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Post in Beauty Confidential

BIC Vernacular

One thing I love is when you found your people, and there's a language.  In BIC, we have a lingo, but what is it exactly?  Some of it is personal terms, internet speak, abbreviations, social media terms, etc.  I was just remarking with @Sunnysmom the plural of blush, and it got me thinking about what we all call different things in beauty and on the boards.


BIC - Beauty Insider Community

BT - Beauty Talk, (BIC before it was BIC), now a way to identify mods here + shout out to the old boards

Threads - Post

Tagging - Marking products or posts/usernames with '#' and '@' respectively, or use of a spoiler tag





My own vernacular here:


Blush Buffet - An assortment of blushes, typically occurs in a haul, with a purchase of 3 or more


What are some of your learned and loved linguistic lists?

Re: BIC Vernacular

Everyone has thought of so many great terms @danielledanielle ! I think “haulette” may be my favorite so far, not sure! 

Re: BIC Vernacular

@danielledanielle  Ha, with the pricier items I suppose you have to haul your coin to the store so hauling still occurred ;);)   But yeah I have mild issue with calling things ‘hauls’ if it’s less than 5 times (not a solid number) 

mini haul

baby haul 



ha, and the mega haul usually requires two Sephora bags 😄

Re: BIC Vernacular

I actually wondered about the “haul” meaning @WinglessOne ! Glad you mentioned. I remember trying to figure it out at the beginning!  I’m glad it can be anything! 💞 Biggie haul- none of us have any idea to what you are referring to! 😂

Re: BIC Vernacular

(HOMG....Did we all forget swatches???  Or did I miss it?  I know BIC didn't invent the term, but we all use it.)


Swatch/es/ed - getting a makeup sample and displaying it on the skin.  Sample can also be used on an item (.i.e. nail swatch stick), to display a product's color, sheen, thickness, finish, etc.

Swatching - going into a store to obtain swatches, or when you have the item, gathering swatches for others to see/use/compare

Re: BIC Vernacular

Probably the biggest one @danielledanielle ?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ It’s so crazy, the more I try and think of words we use the more blank I become. 😳 I agree on the “lippies” thing. I hated it at first and then just gave in. Guilty as charged. It’s not too terrible I guess. Lol I have wondered about the PMG/ PML every time I write it!  ! I look around and see what you all may do! 😆

Re: BIC Vernacular

Awww, don't even worry about it.  Don't overthink it, but me tagging you twice probably didn't help.  Sorry @Sunnysmom 

Re: BIC Vernacular

😂Never that @danielledanielle ! 😘 Just that now my brain is obsessed 🤣 I can’t wait for the thoughts to arrive about 3 am. 😳

Re: BIC Vernacular

Yes! @danielledanielle that one is soo important too 🥰

Re: BIC Vernacular

@danielledanielle  Ha like

‘unicorn mail’ - fun beauty surprise mail

mlbb- my lips but better 

HG- holy grail 


There are so many, why are they so hard to come up with on the spot…? 



Re: BIC Vernacular

@heartsmyface , was waiting for someone to define unicorn mail 😊


Yeah, it's interesting, just as with anything, you forget the origins over time, despite how often you use it 🤷🏽‍♀️

Re: BIC Vernacular

@danielledanielle  I think unicorn mail started off as mailed parcels other beauty members sent to deliver an unobtainable ‘unicorn’ product they couldn’t snag for themselves because it sold out .  (Remember camping out all night refreshing pages to get new releases?) We had a whole thread of our names with our desired ‘unicorns’ Another member would either have it to give away or offer to arrange for them to buy it and then mail it out as ‘happy mail’(usually with other little treats). it has definitely evolved over the years into cheerful just because packages which include makeup but not always:). 

Re: BIC Vernacular

@heartsmyface I always liked the rare times when I would find someones unicorn lol. I'd keep checking every week through the list if I could find any online. 

