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Ahh I feel so addicted to makeup. Yet, I love looking natural and not cakey.


I usually just apply tinted moisturizer or foundation with a powder then apply bronz and blush. I then fix up my brows add a Little wing to the end of my eye and a light basic brown smokey eye With mascara.+highlight.


yet I can't stop buying makeup😱 I have blushes and eye shadows that will last me a years worth. I just ordered the tarte Gorgeous Getaways Portable Palette Set I was sold on that cute portable bow palette. I know >.< I gave in. Weak sauce. And not to mention I'm working on my Mac duo blush and eyeshadow pallet I purchased on NOV 1 for my birthday. Filling my pallet up with shades I love( think ink I have a problem.. I know when I'm feeling down I go to view makeup but I know make up can not fix whats inside. Sometimes I feel like I use it to occupy my self with pretty stuff. To help take my mind of stressful stuff. And the fact that I still have sad days thinking abou my mother who passed away back in 2012 from lymphoma


Re: Addiction.

Sorry about your mom, I hope you have good people in your life to help support you; and you always have the lovely people of the Beautytalk community Smiley Happy


I feel the same way about my makeup addiction! I love makeup so much, not necessarily to wear all at once, but just collecting it like a hobby. I do find that I am less able to exercise self control when I am stressed out, there is something comforting about treating myself to beauty products.

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