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Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

LIST UPDATED 2017 - Sephora also suggests contacting brands directly for more information and details than we have provided here if needed Smiley Happy


Hello lovely BTers!! We hear you and we've been working to update the previous post Tiffany did in 2011 regarding Animal Testing. Since we carry over 200 other brands, the ones we've listed below have confirmed that they do not test on animals and/or we’ve confirmed the following brands on the PETA or Leaping Bunny list.  Please keep in mind that the sites may update their information more frequently than we do, but we will try our best to keep it up to date!

(yes, I posted an outside link, but its for your use & was approved Smiley Wink )


Our private label Sephora Collection are cruelty free (meaning that the products have never been tested on animals).


Any info we could confirm (vegan/gluten free) are listed below the links.  We hope this helps!!


Amika - (PETA)


Anastasia - (PETA)


Bare Escentuals - (PETA)


Becca -

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed no testing, but they are not listed on either site)



Bite Beauty - (Leaping Bunny) Gluten Free


Blinc - (PETA)




Gluten Free


Cane + Austin-

(we reached out to them and they confirmed no testing and all products are vegan except for the eye cream) 


Caudalie -

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed no testing, but they are not listed on either site)


Clarins -

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed no testing, but they are not listed on either site)



(We reached out to the brand and they confirmed no testing)


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare - (PETA)



(We reached out to them and they have confirmed no testing)


Hourglass - (PETA)



(We reached out to them and confirmed no testing)

Jack Black - (PETA)


Josie Maran - (PETA)


Juicy Couture –

Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free 



(We reached out and they said no to testing and all of the products are vegan except the Clarifying+ Mask because it contains honey)


Kate Somerville –

Cruelty/Gluten Free


Kat Von D -



Korres  -


L’Occitane –

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free, but they are not listed on either site) 


L’artisan parfumeur –

Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free


LivingProof –

Cruelty Free/Gluten Free Stylers


Make Up For Ever –

Cruelty Free


Milk Makeup-

(We reached out to the brand and they confirmed they are cruelty free)


Murad - (PETA)


Nails Inc –

Cruelty Free



Cruelty Free


Ole Henriksen –

Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free


Omorovicza –

Cruelty Free Perfect


Ren – (PETA)

“We do not test any of our products on animals. Our products are not tested on our behalf by any third party. The only animal products we use are honey and beeswax in the Lip Honey.”


Reverie- (LB)


Rosebud –

“There are no animal by-products in any of the salves or lip balms. Beeswax is contained in Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm, Strawberry Lip Balm, and Mocha Rose Lip Balm, however, NO beeswax is contained in Rosebud Salve, Minted Rose Lip Balm, or Menthol and Eucalyptus Balm”


Smashbox - (PETA)



(We reached out to them and they confirmed no testing


Sweat Cosmetics-

(We reached out to the brand and they confirmed that they are vegan/gluten free and cruelty free)


Tarte - (PETA)


Tata Harper – (LB, PETA)


Too Faced Cosmetics - (PETA)


Urban Decay -  (PETA, LB)


Wen - - (LB)


We will be updating this list as necessary, since we are constantly adding and removing products on our site. If you have any questions regarding brands listed above, please contact them directly as they may reformulate products and change manufacturers Smiley Happy


xo, Mia & the rest of the Mods

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

I just checked Shiseido, parent company of Bare Escentuals and PETA has them on the Non-animal test. test.JPGMaybe you have this based on older information?


Mar 4, 2013 - With the European Union's new ban just around the corner, Shiseido has officially ended animal testing for its products. - Huffington Post


I recommend a read of the entire article as it highlights the points of the EU law that is targeting a clean up of all cosmetics.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

It is sad that we have come so far with development that companies still have to test on poor and innocent animals. I think labels should be SWITCHED or at least address animal testing either way! Companies that DO require animal testing should put it on their labels...I think that would have a big impact on consumers too. Like if they buy their makeup and look at the back and it says: Tested on big of an impact would that make on your purchase decisions? I know I would think twice about buying it. This is a big issue and I hope that one day NO companies ever have to test on animals again!


Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Thank you for doing all that work Miabt!
I'm sorry if this has already been covered (I didn't read all the responses), but I want to let people know to be aware they can't simply email a company and rely on the response.  I was very surprised a company would lie in writing, but I corresponded quite a bit with Caudalie a year ago and they didn't hesitate lying in response to very specific questions.  At the time, I let Sephora know that Caudalies cruelty free statement on the Sephora's 'behind the brand' page was incorrect but nothing was done about it.  I see Sephora has since taken that down (good for you Sephora!).  


Sephora, if you are listening, I think you are missing a huge business opportunity by not having an accurate cruelty free list to access for products you sell.  The most business I ever did with Sephora is when you used to have the 'natural' section.  It was like having my own little store.   As much as I love Sephora, I've taken a lot of my business elsewhere because I got tired of playing cruelty free detective.  The people who don't care will simply ignore your cruelty free list, but you can see there are a lot of people who would love to do a quick search.  I realize you don't think you can stay current on all that information, but all that would be needed is to have the companies you carry to sign a document that states they need to keep you updated on their policies or they get kicked out of Sephora.. easy peasy.   I'm sure you've thought of this and have made a business decision not to do it, but had to suggest it once again Smiley Happy

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

I'm curious to know how you KNOW Caudalie lied to you about their testing practices. You seem so confident, yet you have gicen no proof to back uo your claim. 

