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Are you a NYX brand fan?

Just saw these palettes on Nordstrom's site - whoa

Re: Are you a NYX brand fan?

Lol, i have the bottom palette. I lucked out and got it for 10 bucks *cdn* and its huge lol.

Re: Are you a NYX brand fan?

Some of their products are hit and miss.


Some of their eye shadows are wonderful (my favorite is their matte black single, super pigmented, very smooth and easy to apply, not chalky at all) and they have some bronzer/blush dupes compared to Too Faced.



Re: Are you a NYX brand fan?

Some are alright, some are terrible IMHO. I don't know why Nordstrom carries the line, to me it's a drugstore line. Even Ulta has it in the drugstore section. I got their Nude palette soon after the first Naked palette & hated it. Only a few shades where pigmented, they where all chalky & after a few months they got the white dots on them. I take good care of my palettes & it was the first one that ever went bad on me before being 5 years old. 

I also didn't care for the shadow sticks. Some people like to use the white one as a primer, for me it made all my shadows crease & I don't have oily lids. 

I do like some of their blushes though 

Re: Are you a NYX brand fan?

Yea - I haven't liked enough of it to warrant a huge palette like these.  It is weird that Nordstrom carries it.

Re: Are you a NYX brand fan?

I'm a fan of some of their things. I feel like there are certainly some hits and some misses, but overall they're a good brand. My favorites are their lipliners, glosses, and their blushes Smiley Happy.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Are you a NYX brand fan?

The only NYX product I have owned was a lipstick. It was terrible. It feathered like crazy and just got everywhere. The color was only okay and it wouldn't stay still. I haven't even thought about buying anything else from NYX after that disaster.

Re: Are you a NYX brand fan?

I do need to add though, that the eyeshadow on that huge palette are not very pigmented, tried doing a look with one of the purple eyeshadows a couple days ago and i had try to go over my eye lids repeatedly to try and get the colour payoff that i was looking for. It's a fun palette unless you're actually trying to achieve something with it Smiley Sad

Re: Are you a NYX brand fan?

I agree, some of the products they do well. The lipstick (some shades) are awesome and the lip liners are nice. The shadows sometimes lack pigment and feel a bit dry. I think it all depends on the shade too.

<3 Melissa

Re: Are you a NYX brand fan?

I haven't tried their eye products, but am a HUGE fan of their HD Concealer! Just as good if not better than the elite brands I used to use, for a tiny fraction of the price Smiley Happy

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