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Post in Beauty Confidential

BIC Vernacular

One thing I love is when you found your people, and there's a language.  In BIC, we have a lingo, but what is it exactly?  Some of it is personal terms, internet speak, abbreviations, social media terms, etc.  I was just remarking with @Sunnysmom the plural of blush, and it got me thinking about what we all call different things in beauty and on the boards.


BIC - Beauty Insider Community

BT - Beauty Talk, (BIC before it was BIC), now a way to identify mods here + shout out to the old boards

Threads - Post

Tagging - Marking products or posts/usernames with '#' and '@' respectively, or use of a spoiler tag





My own vernacular here:


Blush Buffet - An assortment of blushes, typically occurs in a haul, with a purchase of 3 or more


What are some of your learned and loved linguistic lists?

Re: BIC Vernacular

Yes, the many abbreviations, for a while I was like Moof (MUFE), what's...ohhhhhh...ohhhhhh @sister13 

Re: BIC Vernacular

@danielledanielle 🤣 Once upon a time, a friend and I may have had a hilarious drunk debate about whether MUFE is pronounced "moof" or "moofie." 

Re: BIC Vernacular

Heh, @WinglessOne , should I be concerned that I've debated that with myself, and sober? 😂🤣  

Re: BIC Vernacular

I have no doubt - IT IS MOO-FEE!! Lol! @danielledanielle @WinglessOne  

Re: BIC Vernacular

Awesome Thread idea @danielledanielle  😁

Oh gosh soo many but I can't think of any on the spot huuuuummm.....


(Not limited to BIC, but used here frequently)


BF - Sometimes referring to Black Friday sales 

GWP - gift with purchase

FOILS - The little testers/mini's of products that come in little foil packets

UNICORN- some thing rare, like a rare find or coveted item

HG - Holy Grail, an amazing to you life changing product 🤩


Re: BIC Vernacular

@CynthieLu I thought foils were another word for sheet masks because sometimes they come in foil-esque packaging! 🫠🫠🫠

Re: BIC Vernacular

Oooh maybe it's a double term @JoSometimes I think I did hear it in the masking thread and was thrown off because I didn't understand how it was being used 😋 

Re: BIC Vernacular

@CynthieLuand @JoSometimes , it could be a mask that comes in a foil sample.  Like I remember having Glamglow's supermud as a foil sample, and a couple of Glow Recipe ones.

Re: BIC Vernacular

That makes sense @danielledanielle 😁

Re: BIC Vernacular

Genius as usual @danielledanielle and just the person to create this!! 🙌🏻🤩  Love it! 😘🥰 

Re: BIC Vernacular

Thanks @Sunnysmom , is there anything you can add?

Re: BIC Vernacular

I’m thinking @danielledanielle ! When they occur I’ll pop on! So funny when you try to conjure them up. You. Can. Not. 😭😂 I’m at lunch. Perhaps the 🥂 will inspire me! 😆 

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