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Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

LIST UPDATED 2017 - Sephora also suggests contacting brands directly for more information and details than we have provided here if needed 🙂


Hello lovely BTers!! We hear you and we've been working to update the previous post Tiffany did in 2011 regarding Animal Testing. Since we carry over 200 other brands, the ones we've listed below have confirmed that they do not test on animals and/or we’ve confirmed the following brands on the PETA or Leaping Bunny list.  Please keep in mind that the sites may update their information more frequently than we do, but we will try our best to keep it up to date!

(yes, I posted an outside link, but its for your use & was approved 😉 )


Our private label Sephora Collection are cruelty free (meaning that the products have never been tested on animals).


Any info we could confirm (vegan/gluten free) are listed below the links.  We hope this helps!!


Amika - (PETA)


Anastasia - (PETA)


Bare Escentuals - (PETA)


Becca -

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed no testing, but they are not listed on either site)



Bite Beauty - (Leaping Bunny) Gluten Free


Blinc - (PETA)




Gluten Free


Cane + Austin-

(we reached out to them and they confirmed no testing and all products are vegan except for the eye cream) 


Caudalie -

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed no testing, but they are not listed on either site)


Clarins -

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed no testing, but they are not listed on either site)



(We reached out to the brand and they confirmed no testing)


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare - (PETA)



(We reached out to them and they have confirmed no testing)


Hourglass - (PETA)



(We reached out to them and confirmed no testing)

Jack Black - (PETA)


Josie Maran - (PETA)


Juicy Couture –

Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free 



(We reached out and they said no to testing and all of the products are vegan except the Clarifying+ Mask because it contains honey)


Kate Somerville –

Cruelty/Gluten Free


Kat Von D -



Korres  -


L’Occitane –

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free, but they are not listed on either site) 


L’artisan parfumeur –

Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free


LivingProof –

Cruelty Free/Gluten Free Stylers


Make Up For Ever –

Cruelty Free


Milk Makeup-

(We reached out to the brand and they confirmed they are cruelty free)


Murad - (PETA)


Nails Inc –

Cruelty Free



Cruelty Free


Ole Henriksen –

Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free


Omorovicza –

Cruelty Free Perfect


Ren – (PETA)

“We do not test any of our products on animals. Our products are not tested on our behalf by any third party. The only animal products we use are honey and beeswax in the Lip Honey.”


Reverie- (LB)


Rosebud –

“There are no animal by-products in any of the salves or lip balms. Beeswax is contained in Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm, Strawberry Lip Balm, and Mocha Rose Lip Balm, however, NO beeswax is contained in Rosebud Salve, Minted Rose Lip Balm, or Menthol and Eucalyptus Balm”


Smashbox - (PETA)



(We reached out to them and they confirmed no testing


Sweat Cosmetics-

(We reached out to the brand and they confirmed that they are vegan/gluten free and cruelty free)


Tarte - (PETA)


Tata Harper – (LB, PETA)


Too Faced Cosmetics - (PETA)


Urban Decay -  (PETA, LB)


Wen - - (LB)


We will be updating this list as necessary, since we are constantly adding and removing products on our site. If you have any questions regarding brands listed above, please contact them directly as they may reformulate products and change manufacturers 🙂


xo, Mia & the rest of the Mods

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

My personal opinion (I know you may not agree) but I will support a company that is CF even if there parent company is not, especially a company like Body Shop who is owned by Loreal but is adamant about not testing.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

But the thing is, isn't your money going to support the parent company, thereby supporting animal testing?  That's my concern.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

I actually don't disagree, but I am a huge fan of full disclosure.  Some people may disagree and be upset and disappointed if they find out a brand they love and they thought was cruelty-free was owned by a parent company that was not.  A lot of websites that list cruelty free brands also note when they're owned by a company that are not for this reason.


I also think that it helps to send a message to the parent company when their cruelty-free brands are sought after... although I realize were small, distant voices to them.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Just looking over the list,... 

