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Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

trying new products can be...overwhelming. do you love a product because it works ? can you tell right away if it's performing the way you want it to ? sometimes i'm so happy to finally try something and let my enthusiasm blind my actual impression of it (at least at first Smiley Wink )


it takes time to come to proper conclusions ! particularly when it comes to skincare, but makeup too.


so here's a thread where we can discuss our experiences while trying a product  for a first time. it can also be a place that people can reference if they're considering a new product.


right now i'm trying a sample of the REN v-cense night cream. i've only used it for 2 nights so far, but i LOVE IT. i love it so much i'm tempted to go ahead and grab it up, but i need to make sure it doesn't break me out over time (it contains shea butter which *can* be a breakout trigger for me, but not necessarily). it smells of frankincense which i adore, but i know for some people would be a turn off.


i'm also checking out the VICHY aqualia thermal serum. i really love the CAUDALIE vinosource s.o.s. thirst quenching serum, and prefer the texture of it to the VICHY, but think the caudalie may break me out slightly (i also was probably overusing it...i was very enthusiastic). so i'm just trying to figure out which i prefer.


how about you ?



post trial edit about the products above: i had to skip on the REN because the shea butter in it was too heavy for my skin. and i suppose buying something simply for the smell isn't the best use of my moola Smiley Wink

the VICHY aqualia thermal serum, however, is in my permanent arsenal. i've already repurchased once since starting this thread, and have turned a few people on to it too ! 

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

Well... Tonight I used my sample of Tata Harper Resurfacing mask. I'm pretty sure my skin hated it. I used it for 20 mins- it was dry and washed off with a fade cloth. My skin feels irritated now and itchy. I have drenched my face in Herbivore Rose hibiscus mist to soothe it. 

We will see if any breakouts were caused in the morning.

Did any one else have a problem with this mask? 

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

I used to use this mask. I never experienced any irritation or itchiness. I think I remember some tingle but nothing notable. I stopped buying it because of the price/amount of product. that jelly is sometimes hard to work with. Hope your skin feels better!

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

It didn't break me out! Thank goodness, my skin looks alright today, but nothing I can justify purchasing this for. I don't know why it was so itchy, as I use acid peels a bit. Oh well. 

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

TH products for me are hit or miss! I really LOVE her Regenerating Cleanser, Floral Essence and the Illuminating Moisturizer. On the other hand, my skin reacted the same way yours did to the Resurfacing Mask and I hated the Moisturizing Mask even more! 

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

Ending the trial phase of SR good genes by purchasing the value size bottle! I didn't realize how much of an acne scar improvement until after looking back at some older pics from the height of my cystic acne days (thank god they're on pause).




Almost 3 years ago. Don't mind my moulage (and lazily not editing down)!!! But the moulage makeup actually seeded into the scar pits on my cheek, enhancing how bad they were!! It was like my own little constellation on my cheek hah.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 2.11.28 PM.png

ETA: This one ^ about 6-7 months before I started using GG, which shows that the moulage isn't creating the pit effect.


After almost 3 months SR GG:


Only one noticeable deep pit! Still have some surface unevenness but... WOW.. I had a huge scar under my left eye too which is now just a small spot. Yes I have light makeup on but no pore filler, etc.


Final thoughts: take my money... take it all! Worth every penny for me.


Now starting trial of:

Body shop vitamin E night cream. It's hard for me to find a night cream that's hydrating enough to last the whole night. I used up a PTR unwrinkle night mini and loved it but wanted to get through other things in my stash before I committed to purchasing that big expensive mother. I do like TBS cream so far, it's super hydrating. I am a little concerned that it's clogging around my chin area though, so will reevaluate in the next couple weeks. 


Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

I have dry skin too. And I found adding a few drops of oil  to your moisturizer will boost its performance a lot. 

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

Wow, your skin looks fantastic @CC3616!

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

I was having issues with BT before and missed this! Thank you @Ikon

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

I just finished the 28-pack size of the FAB Facial Radiance pads. Tbh, I wasn't wowed. I didn't see that much of an improvement in my skin. I have a load of dark spots and get some pretty terrible breakouts. I think it might have helped with the breakouts, but that's it. Not to mention, the smell! It's awful. Sosososooo gross. I can't deal with products that smell that bad. And I'm still getting hella oily, which is gross... Also just about done with the deluxe sample of the FAB facial cleanser from the seasonset bag - I feel the same. Nothing spectacular going on here. I think the sample I had of the red clay cleanser was a bit better, but still not that great.


I can't wait to finally bust open my Murad cleanser and toner! I got them from the line that's designed for acne prone skin. I'm really, really hoping they can get my breakouts under control. I had samples of these and the mattifying moisturizer (too dry! ugh) and liked them. I'm just really over adult acne.


