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Are you a NYX brand fan?

Just saw these palettes on Nordstrom's site - whoaswfupload_7667481455665274148.jpgswfupload_3761737012213877434.jpg

Re: Are you a NYX brand fan?

NYX has some good dupes or definately something to consider down the road as a cheap backup.
NARS Orgasm/NYX Pinched
MAC shimmertime/NYX Sky Pink
MAC Candy Yum-Yum/NYX Black Label Hot Pink
I also bought some of their 3-4$ round lipsticks the NYX color range can definitely be fun to experiment with before buying higher end

Re: Are you a NYX brand fan?

I am so shocked that Nordstroms carries NYX ( I just checked and they do) that I sent them an email asking them why.  i am new to this board and really enjoy reading everyones makeup adventures.  

Re: Are you a NYX brand fan?

Yeah I find this odd too. I only have seen it at Target.

I like them, they are a good cheap brand!

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