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Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

LIST UPDATED 2017 - Sephora also suggests contacting brands directly for more information and details than we have provided here if needed Smiley Happy


Hello lovely BTers!! We hear you and we've been working to update the previous post Tiffany did in 2011 regarding Animal Testing. Since we carry over 200 other brands, the ones we've listed below have confirmed that they do not test on animals and/or we’ve confirmed the following brands on the PETA or Leaping Bunny list.  Please keep in mind that the sites may update their information more frequently than we do, but we will try our best to keep it up to date!

(yes, I posted an outside link, but its for your use & was approved Smiley Wink )


Our private label Sephora Collection are cruelty free (meaning that the products have never been tested on animals).


Any info we could confirm (vegan/gluten free) are listed below the links.  We hope this helps!!


Amika - (PETA)


Anastasia - (PETA)


Bare Escentuals - (PETA)


Becca -

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed no testing, but they are not listed on either site)



Bite Beauty - (Leaping Bunny) Gluten Free


Blinc - (PETA)




Gluten Free


Cane + Austin-

(we reached out to them and they confirmed no testing and all products are vegan except for the eye cream) 


Caudalie -

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed no testing, but they are not listed on either site)


Clarins -

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed no testing, but they are not listed on either site)



(We reached out to the brand and they confirmed no testing)


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare - (PETA)



(We reached out to them and they have confirmed no testing)


Hourglass - (PETA)



(We reached out to them and confirmed no testing)

Jack Black - (PETA)


Josie Maran - (PETA)


Juicy Couture –

Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free 



(We reached out and they said no to testing and all of the products are vegan except the Clarifying+ Mask because it contains honey)


Kate Somerville –

Cruelty/Gluten Free


Kat Von D -



Korres  -


L’Occitane –

(we reached out to them directly & they confirmed Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free, but they are not listed on either site) 


L’artisan parfumeur –

Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free


LivingProof –

Cruelty Free/Gluten Free Stylers


Make Up For Ever –

Cruelty Free


Milk Makeup-

(We reached out to the brand and they confirmed they are cruelty free)


Murad - (PETA)


Nails Inc –

Cruelty Free



Cruelty Free


Ole Henriksen –

Vegan/Cruelty/Gluten Free


Omorovicza –

Cruelty Free Perfect


Ren – (PETA)

“We do not test any of our products on animals. Our products are not tested on our behalf by any third party. The only animal products we use are honey and beeswax in the Lip Honey.”


Reverie- (LB)


Rosebud –

“There are no animal by-products in any of the salves or lip balms. Beeswax is contained in Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm, Strawberry Lip Balm, and Mocha Rose Lip Balm, however, NO beeswax is contained in Rosebud Salve, Minted Rose Lip Balm, or Menthol and Eucalyptus Balm”


Smashbox - (PETA)



(We reached out to them and they confirmed no testing


Sweat Cosmetics-

(We reached out to the brand and they confirmed that they are vegan/gluten free and cruelty free)


Tarte - (PETA)


Tata Harper – (LB, PETA)


Too Faced Cosmetics - (PETA)


Urban Decay -  (PETA, LB)


Wen - - (LB)


We will be updating this list as necessary, since we are constantly adding and removing products on our site. If you have any questions regarding brands listed above, please contact them directly as they may reformulate products and change manufacturers Smiley Happy


xo, Mia & the rest of the Mods

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

I hear such great things about Diptyque, I will have to take the plunge!


Thanks doll!

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Another 100 hearts !!!  <3

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

It's very simple if it is confusing for you. Don't buy it and don't wear it.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

 Urban Decay sounds very sketchy.  They say they are against animal testing, then last year turned around and said they were going to sell in China, retracted it when people threatened to never buy their products again, and now I just read someone else's post that they are owned by L'Oreal, a company notorious for testing on animals?

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

I think L'oreal only tests something like less than 3% of all their products & ingredients on animals. They are one of the innovators in alternative tissue testing and have been doing so for over 20 years. 

The Body Shop, Kiehls, Pureology are all owned by L'Oreal. Some people say supporting only the cruelty free brands from a Company prove a point, others think it's best to stop all purchases from the Company. 

