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BEST Makeup Organizer

I just wanted to share with you one of my favorite purchases this year. It is my makeup organizer!


It literally fits all of my makeup except one thing: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette which I literally just got yesterday. Dang it! Smiley Tongue


But seriously, it's the best makeup organizer I've ever had. It's so organized, clean, and classy. I highly suggest it to everyone.



Here are some pictures of my own organizer and what I have in it which is 90% Sephora goods!



Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

This is the perfect thing - so deluxe and so organized...Great find!!!

And by the way, congrats on getting the naked 2 palette Smiley Happy

Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

Oh why thank you! I'm just playing with it lately and it's fun! I'm new to "glitter" on my eyes though. My boyfriend thinks it's very "teenager-ish" but I think it's cute for fun night events. Smiley Tongue



Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

Thanks for this I ♥ it...Next to purchase..I cant squezze anything else in vanity rt now and this would look great on top of vanity in corner . Hubbys ida was to buyone of those closet orgsnizer ppieces that you use the fabric drawers in. It works great next to my vanity.  But I ♡ this!!! Have to have Smiley Happy

Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

Aww man my collection wouldn't fit in there even if I squeezed it all in lol, I really need to find a more glamorous way to organize my children lol.

Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

Hi Sarinalove, That's cute!  It's a jewelry box right?  I'm pretty sure I've seen it before.  What a great idea!  Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

nope it's not a jewelry box. Although there are similar jewelry  boxes from the same company. But this is strictly a makeup organizer. Smiley Happy

Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

where did you get this organizer? i srsly want ittttttttttt.

Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

Earlier there was a link, but it has been removed. It was from QVC and if you search for Lori Greiner makeup or Lori Greiner cosmetics you will find it!

Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

That is so cool, especially if you need to save space. Personally, I like all the stuff I use on the daily laid out so I can see it and actually use it. I keep revamping my vanity, I think I'm finally satisfied, except I want some of those 5 drawers Ikea Aleks drawers all the beauty gurus show to store the stuff I don't use as much. They are the same height as the legs I have supporting my vanity table so they would be perfect!602989_409876139133216_2023524444_n.jpg

Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

Super pretty!! Smiley Happy

Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

This organizer looks awesome but I need a few of them lol...I'm drowning in makeup right now, need to organize everything...between makeup and shoes in every room of the house I might die buried lol


how do you girls store your foundations? I've tried putting them in a mesh basket but it is hard to see which one is which Smiley Sad

Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

Wow, that is really a great looking make up organizer. I am bookmarking that link and may just have to get one for myself. Thanks for sharing!

Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

That is lovely! I know what my next purchase will be! 

Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

Also...what color did you order?

Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

I wonder if this would work for me...I keep all my makeup in a Vera Bradley makeup bag. All my skincare, though, is in the bathroom and samples are in a basket in my bathroom.


Do you think this would fit everything that my (barely able to zip) makeup bag carries?


And then do you just keep a smaller bag for travel?

Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

I got it in Walnut color you see here.


Yes, I have a separate travel bag for when I actually travel. I have one travel bag for brushes and one travel bag for makeup/skincare.


I would suggest to look at the organizer and look at your entire makeup collection, and try and imagine how you would organize it and see what would actually fit in it.


Like I said, it didn't fit that one palette, but it did fit my Too Faced palette. I'm not big on palettes so those are the only 2 palettes I actually own.


It fits the following: toner, primers, brushes, lipsticks, lipglosses, powders, blushes, eyelash curler, fake eyelashes, some samples, scissors, and individual eye shadows. That's pretty good if you ask me.


I also have facial masks, one moisturizer, one cleanser that do not fit but it's fine. I put the cleanser in my shower and my moisturizer in my cabinet anyways. This organizer holds my primer and my makeup and my skincare is separate. I love it!

Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

What about mascaras? You didn't mention you put them in there and I know the tubes on mine are huge!


Right now I have:

Lancome CILS Booster XL Primer

Buxom Lashes

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl

Too Faced Better Than Sex


Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

oh it fits my mascara but my mascara is small. It's by Clinique.

It should fit them no problem

Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

That's awesome.  i'm currently investigating makeup storage options as my train case is overflowing.  I definitely need something with space for my naked palatte though, so I probably won't get what you have.


it's really cool though. so pretty and organized.

Re: BEST Makeup Organizer

Gorgeous! And pretty reasonable too! 

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