I am also trying the Shiseido Refining Moisturizer. I wasn't sure if I should have gotten this or the moisturizer from the Pureness line. So far, I love the fragrance. It is kind of heavy, so definitely not for everyone. Mostly I was hoping to get a light moisturizer that would stop my skin from "cracking" as soon as I step out into the cold - I had been using Clinique's Dramatically Different gel moisturizer, which just doesn't cut it when it comes to the dry patches/flaky spots. I can use one or two very small pumps of this Shiseido stuff and cover my whole face. I don't crack. I might still get the occasional flakiness (always around breakouts that haven't surfaced...ughhhh), but it's not as bad as with the Clinique and I don't have to use a whole full pump to get rid of it. I have some weird small bumps along my hairline on both sides of my head, that I was wondering if they'd get improved with continued use... so far, I'm not sure. I bought this during the VIB sale and have been using it since, so I'm not sure if that's long enough to really notice a difference.


I think the thing I am pretty disappointed about is that I still get really oily. Sometimes it's a weird dry skin feeling with oil on top, and other times I just feel gross and sticky all over. :/ I don't know what the hell is causing me to be so oily, but I'm really sick of it. Probably going to the derm would be the most helpful thing, I just never seem to have the time. .-.


Um...I think I have some other products I could talk about, but I'll take the time to use them a bit more first. I'll say that I did finally buy my first Nyx jumbo eye pencil...I've seen them in only 19485892 youtube videos, so I figured it was about time I tried one out! xD

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

I finished my first tub of FAB Radiance pads this week, too!  


I agree with you on the scent (not yummy) and I didn't find they did anything for dark spots (but I don't have many) but I did find they worked well as a light exfoliant in helping my oil and moisturizer sink in better afterwards. 


I have combo/oily skin though, so maybe that's why they are working a bit differently for me.

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

Yeah, I did actually notice a like..sinking in feeling, I guess. Like I realized I needed to wait before slapping on the next thing, haha. And I have just straight up really oily skin, so I can definitely see it being a bit more challenging to work on me.

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

The FAB set.......

Everything is just so so. The pads break me out. The eye cream is too drying and cakey. The lotion jar is not moisturizing enough. The lip balm YUCCCCCK. The cleanser is so so.

I don't find a good reason for me to not return it, besides the 20% off. 

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

I figured as long as it wasn't outright causing me problems, I'd just use the stuff up since otherwise no one else would be able to use it! The line gets a lot of raves so I was kinda disappointed.

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

I finally got to start using my Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm, deluxe size sample... and I love it! That stuff is amazing. I already know I'm gonna be getting the full size as soon as I'm done with this sample jar... But, you need just a tiny bit of the balm for both eyes, so I think that lil jar is gonna last me for a looooong time. Which means the full size is gonna last forever. Which is good. Actually, excellent! Smiley Tongue

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

I agree. I've been using my deluxe sample size for three weeks now and have barely put a dent in it! That is great news as it allows me to justify the price for the full size since it will last for like, forever! Smiley Happy

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

Yes! Exactly what I was thinking, too! Smiley Happy

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

I am happy you liked it, because it didn't do anything for me. I used the smallest amount but it never fully sunk into my skin, which made it hard to put makeup over it. And it wasn't even moisturizing my skin Smiley Sad 

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

Sorry to hear that. Smiley Sad I wish it could work for everyone the way it works for me...


I'm in love with this cream. It is working perfectly for me in every way. My skin is dry during the winter ( normal/dry combo otherwise ), and with exception of Shiseido Benefiance eye cream, nothing really worked for me so far ( during the winter ) when it comes to moisturizing.


This balm moisturizes the skin around my eyes perfectly without Shiseido's heaviness and richness ( I was only using that one as a night cream because of that ), my skin soaks it right up and instantly just looks so much better. It is excellent make up base, too. It helped with my dark circles and puffiness ( and significantly ), my "winter fine lines" are gone, it brightens my skin, and it makes it so plump and just overall healthy looking, so yeah, I've finally found my HG eye cream. Smiley Happy

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

I am trialing some drugstore Foundations currently because I hear they are as good as some high end ones out here , they are the Loreal True Match and Loreal True Match Lumi foundations. So far i am really loving both of them . The original True Match has really good coverage and stays on for hours the color match to my skin is amazing (im NC20in Mac) It kind of reminds me of the Mac Studio Fix foundation. For those of you who are looking for a foundation with a nice glow I would go pick up the lumi foundation it gives such a natural luminous glow . Ive been trialing these for a week so far but im really loving them. Best drugstore foundations ever and i usually hate drugstore foundations 

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

My high school and college-age daughter's are big fans of L'oreal foundations Smiley Happy

Re: Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?

i really like them and they are very affordable , which is also a big plus!! =)

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