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Art materials you can use for makeup!

As a student seeking to pursue art as a major and a makeup junkie, I've come to share with you how I mix the best of both worlds.  First up; THE NIJI ROLL!  I use this to carry my paint brushes and color pencils around, so I figured it would work very well as a makeup brush carrier too!  Sadly, the slots are a bit small for kabuki brushes though Smiley Sad  I think I'll use this to also carry my mascaras, eyeliners, lip liners, and anything else narrow or pencil like.upload_2148870847074364709.jpg

Now I've also seen this hype on the beauty blender hard brush cleaner.  The first time I saw that I thought it was just an overpriced version of The Master's Brush Cleaner.  I love it.  It can somehow strip the oil off of a paintbrush when turpentine could not, yet still condition the brush.  If you need to reshape your brush, you can keep the soap in your brush, let it dry the way you wanted it to be shaped, and wash it again after a day or two.  upload_7286680367764446517.jpg

And those blockbuster carrier cases that cost almost 200$?  I swear to god this works almost exactly the same way.  Or any carrier case actually.  upload_3009080772775716583.jpgI'm pretty sure you can use art brushes as makeup brushes as well; some of them are very soft and durable.  They're not cheap, but at least they don't cost 20$ a brush.  I haven't tried this yet, but I'm going to go find an angled shader and liner brush for eyelining and a small sablette for the lips.


Of course these wouldn't be the prettiest things in your vanity, but they're great if you want to save a dollar to spend more on actual makeup.  These are all I can think of for now.  I'll post more when I get other flashes of inspiration.  

Re: Art materials you can use for makeup!

Brushes! Art/paint brushes can make excellent make up brushes, obviously the quality and bristle material matter, but often times you can find a paint brush that is a dupe for a make up brush for half the costs! I love buying a roll of smaller brushes to use for super detail work for eyes and lips.


On top of that, for any artist who travels with their client kit, rolling tool chests and organizers are amazing!


Bead organizers from craft stores, pill cases, or even tackle and nail/screw boxes with the tiny slots are great for storing small jars of glitter, loose pigment, creating your own foundation, cream, or lip palette.



Gold, silver, and foil leafing can also be purchased to add to nails, even on face/body for more eccentric looks:





Re: Art materials you can use for makeup!

Using the old pill containers is genius Smiley Surprised  My only problem would be getting everything neatly into the container.  I had no idea the gold could be used that way though.  It was always too delicate for me to work well with -_-  

Re: Art materials you can use for makeup!

You're talking my language now. I'm an illustrator and ceramicist. I'm an art supply hoarder.


Fishing tackle boxes are cheaper than the Art Bin boxes and do the same thing. They are usually more configurable. Lots of the brushes that you can buy for painting and for glazing for ceramics are great for makeup brushes. 


I use ceramic containers I've made for my brushes, eye pencils and so on. 


**bleep** Blick dot com is a great place to pick up stuff and they have great sales and discounts for students. I love to repurpose things. I have an old dental cabinet for a lot of my art supplies. 

Re: Art materials you can use for makeup!

Blick's is my go-to store!!! Smiley Very Happy  I also have a problem with hoarding art supplies :/  They just disappear so fast T_T Do you post any of your work on online sharing sites like deviantart or wysp?  I'd love to see it!

Re: Art materials you can use for makeup!

This is the same thing that's sold as hair chalk!



They sell these palettes for makeup, but you can use the art ones too!




Re: Art materials you can use for makeup!

Are those... soft pastels?  I think its cheaper to just stick with the hair chalk for hair chalking.  Soft pastels can get pretty expensive depending on the brand >.>  That metal palette looks pretty nifty though.  I kinda just wing it on the back of my hand though

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