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Post in Beauty Confidential


Are you addicted to Sephora? How do you know?


I'm on the site a good 30+ times per day, and constantly on Sephora mobile, beauty points come and go pretty easily, and I just picked my next apartment due to its proximity to a Sephora store. Anybody else do anything like that?


I doubt any of us want "help" for our love of beauty, but, do you think you're addicted? I know I am!

Re: Addicted?

I know I am addicted to Beauty Talk! I mean here I am, house crazy getting ready for easter and still on my down time I'm here! I love buying skincare, makeup I buy only a few items and replace only when its completely used up. Right now though, I'm pinching my pennies and am not spending a dime on anything unless I run completely out of something.

Re: Addicted?

I think it's the researcher gene in me. I like going on "quests" to find the impossible or just browsing around to see if there's anything I may have missed. I've also come to find many brands that I would have never stumbled across otherwise.  In other words, even when not shopping, Sephora's site is a great resource tool.  It's helped me find products for family and friends who have mostly given up buying beauty items.


For a website, I think it's very well laid out, has great information, simple and to the point for those who don't want to take an eternity finding a product.  Best of all it doesn't get too distracted with silly web app features that makes shopping on other sites very annoying.  Ever tried to buy something on another website that uses flash entirely and then have it crash (emptying out cart items or removing things upon checkout)?  Or pages that don't display properly cause the coding/app integration is awful?  Who wants to do that?  Not me. 

Re: Addicted?

I'm for sure addicted to beauty talk, I mean, who isn't? I'm constantly on here checking out new posts and seeing how many hearts I get. It's so much fun, here on beauty talk. It's especially great, since only one of my friends is really into makeup like me, so, it's nice to talk to other makeup junkies on here!

Thankyou, so much Sephora for beauty talk. It's fun to be on, and it really helps me make better choices of what to buy.

Thx again! Smiley Happy

Re: Addicted?

Am I addcited? yes. Do I have any intention of getting help for my addiction? Nope.



Truth is, as long as I pay my bills and I dont let myself go broke from my beauty addiction than I figured I'm ok. 


What can I say?! I love all beauty products. 


Smiley Happy

Re: Addicted?

I have a compulsive personality and get easily addicted to things, so getting addicted to Sephora, makeup and Beauty Talk is probably really safe compared to other things I could be hooked on. Because of this, I never play the lottery or gamble.


As for being addicted here... no one else I know loves makeup as much as I do. People prefer to talk about their new iPhones and gadgets and stuff which bore me to tears. So it's nice to find kindred spirits here to discuss fun things with. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Addicted?

Hi! I'm Kati. And I'm addicted to Sephora.

I have a very addictive personality.  This is not my first addiction.

I'm running up my credit cards and my parents are worried about me.  Whenever they see a box (could be any box) delivered to my house, they get nervous.

I'm trying very hard to just hang out on BeautyTalk and give my opinion or advise and not buy.  I'm praying it's not like other 12 step programs where you have to give the whole thing up cold turkey.  I'd be so sad not to be able to do the TSB anymore.

I am getting better. I feel like I'm set for my makeup and am  only buying what I need to replace, Except that %15 off sale killed me.  But still I did good.

I was very happy  to see this heading this morning.  I felt less alone. Thank you for letting me share.

Re: Addicted?

I was addicted to Sephora. I am now addicted to RBL. I am still on Beauty Talk because of the awesome friends I've made here, but I definitely don't shop at Sephora the way I used to. It's partly because at this point I have all the makeup I need and want-- if something really awesome comes out that may change, but I'm set for a while. That's why I switched to nail polish. Smiley Happy

Sephora by OPI chips too fast on me, so I found China Glaze and RBL. Since neither of those are at Sephora, I'm here alot less. But I still log on to see what my friends are up to and hang out with them.

Hi ladies! You make this place worthwhile!!!!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Addicted?

@Kati : The 15 % off got me too, it got me really bad. I told myself I have to return at least 5 of the items I got, since one of them was such a compulsive buy, it isn't even in my color. I feel ya girl.

Re: Addicted?

OH NO! Now I've got a 10% off til May 27th!


