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Alternative to BM Warmth

Hello, I have recently stopped using all of my Bare Minerals products, as I believe they were breaking me out. However, I love Warmth; I like to use bronzer everyday to add color to my face, and I like a bronzer that is a reddish brown, like a healthy, natural tan and color. Any suggestions of alternatives? xxx

Re: Alternative to BM Warmth

Thanks for both of your replies! I will check those products out. Why don't people like bronzers with red undertones? I think I like it because when I get tan, my face burns a little so it looks kind of red and I just think it looks healthy. So I'm wondering if I'm the only one who likes that hehe.

Re: Alternative to BM Warmth

You're very welcome! As for the red undertoned bronzer, I agree with lylysa - it's all about what flatters your skin tone.   I do like warmth as well (bare minerals were the first prestige makeup line I ever experimented with), and hopefully one of these suggestions or another bronzer out there will be a suitable replacement!

Re: Alternative to BM Warmth

Red undertones are normally avoided because it can make the skin look too flushed or too warm, even orangey looking at times.


Red undertones in products do occassional work for certain skin tones so it's moreso about finding what works best to suit your needs/wants.

Re: Alternative to BM Warmth

I really love benefit's Hoola bronzer. It's a netural bronze color (which may not be exactly right if you're looking for a red undertone) that gives light to medium skintones that healthy, natural tan look.I also like that it's totally matte, because sometimes I find that shimmer ends up making my face look oily. 


They used to offer this full sized as part of the legally bronzed set, but I'm not seeing it on the Sephora website anymore. That's super disappointing, because it was such a great deal!

Re: Alternative to BM Warmth

Though most folks like to steer clear of reddish undertones in bronzers, if you find that it works for your complexion, try the bronzer in Lorac's Blush/Bronzer Duo in Hot Flash.


The bronzer does have a touch more red than most others on the market, making it a nice product to transition from after using BM's Warmth. The pink blush may look super loud in the pan, but don't be intimidated, use a fan brush to pick up a soft hint of color and you will find that this blush goes a long way when you barely apply any, giving you an effortless look without having to build up too much on product!

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