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Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

LIST UPDATED 2017 - Sephora also suggests contacting brands directly for more information and details than we have provided here if needed Smiley Happy


Hello lovely BTers!! We hear you and we've been working to update the previous post Tiffany did in 2011 regarding Animal Testing. Since we carry over 200 other brands, the ones we've listed below have confirmed that they do not test on animals and/or we’ve confirmed the following brands on the PETA or Leaping Bunny list.  Please keep in mind that the sites may update their information more frequently than we do, but we will try our best to keep it up to date!

(yes, I posted an outside link, but its for your use & was approved Smiley Wink )


Our private label Sephora Collection are cruelty free (meaning that the products have never been tested on animals).


Any info we could confirm (vegan/gluten free) are listed below the links.  We hope this helps!!


Amika - (PETA)


Anastasia - (PETA)


Bare Escentuals - (PETA)


Becca -

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed no testing, but they are not listed on either site)



Bite Beauty - (Leaping Bunny) Gluten Free


Blinc - (PETA)




Gluten Free


Cane + Austin-

(we reached out to them and they confirmed no testing and all products are vegan except for the eye cream) 


Caudalie -

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed no testing, but they are not listed on either site)


Clarins -

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed no testing, but they are not listed on either site)



(We reached out to the brand and they confirmed no testing)


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare - (PETA)



(We reached out to them and they have confirmed no testing)


Hourglass - (PETA)



(We reached out to them and confirmed no testing)

Jack Black - (PETA)


Josie Maran - (PETA)


Juicy Couture –

Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free 



(We reached out and they said no to testing and all of the products are vegan except the Clarifying+ Mask because it contains honey)


Kate Somerville –

Cruelty/Gluten Free


Kat Von D -



Korres  -


L’Occitane –

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free, but they are not listed on either site) 


L’artisan parfumeur –

Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free


LivingProof –

Cruelty Free/Gluten Free Stylers


Make Up For Ever –

Cruelty Free


Milk Makeup-

(We reached out to the brand and they confirmed they are cruelty free)


Murad - (PETA)


Nails Inc –

Cruelty Free



Cruelty Free


Ole Henriksen –

Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free


Omorovicza –

Cruelty Free Perfect


Ren – (PETA)

“We do not test any of our products on animals. Our products are not tested on our behalf by any third party. The only animal products we use are honey and beeswax in the Lip Honey.”


Reverie- (LB)


Rosebud –

“There are no animal by-products in any of the salves or lip balms. Beeswax is contained in Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm, Strawberry Lip Balm, and Mocha Rose Lip Balm, however, NO beeswax is contained in Rosebud Salve, Minted Rose Lip Balm, or Menthol and Eucalyptus Balm”


Smashbox - (PETA)



(We reached out to them and they confirmed no testing


Sweat Cosmetics-

(We reached out to the brand and they confirmed that they are vegan/gluten free and cruelty free)


Tarte - (PETA)


Tata Harper – (LB, PETA)


Too Faced Cosmetics - (PETA)


Urban Decay -  (PETA, LB)


Wen - - (LB)


We will be updating this list as necessary, since we are constantly adding and removing products on our site. If you have any questions regarding brands listed above, please contact them directly as they may reformulate products and change manufacturers Smiley Happy


xo, Mia & the rest of the Mods

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

4everacting, I have found this list which is a vegan list but it ALSO shows the parent company for a brand WHEN that parent company tests on animals. This list is also frequently updated! Smiley Happy

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Thanks MiaBT for starting and updating this list. It's a start. There are so many organizations that have cruelty free lists like PETA, Leaping Bunny, Paula's Choice, Phyrra beauty blog and My Beauty Bunny to name a few. All have inconsistent information as the beauty world is so big and ever changing. Some brands are listed as cruelty free on PETA, but not on Leaping Bunny for instance and vice versa for example.


Even though this is a heated topic (and it should be) I think it's important that consumers make an informed decision. Not sure if you can add this information to your next update, but if you could include whether or not these products are sold in foreign markets like China that would be helpful.



Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Dear Mia on behalf of Sephora,


I am very disappointed that you choose to provide your products and services to consumers wherever they live even if that means throwing your principles out the window in the name of profit.

Because of this, I cannot purchase Sephora-brand and other animal-testing brands' products, even t
hough I really enjoy shopping at the store and online.

While you give with one hand, you take with the other. Your claims to be cruelty-free are meaningless when you agree to sell-out to any country that insists on having antiquated animal testing policies. I look forward to the day when China's government bureaucrats will end its cosmetics animal testing policies.

I am sorry that the decision-makers at Sephora cannot see beyond dollar signs and ignore the needless suffering that thousands of animals must suffer through just so we can wear some lipstick.





Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Oh give it a rest. 


1) 3 posts aren't going to get you more answers.


2) China ended their mandatory testing of cosmetics on animals in July.


Keep your facts up to date before you start spamming the thread with your complaints.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Firstly, telling a concerned person to "give it a rest" is rude. If this isn't information you consider important, then move past it. But don't imply someone shouldn't care about this topic.

Secondly, you should also keep your facts up to date before you become unnecessarily sassy with others. Yes, China DID end their mandatory testing on animals law in July 2014, however this only applies to items that are manufactured in China, not to items that are imported. 

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

I find it offensive of you to tell a caring person to give it rest. That's your own prerogative if you don't care about the torturous lives of these mistreated animals, but I believe you should at least respect the people that do care.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

The list from Sephora is most certainly inaccurate and deceiving. Mafan, you are 100% incorrect and doing a disservice by spreading partial-facts. China DID end mandatory testing of a few tests on a few products on July 31st. This accounts for a teensy percentage of cosmetic animal testing. It's a start., but that's all it is. 

