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Aloha Girl - Philosophy

To start off, I hope I put this on the right board since there isn't a "lotion" or "body" board. I figured this isn't considered a "skincare storie" nor is it "face makeup" so I figured "dry skin" was the most logical place to put something about lotion....sorry mods if I was wrong 😕


I love the Aloha Girl scent by Philosophy (I own a lotion), but I was wondering something. It says it's a "limited edition", so does that mean since it was a more 'summer' scent, that as we go into the fall and winter months (about now, pretty much) that I won't be able to purchase it anymore, though it may/will come back out next summer? (Because I can no longer purchase it in-store at my Sephora.) Or does that mean that once they take it off the shelves it may never be coming back, regardless of the time of year?


I don't purchase Philosophy products all that often that's why I'm asking. 🙂


Also, if this won't be coming back on the shelves (I should stock up then lol) are there any smells - particularly, body/hand lotions - that smell similar to Aloha Girl?
I'm aware that Lavanila makes a vanilla coconut body butter, but I didn't really care for it... Hence how I stumbled upon Aloha Girl - looking for something else. Good thing I did, cuz I love it 🙂


Thank You 😄


Re: Aloha Girl - Philosophy

Hi Maipie,


Ran8 is right! The Philosophy Aloha Girl was limited edition and is no longer available. Unfortunately we will not be receiving anymore inventory of this item.Smiley Happy You may contact us at 1-877-SEPHORA (1-877-737-4672) for product availability at our retail locations. I think that Ran8's Idea is great, the Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar is a good replacement.



Indian Coconut Nectar Spray Perfume

❤️ Melissa

This probably should go in the Products (Bright Ideas) se...

This probably should go in the Products (Bright Ideas) section of Beauty Talk since you are asking about a certain product from Philosophy and not about skincare.  The product is not making you break out, drying your skin, or causing flaky patches so dry skin is off. All skin types like a little bit of body moisturizer. 


Whether or not Aloha Girl will come back is up to Philosophy.  Certain factors such as sales, suppliers, manufacturing, etc.  usually determine if a company will re-release a limited edition product.  If it does really well, there are a few options that they might do.  One of them adding it to the permanent line of products.  Another would be it comes back next season unchanged.


They might release another scent similar to Aloha Girl and call it by a different name next summer.


Did a google search by date from 2009 to 2010 and so far not seeing anything relevant for those time periods.  So it might be a 2011 limited/seasonal product. 


As for availability, you would need to contact your nearest Sephora retail stores and see if they still have it in stock.  Sometimes the stores still have a few items that may have been sold out on the website.  The mods who have access to contact the inventory/warehouse can also tell you if it will be restocked or that it will no longer be available to purchase once the supply is sold out. 


As far as suggestions go, since you did not like the LAVANILA, have you tried the Indian coconut from Pacifica? 


Hope that helps. 

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