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april showers (and old) favorites ! (an aside: i love just about everything i got in the sale this month; some stuff needs more time before i want to talk about it, but some stuff--after having for about 2 weeks now--are solidly favorites !). no skincare for me this month, just stickin' to my tried and true.



not pictured: KVD lip liner and CIRQUE nail polish (see below)


  • NARS dual intensity eyeshadow -- sycorax. i've been using it both as sheer smoke around the eyes, and as diffused liner. it's brilliant as both. i haven't used it wet on the lid, yet, so i can't speak for that, but used dry it is sheer but buildable, and not patchy (something i find quite hard to find in black shadows) i basically think this is a perfect product, and i can't believe it took me this long. ("Sycorax is an unseen character in William Shakespeare's play The Tempest. She is a vicious and powerful witch and the mother of Caliban, one of the few native inhabitants of the island on which Prospero, the hero of the play, is stranded.")
  • REAL TECHNIQUES eye shade + blend brush set. this set is the base shadow brush and the deluxe crease brush. i lovvvvve them. as a lot of y'all know, i'm not too fancy--i typically never use more than 2 colors on my eyes, and a fluffy blending brush does me just fine. the base shadow brush is just perfect--it picks up product with easy, and blends it with such ease. i haven't been using the deluxe crease brush much--but it's a perfect 'diffuser' brush, and i've used it some, too, for face powder on concentrated areas.
  • NARS light reflecting loose powder. i've had this for a long time and use it regularly, if not sometimes rather sparsely. this month i found myself using it everyday and reminding myself just how gorgeous this stuff is. sets makeup, light perfectly diffuses pores and texture and gives a properly luminous--not shimmery or glittery--glow.
  • LIP COMBO: MAC spice lipliner with NYX liquid suede 'soft spoken'. this dominated my look the first half of the month. darkened nude but totally wearable. some people don't like the liquid suede formula, but i adore it. 
  • KAT VON D everlasting lip liner, lovecraft. this dominated the second half of the month for me. lovecraft is only slightly darker than the 'lovesick' everlasting liquid lip in 'lovesick' which is one of my very favorite nudey pinks. the formula is creamy but not slippy (i hate slippery lip pencils !), opaque and lasts ALL DAY. i wore this almost everyday since getting it, only to have it fall out of a pocket last night. i've already repurchased, because i don't want to be without it. my only qualm with this product is that i think it will not last longer than 6 weeks, as the softness of the formula leads to a lot of product being used at once. that $18 price tag will add up quickly if that's the case.
  • NARS sun wash diffusing bronzer, 'laguna'. what can i say, i've worn this every single day since i got it. it's rather sheer but buildable, so foolproof (which i need as a bronzer newb) as well as suitable for fair skin. if you followed my experience of buying it in the NARS thread, i ended up getting laguna over the fair-skin intended 'seaside' which i was afraid would look too orange, and while i'm not sure how 'seaside' would've worked out, i can attest that laguna is not too dark for fair skin--aided, of course, by the lovely, sheer and MODERN formula.
  • CIRQUE nail lacquer - 'fast fashion'. i don't own this, i sell it in my shop and used the tester for an instagram post. and i was instantly in love ! i'll likely be buying some for myself, and this is surprising for a few reasons: i'm not a nail person, i can't be bothered, as well's a pink ! a nude, warm (rather than the more ubiquitous cool) mauve, and i'm just feelin' it. i've painted my nails 4 times with it ! i never do that ! 
  • BURBERRY eye contour shadow stick -- almond. perfect everyday shade for a bit of definition but otherwise natural look. if you're a fan of maybelline color tattoo in 'creamy beige' or mac paint pot 'groundwork', 'almond' is very similar, but in a stick (which i know some people prefer). it goes on very creamy, but dries down very quickly (blend fast !) and then doesn't budge. this one won't be leaving my makeup bag Smiley Happy



Great picks as always @jemly ❤ I love the way you talked about sycorax, now it's on my Loves list! Seems like the perfect product to keep in a makeup bag for when you want to take a look from day to night. The Burberry stick in almond also has me intrigued. I really like their powder products but I haven't tried any of their creams yet. 


I will be back later with my favorites Smiley Wink


This month I rediscovered a couple of palettes when I reorganized my makeup, a newish item, an old favorite, and a brand new product.


- Smashbox Heatwave eye shadow palette (rediscovered)


- Gwen Stafani/UD blush palette (rediscovered)


- Dr. Jart Cicapair Tigar Grass Color Correcting Treatments:  Still love how this minimizes the appearance of my pitted acne scars.


