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Anyone tried YSL eyeshadows?

I'm on a high-end eyeshadow binge, lol, and I've seen/heard about Dior, Guerlain, and Marc Jacob, but I don't think I heard anyone mention YSL aside from the lip products and touche eclat. was combing through my love list and remembered this palette I added long ago cuz I like the warm colors, just wondering if anyone's tried the eyeshadow or how is the formula?



Re: Anyone tried YSL eyeshadows?

I've never been impressed by YSL shadows. They do lips and foundation SO well and the eyeshadow just comes across as very lacking.

Re: Anyone tried YSL eyeshadows?

I have the YSL in the Pure Chromatics. I wanted something a little different and this seemed to fit that desire. It goes on okay (stayed put and lasted {on me} well enough). I like wet/dry option.


Yves Saint Laurent
PURE CHROMATICS - 4 Wet & Dry Eye Shadows in #7s1427806+sw.jpg


Re: Anyone tried YSL eyeshadows?

Well dear i have mentioned them! Only duos and 3 of 'em - love them basically because of the colors. They are high quality, but limited number of color combos. Cannot help with the other YSL sets Smiley Sad

Re: Anyone tried YSL eyeshadows?

Ah I must have missed that, lol. Your opinion on Dior and Guerlain are duly noted (and responsible for the hours I spent scrutinizing the Dior/Guerlain products, ingredients, description, swatches etc). =X


Hmm, well, I do like that color combo. It's staying on my love list then, altho I did took MJ eyeshadow off, partially cuz of the formula and partially cuz I just realize it does not come with an applicator inside. o.O

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