1.  Perricone is missing.

2.  Chanel does animal Testing.


I'd like to know where you compiled your information from, since some are noted as PETA and others not,...  It is inconsistent.


And to be fair, it is very hard to keep up with who's who anymore, it changes on a daily basis.   Having said that, it is irresponsible to again post information that is incomplete, misleading and inaccurate.   


But then again, Sephora says they do not do animal testing on their house products (Sephora, KVD, etc) however there are 147 stores in China with the second largest Sephora store in Shanghai, the largest being in Barcelona.  And to add insult to injury,... The Shanghai store is the Sephora Flagship store.  *rethinking why I am spending $$ at Sephora*

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Thank you for providing factual information that proves Sephora does in fact sell in China and test on animals!

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Please consider using another resource other than PETA!!! I'm a vegan and an adoptive mom of two lovely four-legged rescue pups, and have fostered and raised many rescues in the past. PETA are verifiably responsible for killing over 90% of adoptable animals in their care at their Virginia shelter and this is their standard practice at all their shelters.  Yes, adoptable companion animals.  PETA are a proponent of kill shelters, and believe that certain breeds (eg, pits) should be completely eradicated.


There are other resources, like Leaping Bunny.


Sorry to be all soap-boxy, but this issue really bothers me.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Thank you!! I am a vege/pescatarian/ that has been involved in animal rescue for years and I hate PETA as well. They also believe in killing feral cats. You know, we can't have people testing on companion animals or wild cats, but killing them is fine. *SIGH* I shudder to think of the millions they sink into their crazy agenda. Not many PETA supporters heard about this, but they also sent a gift basket of vegan cookies to a animal control who announced they would change their No Kill policy and start killing for space. Sickening...

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Hi, thank you for telling us this.  I had heard this before, but could you please message me info with links. I would like to be more informed and aware of Peta's real practices.  Thank you!

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Agreed 100%.  I am a dog rescuer and very concerned with animal welfare, and PETA makes me sick to my stomach.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

I thought PETA was people eating tasty animals...sorry...I hope all of you animal rights folks don't feed your pet anything but all natural plant based cat / dog food. Now, while I am not into cruelty or animal testing the fact of the matter is your beloved pet food is often made from other PURINA uses euthanized animals to make it's pet food. The whole thing collar, bag and all go into the mix. Horse meat. Fish parts...where does it end. I personally feed my cat what we eat since we eat no grain. She loves it and I don't have to worry about leftovers. So before you all go shouting at companies for making a profit without that little leaping bunny, you should know where your food comes from, your pets food comes from long before you care what it is tested on. Plus there are beetles ground up in your red lipstick , fish scales in that lovely iridescent eyeshadow and luminizers. People use horse hair for brushes, beaver fur and whatever else kind of hair your coveted makeup brushes are made from. So While it is nice to know and support those companies that do NOT test on animals, you should not bash them because someone else tests their products on animals. Rant over and I am going to eat my big juicy grass fed/finished hamburger! 

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Feeding a dog a completely vegetarian diet is possible, but a cat is an obligate carnivore. They need to have certain nutrients that only come from meat proteins. Like taurine, an amino acid essential for eye and heart function is not optional. If you feed your cat a vegetarian diet that isn't supplemented with taurine, you are going to hurt or kill it. This is one of the reasons why being fully informed is important, you can't have too much information to make a good decision but there is definitely such a thing as not enough. 



Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

So, basically it's ok to use them in cosmetics, but not to test? I am not saying spraying stuff up them like above is right. It's not. They just don't know what else to test on. I think personally they should stick to vermin cuz they are nasty anyways (IMO) I have no problem with rats but I don't see how if ok on an animal makes it ok for us. They know by now what causes people to break out and what chemicals not to use on humans that are toxic, so there is no longer a need. 30-40 years ago maybe, but now it is just not necessary with all of the technology they have. I just hope you care about looking what is in your food supply and your pets. It is quite disturbing. 