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

3% is enough for me!  Over 70,000 dogs are in labs being tested on now by these companies!  I definitely won't be buying Urban Decay or any other company that is under the umbrella of L'Oreal.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

In 2010 US government statistics put the number of laboratory animals used in research at 1,136,567.   This number only accounted for 95% of US labs.


Many different species are used around the world, but the most common include mice, fish, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, farm animals, birds, cats, dogs, mini-pigs, and non-human primates (monkeys, and in some countries, chimpanzees).

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

I'm so sickened right now.  I just found out that dogs were experimented on in labs across the U.S.  Primates are so close to humans genetically;  that is just so creepy and scary.  

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

The fact that they're close to humans genetically is the reason we need to use them for research. This sort of thing can potentially save people from being in vegetative states for lifetimes. As I said, animal research is only carried out when strictly necessary and within precise guidelines. The results help us understand animals and ourselves. This isn't, as you objected to earlier, for vanity, it's for the benefit of the human species as a whole.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

This is not true. Dogs, and other animals, are used to test toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, they are often used in early stage testing (and they are used for college and grad/med school experiments). These tests are not pleasant; Irritation tests frequently require animals have painful chemicals dropped into their eyes, lethal dose tests require animals be force fed large quantities of toxic substances to discern lethal dose. Yes, animals testing may be of help to humans with grave medical conditions but there is no need to test cosmetics, household products and the like. And the test subjects in late-stage tests should be treated with immense compassion and their suffering minimized but this is often not the case; animals are often kept in cold, clinical environments, pain killers are not given and animals are almost always killed in the end (when I was in grad school the test rats were frozen alive when no longer of use).


We know enough about product toxicity to understand if a substance has risk of harm; if there is any risk of harm, find another substance, there is no need to torture an animal nor expose humans to toxic substances for purely selfish pursuits. There is currently a bill pending in congress to ban testing of cosmetics on animals as it does occur and is very loosely regulated, there are alternatives and its value is dubious in many cases. 

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

You have no idea what you are talking about.  I suggest you do a little more research.   These 'guidelines' you mention only apply to those animals where the testing procedure itself is not skewed.  Meaning, basically they can do whatever they want to do animals for the sake of science (does not interfere with "the design, outlines, or guidelines of actual research or experimentation).

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Wow, I have no idea what I'm talking about? Maybe that's because you have failed to produce any relevant information or answer my questions with more than insults and rants. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that research and ethics doesn't work in the US like it does in Australia where I usually live. Last I heard, my university (where this research is taking place) introduced ethics guidelines for dealing with crustaceans. They take this stuff seriously. Even a proposal can only ever be approved if it's deemed absolutely necessary and can be done with no pain to the animals, very few test subjects, and results that far surpass those achievable by other means.

P.S. Not quite sure what you mean by "where the testing procedure is not strewed."

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Question: is that number solely cosmetic/skincare labs? Animals are used for research in a lot of other industries so its a little misleading for you to state that without clarifying. And yes, I get that you're probably going to say that it's just as bad whatever the industry, but I've chatted to scientists who use small monkeys in their research into brain development and repairing brain damage, and there's no alternative. We need to use animals who closely mimic human development, and monkeys are it. The subjects are kept in extremely good conditions under the eye of the ethics board, no tests are carried out unnecessarily, and the whole individual is used for research, rather than using a small portion and discarding the rest. This research is very promising and could easily provide us with an effective repair mechanism for brain injuries. Considering how much care they do take and how much of a difference this could make to the lives of many people, would you say that's worth it?

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

daeidre, you raise good points, and as someone who's dealt with the worry and freaking out over the fact that my sister has had multiple concussions, I find animal testing, especially in the medical field, an unpleasant but absolute necessity. As someone who watched my sister mourn a friend who passed away from leukemia, I can only empathize and not fully understand why animal testing can be so vitally important, especially if it means treating someone and also not administering a drug which may have unpredictable and life-threatening side-effects.


