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Ahh I feel so addicted to makeup. Yet, I love looking natural and not cakey.


I usually just apply tinted moisturizer or foundation with a powder then apply bronz and blush. I then fix up my brows add a Little wing to the end of my eye and a light basic brown smokey eye With mascara.+highlight.


yet I can't stop buying makeup😱 I have blushes and eye shadows that will last me a years worth. I just ordered the tarte Gorgeous Getaways Portable Palette Set I was sold on that cute portable bow palette. I know >.< I gave in. Weak sauce. And not to mention I'm working on my Mac duo blush and eyeshadow pallet I purchased on NOV 1 for my birthday. Filling my pallet up with shades I love( think ink I have a problem.. I know when I'm feeling down I go to view makeup but I know make up can not fix whats inside. Sometimes I feel like I use it to occupy my self with pretty stuff. To help take my mind of stressful stuff. And the fact that I still have sad days thinking abou my mother who passed away back in 2012 from lymphoma

Re: Addiction.

I'm not sure if I have a problem or I'm just being a normal girl... i love shopping in sephora and looking for new clothes haha(: forever21 but my bank account dose not like it at all... Sniffle.

any tips ladies. I attend a community college so I don't really have a life haha and work and I'm the only girl since my mother passed I never have advice. My dad and brother are no help either.haaa.

Re: Addiction.

I have the same problem and one thing that helps me is finding new ways to use the products I already have. I look for youtube tutorials, but the key is to search for ones using palettes you already own...otherwise it just backfires and I end up buying everything used in the tutorials lol

Re: Addiction.

Yeah it has back fired on me haha that's how I ended up buying the MAC shadows for my birthday hahaa. But thanks! I'm try sticking to my pallets like you said(:

Re: Addiction.

I could have written a lot of this. Buying makeup (and clothes, etc.) seems to fill a void I have sometimes, but I know it won't really make me happy. If I start to really crave it and feel like it's becoming a problem, I try to take a look inside at what's bothering me. Or go into the collection of makeup I have now and use some to take my mind off things. Try to think about what it is you love about makeup -- for me it's the ability to be creative, to use colors. So I bought some acrylic paints and I'm trying some painting, too, to build on that joy I feel in looking at new colors.


Healing yourself after something so traumatic as your mom's passing is really a life-long journey, but it will slowly get easier and easier, and you'll learn more about yourself in the meantime.

Re: Addiction.

Oh my gosh I completely for got about how I used to like to paint for fun when I lived with my dad back when I was 9. I was no where near good but the colors were beautiful. Now I know why I got to my makeup. Thank You! you advise was helpful. may take a while but ima try and new techniques.

Re: Addiction.

Yes there is such a thing as cosmetics addiction. It usually happens because the person is trying to fill a hole in their life that they may or may not realize is there.

It also stems from insecurity, low self esteem and a self-imposed pressure to compete with unrealistic standards of beauty perpetuated by media.


If that's the case, you would be better off sinking your money into professional therapy sessions than a new makeup collection.

Makeup & skincare should be fun and experimental - something you do because you like to, not because you feel a desperate need to be something other than yourself.


I read something once that said "there's a difference between pursuing pretty joyfully and pursuing it desperately!"


I am sorry for your loss. Cancer sucks. Smiley Sad

Re: Addiction.

Is it possible you're particularly attracted to colors? Because I have that problem, so I can relate. When I knitted, I bought yarn in colors I love. Nothing expensive, but I most certainly bought it for the colors. I have every colored pencil in the rainbow. I just love, love colors. Being surrounded by it. Since you're not using the make up you are buying, maybe pick a different source of satisfaction you would use? Maybe different brightly colored plates, or inexpensive nail polishes, or even crayons? At one point I was collecting vintage Pyrex, which is inexpensive second-hand and satisfied my need for colors and patterns. Now I buy inexpensive colored pens to draw in a sketchbook with.


I realize that above paragraph will seem absolutely nutty to some. I swear it's a real thing, though.

Re: Addiction.

Aha! This makes so much sense to me, and explains why I'm just as crazy about home decor as I am about makeup.  I love color!  Sometimes I will just gaze at my palettes like a weirdo.

Re: Addiction.

Yes this makes sense ! I love bright color for eye shadows but only wear diff shades of brown but I can gaze and my beautiful colorful pallet and be happy and not want to use them.. Haha . Crazy.

Re: Addiction.

Sorry about your mom, I hope you have good people in your life to help support you; and you always have the lovely people of the Beautytalk community Smiley Happy


I feel the same way about my makeup addiction! I love makeup so much, not necessarily to wear all at once, but just collecting it like a hobby. I do find that I am less able to exercise self control when I am stressed out, there is something comforting about treating myself to beauty products.

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