrained in me that I forgot people don’t necessarily make this connection. I once had a conversation with someone who thought I was talking about blenders for the first few mins…
  • Sponge - beauty blender or similar product 


maybe some differentials on lip products (it gets confusing!)

  • Lipstick - Bullet
  • Lipstick - Liquid
  • Lip Oil
  • Lip Tint
  • Lip Stain
  • Lip Balm
  • Lip Butter
  • Lip Gloss
  • Lip Crayon
  • Lip Mask
  • Lip Topper


and for fragrance:

  • hair mist
  • body mist/spray
  • EDT - Eau de Toilette
  • EDP - Eau de Parfum
  • perfume oil
  • EDP intense 

Re: BIC Vernacular

@cianni Yes to clarification on the lip products! Balm vs butter and maybe even mask. 

Re: BIC Vernacular

Did anyone mention sizes of products? Hopefully I’m getting this right.


From smallest to largest:

  • sample/foil - enough for one try
  • trial - enough for a few tries
  • travel - 100 ml or less, small enough to bring on a plane
  • mini - anywhere from a quarter to half the amount of a full size
  • full - standard sized item
  • refill - anywhere from double to quadruple the amount of a full size but meant to be transferred into a full sized container

Re: BIC Vernacular

@JoSometimes   I think that's an excellent summary, and very useful - thanks!

Re: BIC Vernacular

@danielledanielle   I read through the thread and hope I didn't miss this one, which I just learned: pan - to use up enough of a product that you hit the pan underneath. Something I need to do more of! LOL

Re: BIC Vernacular


@danielledanielle  - Loved your post!!


I'm definitely one of your newbies & can't wait to see all everyone has to "say"!


Thanks again! 

Re: BIC Vernacular

You're welcome and welcome to BIC @MeanMachine23 

Re: BIC Vernacular

@danielledanielle I love your term, “Blush Buffet”!! I think I may be seeing a Blush Buffet in my future!

Re: BIC Vernacular

You bring to us the funniest threads @danielledanielle !! I am learning a lot new with this one, actually.... 

Re: BIC Vernacular

Beauty can be educational and fun, so why not @Saradestin ? (Thx!)

Re: BIC Vernacular

You are the full package @danielledanielle ! 👍😊

Re: BIC Vernacular

Thank you, that's very kind @Saradestin 

Re: BIC Vernacular

Haul/order related: 


TRE = The Retail Equation. Per their own definition, TRE is "a software and analytics company headquartered in Irvine, California, USA. It is a service provider that helps retail companies detect and prevent potentially fraudulent Transactions and reduce policy abuse." But some of us know TRE simply as the reason people get banned from product returns and refunds. Sephora uses TRE. 


And I suppose "haul" should be on the list, eh? I very rarely use that word instead of "order" or "purchase" because, to me, "haul" has aways implied a large number (10+) of items purchased at once. But I realize to many folks, haul = any purchase from a retailer. And I mean, not that I've never posted a large purchase in one of the haul threads... 😄 



Re: BIC Vernacular

Interesting how we all have a slightly different definition of “haul”. I always thought it be a purchase of at least 3 items. @WinglessOne @danielledanielle @heartsmyface @Sunnysmom 

Re: BIC Vernacular

@WinglessOne  Ha, i use ‘baby haul’ for smaller purchases cause to me haul implies physically hauling in shopping bags😂

Re: BIC Vernacular

@WinglessOne, ugh the dreaded TRE.  Forgot about that one.


True about hauls.  It's definitely a part of our lingo here.  As far as the size, on some accord, I started calling certain purchases "haulettes" just because they didn't qualify as a haul in my mind.  But, then there are some pricier items that even in a single purchase, I would still refer to as a haul..I realize, that makes no sense 🤣 so I suppose in BIC the word has lost its actual meaning.


haulette - purchase of 1-3 items

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