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April Empties!

I love watching these videos on youtube, and thought it might be fun to try our own BeautyTalk version!


I know a lot of us are trying to use things up right now. I'm on project 1-million pan practically! Trying really hard to de-clutter and use things up! I used to have a serious Bath & Body Works addiction and it takes up waaaay too much space (haven't bought any in 6 months, woo!)


A whole shoebox full!

What's in there: Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion, Simple Face Wipes (I go through both of those like candy), Orange Sapphire Anti-Bac soap, Warm Harvest Apple shower gel, random mint foot scrub, Herbal Essences Hydralicious Shampoo & Conditioner, Murad Clarifying Mask, Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo mini, Kiehl's Orange Flower & Lychee shower gel, Sunsilk De-Frizz cream, Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser, Miss Jessie's Stretch Silkening Cream, True Blue Spa Hand Lotion, Benefit BadGal Lash and They're Real mascaras, Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara, random ELF lipgloss and NARS Tinted Moisturizer sample!

I also got rid of a ton of packettes but didn't bother holding on to them. What about you guys?

Re: April Empties!

I love seeing this! I'm finding myself hitting pan also with a lot of things recently (especially bronzer)Smiley Wink

<3 Melissa

Re: April Empties!

Hi, crayzeeRN!  I hope you're going to recycle all those plastics!

Re: April Empties!

Absolutely, already in the recycling bin! (slightly OCD about recycling!)

Re: April Empties!

I used up one of my foundations yesterday----flower beauty about face Smiley Very Happy

Re: April Empties!

I have so many samples lying around, too!

Re: April Empties!

Hmm I don't have alot of empties, but i think i'm gonna go look and see if i can find any!

Re: April Empties!

Impressive! I don't keep my trash, every once in awhile I post a pic of an empty in kimmi's finished products and hit pan thread though Smiley Very Happy


Good job!

Re: April Empties!

Haha, yeah now that I think about it is probably a little odd to hang on to them, but being able to get rid of a whole shoebox worth at the end of a month feels awesome! Smiley Happy

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