Re: BIC Vernacular

Love this idea, @danielledanielle. 🙂 


A couple quickies no one’s mentioned yet, in the context of hauls/orders: 

DS = deluxe sample, not to be confused with foil (though some folks do use "foil" and "DS" interchangeably) 

FS = full size 
Smaste = probably my only lingo contribution. If you ever see me write that, I mean "smell-taste," aka the annoying experience of a lipstick being so fragranced, you can literally taste the fragrance—and I don’t mean lipsticks that are meant to be flavored. 
I'd list a bunch for nails, but that's basically a nail polish/tools/techniques dictionary and there are plenty of those online. A new-to-polish friend did recently ask me what's the difference between jelly and crelly... eh, maybe I'll come back later with a nails-related list, unless someone else like @RGbrown beats me to it. 😄 

Re: BIC Vernacular

@WinglessOne  Bless you! I came looking for this thread especially to find out what DS means. I knew the S had to be sample, but the D had me stumped. Suddenly the world makes sense again. LOL

Re: BIC Vernacular


Ha, I've been halfway contemplating a "basics" post for polish off and on for months now, maybe even more than one...the basics of ingredients and finishes (jelly vs crelly, holo vs iridescent, etc etc), the basics of a mani and nail care, perhaps others too, but haven't ever gotten past deciding if it would be an actually useful contribution or just a silly way for me to kill time. Maybe I'll decide one of these days lol



Great thread idea!


I will join @sister13 and @JoSometimes with my initial distaste of "lippie"; I was definitely not a makeup junkie when I first found BIC and thought the term was silly and childish, but dang if it didn't become natural almost immediately 😂


I'm big on wheeling and dealing, so I've got a couple of purchasing/deal-related terms to toss out there too!

In addition to "full size", FS can mean Free Shipping

Q = coupon

xx/xx (for example 10/40) is the dollar amount of a coupon, i.e. $10 off a $40 purchase


BIC was my first exposure to Pat McGrath, so I've always used the PMG abbreviation; I was thrown for a loop the first time I saw someone refer to the brand as PML (Pat McGrath Labs) over on reddit lol

Re: BIC Vernacular

@RGbrown& @WinglessOne , I know it's PML, but I've been conditioned here. Whenever I see PML, I have a visceral reaction to it.  It's PMG!  She's the brand (sorry to her team behind it, but she is).


Also, if either of you ever take on the challenge of a nail glossary, it would be well-received, no doubt, as little or as big as you make it.

Re: BIC Vernacular

@RGbrown  I've considered starting a nail care thread but I get distracted each time I start writing it up. It'd include photos (and probably some scientific data because I'm nerdy that way), so I have to remember to photograph each step of my nail care during a manicure... too bad Siri's not self-aware enough to shout "hey, don't forget to photograph that" while I'm doing my nails. 😂 


Maybe we do need a basic manicure ingredients, finishes, and tools thread. I know there are mani and nail polish dictionaries online but I dunno, having a resource on BIC could be helpful to manicure newbies here. Not that I'm prodding you to create a thread or anything... 😉 


For the record, I still hate "lippie." I think I've used it only twice in my life, not counting the times I've said "I hate the word 'lippie'"... I won't ding anyone else for using it, and I understand why folks use it. But I can't make myself use it. 

Re: BIC Vernacular


Not being able to link to outside sources is such a drag some days...I get why, but I think being able to link some expert info would be incredibly nice for something like this. Not that we couldn't quote it and list the source, but links are easier sometimes  😬 



As far as the evolution of language, this is pretty much how it works for me these days:




No cap 😂😂😂


I still hate the word "selfie" and try my best not to use it 😶😅

Re: BIC Vernacular

@RGbrown  Ha it reminds me of when ‘brows on fleek’ first became popular. I HATED it!  🤣

Re: BIC Vernacular


I came across this while I was marking a bonus question I gave my class and thought of you @heartsmyface @RGbrown 🤣

Re: BIC Vernacular

@JoSometimes , they tried!  🤣🤣😂

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