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Airplane skincare advise

I'll be taking an overnight flight and wanted to get some tips on skincare to prevent my skin from drying out and breaking out.  My beauty advisor at Sephora recommended the Ole Henrikson making removing cloths followed by the Murad Clarifying wipes to remove makeup, sunscreen, and clean my skin.  I purchased these two items.  Then I was thinking about what to follow it with.  I was thinking of the Nude Overnight Mask or the Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Sleeping Mask.  Any opinions on the Nude mask vs the Amore Pacific Mask?  I've used the Nude mask (not on the plane), but never tried the Amore Pacific.  Also, do I need to use any other treatments or moisturizers before the mask?




Re: Airplane skincare advise

I feel like what you're doing sounds spot on. I also bring eye drops, nasal spray, lotion, and thermal water. I minimize alcohol, drink at least a liter of water on 5-6 hr flights (obviously, you can adjust the amount to the length of the flight) and use those other products as needed. I think it helps to stay hydrated internally and externally.


Re: Airplane skincare advise

One other tip, remember to stand up and walk the aisle every so often to get that blood moving and to loosen the body up.


fruits, veggies that are mostly water could be brought onboard. You can bring coconut water with you, just transfer into 3oz bottles - size restriction could vary depending on where your leaving from and going to.

Re: Airplane skincare advise

Yes, I have to walk every hour or I get terrible leg pain.  I'll need to sleep on this flight so I am not so sure how the leg thing is going to work out :-/  


Good idea with the fruit!!  I am going to do that.  I drink a lot of coconut water, so I'll just have to buy the biggest bottle they have at the airport.  Maybe two...


Thanks everyone for your tips!

Re: Airplane skincare advise

I take several overnight flights a year and I use the Amorepacific sleep mask and its great.  I still use a serum before it.  In the morning, I spritz my face with the amorepacific moisture bound mist too.

Re: Airplane skincare advise

There's lots of good ayurvedic travel tips out there...I personally really liked using Kate Somerville's Dilo Oil on my flight to Taiwan (and then Thailand). Sheet masks are definitely a great idea. Taking ibuprofen can also help w/ the swelling. Have seen some good info about Pyconegol, will probably take that during my next flight. Triphala for digestion. Avoiding airplane food if possible. Drink lots of water (we made the mistake of drinking too many of the free drinks on the way there...arrived dehydrated and it was hard to sleep).


Travel pillow is a must...I may even bring a yoga mat next time and put that on the seat (in case it has itchy/ uncomfortable material). Walking on the plane (every hour), in-flight yoga. If you can get a massage when you arrive that would be great to help circulation.


My other random tip is that with swelling, I find regular undergarments dig into my skin. Was much happier with a triangle bikini (tied loosely) underneath a maxi dress...much more comfortable!

Re: Airplane skincare advise

Not to mention a triangle bikini top won't cause a metal detector to go off like underwire in a bra Smiley Tongue

Re: Airplane skincare advise

And it was perfect from Bangkok to Phuket---I was ready to go in the water upon arrival!

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