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Perhaps you should get your facts straight

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

China has not ended animal testing, and this list posted by sephora is inaccurate to say the least

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

I did not have much luck emailing Sephora about animal-testing. 


The private label Sephora brand seems to test on animals because it is sold in China and I see it on the Sephora China website, and because at least some products are made outside of China - thus the Chinese government officials require by law that they be tested on animals.  The exact same argument goes for many of the brands are listed in Sephora's reply email that I received on August 10, 2014, including the brands Benefit, Clarins, and Phyto, which can clearly be seen on the Sephora China website.

Mia, would you be able to answer my question, which was not addressed in the Sephora email reply?  Re: The Sephora private label brand and Sephora's sub-brands (like Formula X): Which of the Sephora sub-brands are the ones that are sold in in China (tested on animals if they are made outside of China), and which are not sold in China (likely not tested on animals)?

Thank you...

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Honestly LoveDeeply, your best bet is probably to browse the Sephora website for mainland China. Because brands change all the time in each store and each country, asking a beauty advisor isn't the most reliable. Chances are they are asking a supervisor or viewing a company list which may have been issued 9 months ago and be 20% incorrect. By going to the Chinese sites you can see for yourself and reduce errors by cutting out the middle man

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Dear Mia on behalf of Sephora,


This list is very deceiving because it shows brands that sell to China who are claiming to not test on animals (such as Clarins, Makeup For Ever, Sephora brand, and Caudalie)


I understand China requires that all imported cosmetics be tested on animals. Your brand retails in China.


- Exactly what sort of of animal testing does China require?
- What exactly do the cosmetics animal tests entail?
- Is each animal killed after being tested on one or more times?

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

The list hasn't been updated

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Tirah, any excuse to buy more makeup works for me! Smiley Wink

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

This was taken directly from Smashbox's website:

Do you test on animals?
We don’t test on animals, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except where required by law.

What countries require animal testing?
China, most notably, in addition to a few others that conduct testing by law of cosmetic products or ingredients to demonstrate safety.

Does Smashbox sell in any of these countries?

What are we doing to end animal testing?
Our founders launched with a commitment to end animal testing, and that commitment remains. For instance, we only conduct or commission in vitro/human volunteer testing to show our products are safe, and we’re part of the European Partnership for Alternatives to Animal Testing, among other efforts.

Thank you for reading—and caring!

Smashbox is not listed on Sephora's Chinese website, so I will continue to use their products.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

SHolmes221, according to My Beauty Bunny, which keeps an updated and comprehensive list of cruelty free companies, Smashbox is NOT cruelty free. I'm not sure when this was changed, but it is not on their list.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Yes! Smashbox is one of several cosmetic lines that pulled out of China and is back to being Cruelty Free...for now. Many of these companies are finding it very hard to accommodate both the few countries that require testing and the very many countries that have a ban on testing.  My problem with Smashbox is their double talk. If they only test "where required by law" but don't sell in the countries that require testing then why do they need the disclaimer? Also they are an Estee Lauder company who threw out their "cruelty free" status in favor of profits so I'm pretty sure pulling Smashbox out of China was more of an accounting decision, not a humane one.


In my opinion - everyone swarm and buy out the Smashbox counter! If Estee Lauder sees that whatever profits they loose by pulling out of testing countries they regain by winning back us bunny friends then they just might put more conviction into their "we love animals" stance.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Sorry my reply is up here...for some reason this board won't let me "reply" to SocialQuota...

You are right, I was mistaken about Hong Kong still being a British Territory, however I wasn't wrong about the self governing. Hong Kong operates its own government with complete autonomy. As such they have followed EU's lead and banned all animal testing for cosmetics in 2013.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Saying "they sell in China" as proof a company has secret bunny torture chambers is very inaccurate. Especially since most, if not all, of these companies also sell in EU countries like France and England where absolutely no part of a cosmetic, from supplier ingredient to finished product, can be tested on animals. Cosmetics that are manufactured outside of China and imported in is subjected to testing if it contains specific ingredients or combinations that China hasn't proven to be safe. If a company wants to sell in China they have to either open their own factory in China and get all ingredients from Chinese suppliers to avoid animal testing. Or they can allow the specific production lots that will be imported to be tested on an animal. At the same time they can't let the same supplier ingredients/finished product to touch a bunny if they want to sell in France. It is a very tight rope.


It really depends on how political your convictions are. If you just want to make sure your specific mascara or lipstick hasn't been tested on a bunny at any time, then about 80% of Sephora is open to you as long as you pay attention to where that finished product was manufactured (the origin will be printed on either the box or the label). If you want to make sure your brand is animal friendly then you are down to about 30-40% of Sephora. If you want to condemn the bunny loving child because their parent and only go for brands that are bunny friendly all the way up to the top then you can now only use about 20% of Sephora.


Final note: don't confuse Hong Kong for China. Hong Kong is a self-ruled British territory that has banned animal testing. If you go to Sheshido's company page you can find a list of their lines. As of a week ago only about 2 of their lines were sold in China. Bare Minerals, Buxom and Nars is sold in Hong Kong, not China.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

One fact check, sorry! +1 to your other info. Hong Kong was relinquished back to China in 1997. HK still enjoys more freedoms (such as Freedom of Press and others) and privileges than mainland China.


Wikipedia: "..a former British Colony and is currently a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China..."

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

This list is so TOTALLY wrong - almost all these companies are owner by Animal Testing parent companies (such as in the case of Urban Decay & Bare Escentual) Or sell to China which MANDATES that ALL products be tested on animals if sold in their country (Such as in the case of Sephora Brand.) Maybe 3 of these brands are actually certified cruelty free- listing them as being such is misleading!

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