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Aging dry skin!

Looking for some advice from my 40+ ladies. I have extremely dry skin. I moisturize day and night, exfoliate somewhat (though I don't use any tools for this, maybe I need to)

I prime sometimes, don't prime other times... my skin is always dry no matter what. By the end of the day you can see my foundation sitting on my dry face. I've tried so many brands of lotions, serums and foundation. Currently using Nars. It's meant to be good for dry skin. Just seems like anything I do, it's dry! Anyone else have this problem who can recommend anything? Don't really care what it costs lol

i also get breakouts like im a teen again. Menopause has not been my friend. 

eas about to try Drunk Elephant as I haven't yet but read some things that it's overpriced for its effectiveness. Just ordered some sheet masks to try. Really willing to try anything. Looking for cream/ serum and even a foundation brand that may be better 

thanks for reading!! Looking forward to some tips! 

Re: Aging dry skin!

@angsmith13  Early 50s here with mostly-dry combo skin and super fun perimenopause acne. (Eh, I’m sure stress is also a major acne culprit in my case.) For added excitement, my skin’s quite reactive/inflammation-prone and hates certain ingredients, so my skincare routine’s built around reducing irritation and maintaining hydration. 


Couple questions for you, before I make recommendations: 


  1. What’s your current skincare routine (brands + product names), from cleanser to sunscreen? 
  2. How often do you exfoliate: daily, weekly, 2 times a week…? Sometimes excessive dryness is caused by over-exfoliating. 


Meanwhile, a general tip I can give is to apply moisturizer while your skin’s damp, to help seal in hydration instead of dryness. Also, don’t let your skin fully dry down between skincare steps. After you wash your face and maybe gently towel off excess drips, immediately move to your next skincare step. In your case, you might wanna make that your moisturizer step. You can still apply other skincare products over moisturizer (yes, they’ll still work that way) and this ensures your skin’s well moisturized. 


That goes for body skin, too. My body skin’s drier than my facial skin, and it took some scolding by my dermatologist to stop taking hot showers. He also recommended I apply body lotion/cream ASAP after leaving the shower. Those 2 things alone helped my body skin tremendously. I’m mentioning this in case you also have trouble with very dry body skin. 

Re: Aging dry skin!

Re: Aging dry skin!

Re: Aging dry skin!

@faeriegirl  thank you! I appreciate the tips! I

have the foundation in my basket now. Will look at all the other suggestions! 

Re: Aging dry skin!

I'm happy to offer dry skin tips @angsmith13 , I hope you find some of these helpful.


Patting you face dry gently, instead of rubbing with a towel. It pushes water back into the skin, and is a tiny step to keeping skin hydrated.

on the same idea, washing with warm instead of hot water helps keep our skin from drying out. 


Making sure your products are made for dry skin, Your face washes, lotions etc.. is definitely worth looking into.


Investing in a hyaluronic acid serum, you use this after washing while your skin is still damp but before your moisturizer.

A few examples would be,

The INKEY List Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Hydrating Face Serum 

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare DermInfusions™ Fill + Repair Serum with Hyaluronic Acid 1 oz / 30 mL 


You don't exfoliate i think you said?  if you start i would consider introducing it slowly, like once a week, Personally for me, I prefer liquid over physical exfoliation any day. In my opinion you should consider using an spf daily if you diving into those, and tread carefully. Start slow like once a week and do some research or talk to your dermatologist before you buy one.


You can test out new products on your inner elbow, or even behind your ear before putting them on your face and waiting 48 hours to see if your skin reacts.


These are just a few things,

Remember if you try something new give your skin time to adjust, it takes weeks to see results from changes we make to our skincare.

Treat your skin gently, take it easy with exfoliators and go slow introducing new things into your routine. One at a time a few weeks a part is a good guide line.




Re: Aging dry skin!

Thank you so much! Lots of great tips!

Re: Aging dry skin!

Happy to answer anything I can @angsmith13

( Tip: if you type the @key and the persons name your responding too, it will tag them, that way they won't miss your response 🙂)

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