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

I absolutely agree with you on this one about the food chain.  Monsanto is corrupting our food with GMOs, Factory Farming meats are anything but natural.  You want to; eat grass fed, pasture raised and humanly slaughtered, beef,.. Dig in.   I have no problem with that.   


I have the problem when it comes to animal testing, animals in our products such as the cosmetic brushes you mentioned (which are made from squirrel hair, where in a magical land squirrels sit in little barber chairs for a hair cut, not the reality of the fur/skin ripped from their bodies.) leather shoes, purses.  Peeps want that Birkin for the logo >> Jane has it, I gotta have it, mentality.


Great documentary "Forks over Knives".

and very sad documentaries on China's fur trade.


And 'vermin' to you, is GOD's creature.


Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

I do agree with you on this, dogs can be vegetarian but it can kill cats to be on a vegetarian diet.  

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

The tone of this reply really necessary.  Why would you assume that people who are vegans or into animal rights DON'T know about the  things you list here? I know that it is great fun to try and point out how hypocritical non-vegans/vegetarians are.  I apologize on behalf of any of my fellow non-meat eaters to you if you have ever been harassed by someone for your eating choices.  But they are YOUR choices, and we are allowed to make ours.  None of us care what you eat or choose to buy.  Why do you care so much about ours?  Why does it bother you that people are asking for details about how their products are made, and where they come from?


I don't understand the aversion to choice and consumer information? I very strongly believe that we vote with our dollars.  By choosing to spend money on cruelty free cosmetics, we send a message that we do not find unnecessary laboratory tests acceptable.  As more people do this, more options without animal testing will become available.  It is a very simple part of how our capitalistic society works.   No one is bashing anyone by not choosing to buy a product.  The whole idea is that we have the choice to buy whatever products we want.


I am not an all-or-nothing type of person.  I believe that even small changes, small commitments can make a big difference.  The idea of meatless mondays, for example.  I would never advocate a vegan or vegetarian diet for everyone, because everyone is different.  I don't see anything hypocritical about making informed decisions and choosing what you eat, don't eat, buy, don't buy... even if some products come from animals and some don't.  The world is not so black and white.

So please, don't assume, and don't lash out at people who are just trying to find more information. 

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Sorry forgot to say.  


                 THANK YOU fellow vegan ❤️  


and thank you for adopting and fostering.   There's a special place in Heaven for you.  🙂


Love Leaping Bunny and My Beauty Bunny

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

No offense, however your information regarding PETA and no kill shelters are not quite accurate.


No kill shelters sounds good and looks good on paper.  But the reality is it leads to over crowding, less vet care, confined to cages,etc... It is much better to place an animal to sleep, then to have him/her live out their life in sometimes worse conditions then they were originally in.  These shelters require an admission fee when an animal is brought to the shelter, turning away strays and giving away animals free without proper screening.


Private No Kill shelters depend on donations to house, feed and care for these animals, you see the problem?


*and it's never the dog,'s the owner*    😞    ❤️

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

There are certain parts of the country that have no kill shelters that actually have excess space and have to import animals from Puerto Rico to keep potential adopters coming in the doors. 


Ironic that this is brought up, because after I finish grad school, I plan on creating a non-profit that will transport animals from over-crowded shelters across the U.S. to the no-kill shelters that need to import animals from other areas. c:

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Good luck with your Non-profit! I have been involved in many such transport journeys- My friend worked at a no-kill shelter in New York State and we would drive pups up from high-kill shelters in North Carolina! She's with the HSUS now so my transporting is currently on hold, but it was amazing.  We saved over 40 dogs from death row (Including my girl Glory, my avatar, and her ELEVEN puppies 🙂

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Your dog is adorable!  So nice that you saved her, I am thinking of rescuing a dog soon

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

AWE! What a sweetheart! She actually looks a lot like my dog, Toby, that I adopted and brought up from a high-kill shelter in Alabama. Here's a picture!

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 6.57.10 PM.png

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