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

If you go to the "leaping bunny" site, it boggles the mind how FEW companies are truly cruelty free, and how MANY, many many companies are not. Pretty much everything from head to toe, and all over our households, have some sort of either animal product or are tested on animals. It is sad.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

I don't agree with many things Peta does, however I do use their list, among others to see what companies test.


I appreciate the effort  put in by  whoever wrote the above article, however they should not have put it up without having their facts straight about companies that claim to be cruelty free yet sell in China.  The article does a great disservice to readers who are committed to only buying from cruelty free companies.  Please revamp this article and make it correct.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Be aware the companies claiming cruelty free is not cast in stone.  

1. they use deceptive wording (except where required by law - which translates to "we want to sell more products, so if a country requires testing, we'll do it!")

2. they may be owned by a company that does test (Urban Decay purchased by L'Oreal - what a sad day, Burt's Bees owned by Clorox, etc)

3. a company changes policy


Even if you find a company that's listed as cruelty free, you have to periodically check to see if things have changed.  This is the most frustrating part.  There have been so many holy grail makeup faves I've had to give up b/c the company was no longer cruelty free.  That means I have to not only find a replacement product I love just as much but it must be from a company that's still cruelty free.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

A good check, go to the Sephora China website.  If a brand is sold there, they test on animals.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

This is hopeful, but who knows when things will change:


(From peta)

Last week, the Institute for In Vitro Sciences signed a memorandum of understanding with Chinese officials to provide training and guidance in replacing inhumane poisoning tests on animals for cosmetics with superior, more reliable, and kinder non-animal methods. This agreement is an important step in the effort to end cruel cosmetics tests on animals in China—a practice that PETA exposed in 2012.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

It would be helpful if it were noted when a brand is completely gluten free vs. when they have certain gluten free products (whether or not you choose to list which products those are).


Ole Henriksen does have some products that definitely have gluten in them. For example, the Vitamin Plus Creme has Wheat Germ Oil. The CS agent I spoke to for Ole Henriksen could not confirm any of their products as being gluten free. That being said I have an allergy to gluten and I do successfully use some products in this line that I have researched extensively. 


Tarte promotes itself as being gluten free, so I believe it should be listed as such on this list. 


A CS agent for Too Faced Cosmetics confirmed that their products are all gluten free except for their lip liner.


OCC also has gluten free items according to their CS.


Perhaps it is easier to list the gluten free items with the vegan/animal friendly items so they are all in one spot, but gluten free is a separate issue altogether, so I recommend splitting this information into another post. 


I would also love to know the route you took for confirming gluten free status on the brands listed as such. Thanks!


Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

I have a few questions about animal testing. What exactly makes a company truly cruelty free? Does 'cruelty free' mean that a company doesn't test their products on animals? or does it mean they use ingredients that aren't tested on animals? And if a company uses ingredients that are tested on animals, but they don't test their products on animals, are they cruelty free or not?

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

I second this. There is so much PR about "cruelty free." But really, if a company buys the ingredients for it's products from manufacturers that test on animals, the makeup company is NOT cruelty free in my books. That's like McDonald's claiming they are cruelty free because their employees do not physically slaughter the cows themselves. Buying your ingredients from a company that tests them on animals perpetuates animal testing.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Thank you for this, it's nice to know that the makeup I wear is on this list, no feeling guilty after becoming vegetarian and transitioning to vegan. Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

What about desigual do they test on animals ? 

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

I find Paulas Choice and Phyrra websites very helpful for updated information on cruelty free brands. Smiley Happy

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Does MAKE-UP FOREVER test on animals?

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

MUFE says: "Thank you for your interest in MAKE UP FOR EVER. We do not test products on animals. The laboratories and suppliers we work with do not conduct animal testing on the products or ingredients they create or supply on our behalf; except when required by law." 

What this is means is: they sell in China and Chinese law requires testing. They're skirting the issue and don't directly test themselves, but they do allow it so they can sell in China's large-and-growing market (unlike Urban Decay, OCC, and a few other brands.) 

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

So, this also means that the Sephora brand, which in an earlier post in this thread, was promoted as cruelty free.  The Sephora brand is sold in China.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Ladymeag, thank you for the detailed explanation. I think sometimes it gets confusing when you read a company statement like that but don't realize the requirements for testing in other countries.  And it's a company's choice to sell in a country that requires testing. I am glad some have chosen to forgo profits in a growing market to stay cruelty free. Smiley Happy And that's who gets my business.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Yayyy! A list of gluten free things! Me and my celiac body thanks you! Smiley Wink

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Be sure to check ingredients lists regularly. Clinique snuck a bunch of wheat into their products at one point and it wasn't an easy thing to spot immediately. Keep in mind, as well, that this list is not frequently updated. 

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