I'm glad the animals are kept in good conditions. This isn't often the case, it seems, in the US. Smiley Sad


Another point to raise for animal testing is how it backfires when a drug hits the market but is later recalled because people have had adverse side-effects. For example, many tests are conducted to find out if something's carcinogenic or not. In the process of testing a drug, a raft of unpredictable side effects often ensue, which sometimes reaches the point of a potential new drug being completely discarded. 

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

While I understand you are trying to make a point, these 2 situations are apples and oranges. Eye liner isn't going to save lives, and the ingredients in makeup and fragrances have already been tested.  There is no reason whatsoever to test the ingredients of fragrances, makeup, and household cleaning products on animals, whose bodies are killed, mutilated, and abused. 

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

You know, my boyfriend feels the same way that Daeidre feels. And honestly, after listening to rational arguments, while I still support cruelty-free, vegan brands, I have to say there are some things that should be listened to about animal testing. Say there's a new perfume on the market with new ingredients. The company talks about how they don't test, and they've got a new ingredient in their perfume. What if the human testing at the end of the product run was only tested on a small group of people, and it turns out that certain people react to it by developing flesh-eating rashes? Or that they try a new eyeliner formulation, and they don't test on animals, but when someone of a certain ethnicity uses it, that wasn't in their trials, goes blind from the ingredients? While I wholeheartedly agree that there should be other tissue testing, I can see why people are alright with there still being animal testing. I don't support it, but I'm not going to bash people who do, because I understand the ideals that human lives are valued more than a fish or a rabbit. It's sad, but really, if you had a rabbit and your mother hanging off the side of a cliff, who would you save? I think if a company is going to go without testing their products on animals, they need to use ingredients and formulations that have already been designated as safe for human use. Makeup does not save lives, that's true, but it can harm them, so we need to be cautious. I'm not as well-educated on the subject as I'd like to be, but I'm learning more and more in my endeavors to be conscious of what's going on in the world.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

You know so little about animal testing.  Harvard,for instance, as of year end, will end all primate testing.

I've done my homework, you do yours.  

You can start with this article.     And moving forward, I will no longer respond to your post or messages.  I believe you are being purposefully antagonist.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

Interesting... so by trying to engage with your point of view and have a reasonable discussion I am being purposefully antagonistic. And just to clarify, the research I was discussing was research into the nature of tissues and development, not drug testing.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

That is a terribly written article that makes some pretty wild assumptions using cherry picked facts culled from a combination of other badly written articles and a few actual good sources.  It's also an OPINION piece and not news.  It's a blog, click bait for the writer's website.

Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

That article was written by Aysha Akhtar, MD, MPH, who is a double Board-certified neurologist and public health specialist. She works for the Office of Counterterrorism and Emerging Threats of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), serves as LCDR in the US Public Health Service and is a Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. She specializes in medical ethics, drug safety and effectiveness and biosurveillance.


So, you probably couldn't understand the big words.  


And these are the sources she sited in her article: 

(obviously, you are not versed enough to know JAMA & NEJM)


Akhtar (2012) Animals and public health. Why treating animals better is critical to human welfare. Hampshire, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, p. 147-148.

Allen. Of mice and men. The problems with animal testing. Slate. June 1, 2006.

Mckenzie, et al. Hepatic Failure and Lactic Acidosis Due to Fialuridine (FIAU), an Investigational Nucleoside Analogue for Chronic Hepatitis B. N Engl J Med 1995; 333:1099-1105.

Pippin. South Texas Law Review 2013; 54: 469-511.

Greek, Greek. Animal research and human disease. JAMA 2000; 283: 743-744.

Ostrovsky, et al. Vision following extended congenital blindness.Psychological Science 2006; 17: 1009-1014

Dhir et al. A predictive biomimetic model of cytokine release induced by TGN1412 and other therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. J. Immunotoxicol. 2012;9:34-42.


Re: Animal Testing, Gluten & Vegan Info

It's still a blog, not a peer reviewed publication in a journal and she has a particular belief she's pushing.  It's her opinion, not facts.  Not everything a doctor says is medical or scientific fact, sometimes they even lie and falsify data to push an agenda.  Ever hear of Andrew Wakefield?

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