My poor wallet...

Re: Addicted?

I'm dreading that too. I know I'll be getting that email within the next few weeks, and I'll think I have to use it. It's so hard to resist deals like that!

Re: Addicted?

Omg same here word for word!

Re: Addicted?


Re: Addicted?

I am definitely an addict!  This AM the dog was pestering around in the kitchen where my computer is and Hubby asked "Did you feed the dog"?  OOPS! Here I am on Beauty Talk and my dog is going hungry!  Of course, he isn't starving, but still.


But I figure it is a much less harmful and costly addiction than when I was fanatical about growing orchids and built a special sunroom for them and just had to have the latest one, talk about spending money! Though a makeup room might be nice.....


It also helps that the nearest Sephora store is more than 3 hours away, and since I like to try stuff out before I purchase, that keeps me from going too nutso.

Re: Addicted?

Haha, I am certainly addicted to makeup, sephora, and (who knew store websites could be JUST as addicting as social media ones!) This is one of my newer ones, and growing fast! Apparently, I'm like many of you on here, who also have an addictive personality by nature.


Haha, when I was a lot younger, my best friend and I would go to arcades once and a while. After a few visits she decided she would not ever let me go in one again unsupervised... haha, NOW it's turned into casino's that she's keeping me from - JUST in case! Smiley Wink


What are best friends for!


She isn't a big fan of makeup though. Like me she had acne trouble through school and went in the opposite direction I did, she avoids makeup (other than the occasional bright lipstick) where as I love it!


It's funny how different personalities react so differently to the same event, eh? (wow, show that I'm Canadian much! haha)


Whoops, off topic now... Ah well, addiction to beauty talk, sephora/ is a big YES I AM from me!


Smiley Wink

Re: Addicted?

Shopping at Sephora for me is wayyyy cheaper than a therapist would be! It is the BEST therapy! It really does make me feel good. I mean...there are occassions where I may go a bit overboard..but for the most part it is manageable! Sometimes I'll give up my weekly coffee budget to get an item I've really been wanting. There's no better feeling than having extra money and a couple hours to browse! I love going into the store or going on here...either way I'm soooo indecisive and brood over colors!!

Re: Addicted?

That's funny, I never thought of it that way, but it's true! Much cheaper than therapy LOL

Re: Addicted?

I know for sure I am cuz I can't stop thinking about it it's like almost every month I feel I have to buy at least $300 worth of stuff there (no regrets) everything is such phenomenal quality but I don't have a budget for it and still find a way it's really bad so bad that right now I have things in my cart I'm not checking out cuz my boyfriend says it's wrong an I know I'm gonna cry tonight I know for sure.😢

Re: Addicted?

For me it's not an addiction so much as a passion and hobby. I love the way applying makeup and doing my morning/night beauty routines make me feel. It reinforces my overall dedication to taking care of myself and my body. The makeup aspect is debatable, but there is no doubt in my mind that good quality skincare products is an investment in myself. Beauty as a hobby is like any other hobby (comic books, video games, fashion, gardening, reading, sports, etc.) and some people are more into theirs than others. Do I spend more than some on beauty products? Yes, but I stay within a budget and I've never spent so much that I couldn't meet my financial obligations. Some women see makeup as a necessary chore, and some others avoid it altogether. I personally enjoy using it and cherish my morning makeup routine as some necessary "me" time before I start my day. Before I discovered makeup I never felt I had a hands-on hobby I was particularly good at. One of my sisters is very good at drawing and painting, and another sister is really good with crafts. For me, makeup is something I can do with my hands that I can be proud of. 


But... I do visit my local Sephora often enough that I know all my Sephora associates by name, I do regularly check Sephora's website and Beauty Talk board, and I do spend a decent amount of money at Sephora... Also, I prepare for special Sephora sales and promotions like it's Black Friday!  :-) 

Re: Addicted?

Yes! I feel it's more of something I'm passionate about and completely enjoy. I even enjoy taking he makeup off at times! Well said!!!

Re: Addicted?

Thank you! Agreed on the makeup removal, it's its own cleansing ritual :-)

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