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Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

LIST UPDATED 2017 - Sephora also suggests contacting brands directly for more information and details than we have provided here if needed Smiley Happy


Hello lovely BTers!! We hear you and we've been working to update the previous post Tiffany did in 2011 regarding Animal Testing. Since we carry over 200 other brands, the ones we've listed below have confirmed that they do not test on animals and/or we’ve confirmed the following brands on the PETA or Leaping Bunny list.  Please keep in mind that the sites may update their information more frequently than we do, but we will try our best to keep it up to date!

(yes, I posted an outside link, but its for your use & was approved Smiley Wink )


Our private label Sephora Collection are cruelty free (meaning that the products have never been tested on animals).


Any info we could confirm (vegan/gluten free) are listed below the links.  We hope this helps!!


Amika - (PETA)


Anastasia - (PETA)


Bare Escentuals - (PETA)


Becca -

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed no testing, but they are not listed on either site)



Bite Beauty - (Leaping Bunny) Gluten Free


Blinc - (PETA)




Gluten Free


Cane + Austin-

(we reached out to them and they confirmed no testing and all products are vegan except for the eye cream) 


Caudalie -

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed no testing, but they are not listed on either site)


Clarins -

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed no testing, but they are not listed on either site)



(We reached out to the brand and they confirmed no testing)


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare - (PETA)



(We reached out to them and they have confirmed no testing)


Hourglass - (PETA)



(We reached out to them and confirmed no testing)

Jack Black - (PETA)


Josie Maran - (PETA)


Juicy Couture –

Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free 



(We reached out and they said no to testing and all of the products are vegan except the Clarifying+ Mask because it contains honey)


Kate Somerville –

Cruelty/Gluten Free


Kat Von D -



Korres  -


L’Occitane –

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free, but they are not listed on either site) 


L’artisan parfumeur –

Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free


LivingProof –

Cruelty Free/Gluten Free Stylers


Make Up For Ever –

Cruelty Free


Milk Makeup-

(We reached out to the brand and they confirmed they are cruelty free)


Murad - (PETA)


Nails Inc –

Cruelty Free



Cruelty Free


Ole Henriksen –

Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free


Omorovicza –

Cruelty Free Perfect


Ren – (PETA)

“We do not test any of our products on animals. Our products are not tested on our behalf by any third party. The only animal products we use are honey and beeswax in the Lip Honey.”


Reverie- (LB)


Rosebud –

“There are no animal by-products in any of the salves or lip balms. Beeswax is contained in Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm, Strawberry Lip Balm, and Mocha Rose Lip Balm, however, NO beeswax is contained in Rosebud Salve, Minted Rose Lip Balm, or Menthol and Eucalyptus Balm”


Smashbox - (PETA)



(We reached out to them and they confirmed no testing


Sweat Cosmetics-

(We reached out to the brand and they confirmed that they are vegan/gluten free and cruelty free)


Tarte - (PETA)


Tata Harper – (LB, PETA)


Too Faced Cosmetics - (PETA)


Urban Decay -  (PETA, LB)


Wen - - (LB)


We will be updating this list as necessary, since we are constantly adding and removing products on our site. If you have any questions regarding brands listed above, please contact them directly as they may reformulate products and change manufacturers Smiley Happy


xo, Mia & the rest of the Mods


Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Most of these are tested on animals - due to the China sales.

SEPHORA brand DOES test on animals - you sold to China!

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

This list is just wrong wrong wrong and I find it frustrating that Sephora is spreading false information.

If you are asking brands if "they" test their products on animals, they can say no if they test the ingredients or unfinished products. Or if they hire a third party to test. Or buy from a third party. Or sell in China.

Stila and Smashbox are listed on that list and both test by law and have not been removed from PETA's super unreliable list. There are other brands on that list selling in China as well.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Thank you!! I was insulted when Sephora sent me this link as a response to my suggestion that they create a cruelty-free search function. 


I love shopping at Sephora but I'm really disappointed by how inaccurate this list is. 

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

All those animals that are being tested on would never even be alive if not for that reason. Just like cows, some are bred just for one purpose which is testing.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

I think that while there may be some things, like life-saving measures, that "need" to be tested on animals, things like makeup and fragrances do not.  Many stolen dogs or unwanted strays are sold to labs. we don't need to treat  animals in an inhumane way for the sake of our "stuff". There are ways now to test things without live animals. ANd don't get me started on where animal by-products in our cosmetics come is awful.  I should be better about the things I purchase, so it isn't like I am some soapbox vegan who never, ever purchases anything tested on or made from animal products. I am trying to improve. I checked out the ACURE website, they have great face, hair and body products that are very reasonably priced. I think every little thing hellps the environment, but the sad reality is we will never get rid of these practices, no matter who complains or what we don't buy. 

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

I used to work in a lab where we tested on animals, for medical purposes. There is a time and place for it. We used mice and they were all treated well and euthanized very humanely. I realize that some people advocate that no euthanasia is humane, but there are certainly forms that are far less humane than others. You cannot always initially test on people. A few years ago there was a drug being developed that resulted in patients in phase 1 trials ending up causing Guillian Barre, a temporary ascending paralysis that is usually reversible but can have permanent damage. I would rather we figure that out on rats than people. Phase 1 testing typically is figuring out what the upper limits are. the results sometimes have effects we could not predict, but I would rather test and euthanize a rat than have to tell a family that this drug had huge, unanticipated negative effects. Animal testing allows us to figure out a lot of potential negative effects before we use it on people. 

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

I have to give recognition to those who truly research their products before purchase! It makes me happy to know they there are, in fact, people out there with a strong moral compass willing to make sacrifices (even small ones) to make a difference in the way animals are treated. GO YOU! 

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Is it true MAC test on animals ? T_T 

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

MAC used to be cruelty free but has since changed its stance. Money is more important than animals to them. THey have since introduced themselves to the Chinese market, where it is required by law for cosmetics, among other things, to be tested on animals. 

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Thank you for letting me know that UD belongs to Loreal!!! I had no idea!!! Could anyone suggest a good spf and cruelty free foundation? Thanks!!!