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Available in store?

Are the LashStash and Fragrance Sampler available in store? I would love to pick up both sets, but I have never seen them in store.

Re: Available in store?

Not in the Sephora Section doll, there usually is a section with a bunch of little items such as these 2 items you mentioned. I callit the beauty to go section. 

Should be   by checkout lanes.

What melissa said is correct look up Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue  fragrences,  this carries not a rollerball but a pen which is a spraytop vs rollerball.

Re: Available in store?

I have seen both of these items at the 2 local Sephoras in my area in the beauty yo go section.  I would call to see if your location does too. Smiley Happy

Re: Available in store?

Thanks, so its in the area of the Sephora brand stuff?

Re: Available in store?

Sorry one last thing, what is a fragrance pen?

Re: Available in store?

Hi 1930sbella,


lolo01 is correct! I would check with your local Sephora Store to see if they still carry the item. Also, a fragrance pen is a rollerball or it could also have a spray at the tip of it.

<3 Melissa

Re: Available in store?

thank you

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