- PTR Anti-aging Cleansing Gel:  Still my fave!


- Skin Laundry Brightening Serum w/Glycolic Acid:  Started using this a few days ago, so far so good.


@Titian06 i just love rediscovering old loves in my collection !


@Titian06, I've jus tthought about getting the Color Corrector Cream! I have some acne scars that I want to address. I gotta go get a sample. Smiley Very Happy



This is one of my favorite threads! And here are my favorites this month. My signature product photos usually include fresh flowers, but unfortunately, I wasn't impressed with the grocery store selection this week, so here's a crystal, ha.


W3ll People Colorstick in Berry Aubergine. I've been trying out some natural makeup lines, and this one happens to be local! I like this as a blush.


Kat Von D 100 point perk liquid lipstick in Lovesick. This had been one of my go-to colors for work. I'll eventually have to get the full-sized version.


Givenchy Le Rouge in Corail Decollete. This was my splurge during the spring sale. It's been on my favorites list for months, and I'm so glad I finally got this gorgeous color!


Milk Holographic Stick in Mars. I was lucky enough to get this gratis (thanks again, BT mods, Sephora, and Milk!), and I'm surprised to find that I LOVE this. I was hooked on the RMS Living Luminizer for weeks, but I've been reaching for the Milk highlighter sticks every day lately.




What a gorgeous geode! It really is funny that whenever I see a picture with a flower on here I automatically assume that it is yours Smiley Tongue I had no idea that W3ll People was local, now I want to explore that brand some...




@txcatx - I love your geode!  I have a geode as well as a pretty good size rock collection.



 I love the geode!  Nice substitute for the flowers!


I'm not a fan of cream products, but the Milk highlighters are super pretty! 




My favorite thread of the month!



I think because of my disappointment with the Natural Love palette I began playing with the Naked 1 palette again and I remembered what a nice set of shades is it. Every day that I used it and I would catch a reflection of myself and think how much I liked my eyeshadow. A nice re-discovery. (I also tried playing around with Naked 2 again and that palette really isn't for me. I struggle with it.)


Lips (from l-to-r):

Tom Ford Nude Vanille - My first Tom Ford lipstick and I'm hooked.


YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Color 10/Beige Tribute - The only weird thing is that it smells a little bit like an old plasticky strawberry shortcake doll character and I can't remember which one, but not in an entirely unpleasant way. But I'm still really into this lipstick. That being said...


Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Color Splash Lipstick in Rum Punch - This is a very close dupe for the YSL Beige Tribute and $16 cheaper with no scent. The wear time is very good and feels light and easy to wear. Tarte bugs me as a brand with all their social media influencer wining and dining to tropical island trips so I almost didn't buy this but the product is very, very nice. 



Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic blush in Love is the Drug - I only started REALLY caring about blush maybe 4 months ago. This one is so beautiful with my complexion. It's very pigmented so I have to be careful. But it gives me a flush that reminds me of being a little kid having just come inside from a cold fall day in New England. 


Clarins Fix' Make-Up - I like this setting spray because the mist is extremely fine. It has a floral scent but it doesn't linger so I actually like that (if my face smelled like flowers all day I'd be annoyed). 



Real Techniques Blush Brush - I've only been meaning to buy this brush for years! It's great, perfect, amazing...all the words. 


NARS angled shadow brush - honestly I don't know if this is even made anymore but I've been using it everyday again and it blends product out so beautifully. I'm glad I spent however much god only knows four years ago for it. 


H&M shadow brushes - I love these! I only have the small and medium shader brushes but they are heaven! Between these and the NARS and maybe one other blending brush I've abandoned everything else for my eyes. When H&M runs sales, especially with free shipping and no minimum I'd recommend buying one or two to try. They're around $6 full price. 


Here's a better look:




All those lippies are so pretty! 



Eye candy! 😍




Nars Illuminator in Copacabana - It's just so stunning! I don't have anything else that looks so natural and so glowy at the same time. 


Hourglass bronzer in Nude Bronze Light - Really stunning! It looks so soft and natural on my fair skin, and it blends effortlessly. I look tanned, but not overdone (which can sometimes happen with other bronzers, like Benefit's Hoola). It's subtle, yet noticeable, if that makes sense.


Hourglass strobe blush in Brilliant Nude - This compliments bronzer so well! You know how bronzer can make it look like you've spent a week in Cuba? This is the blush to go with that look. It's warmer and peachier than a bronzer, but adds perfectly to that beachy, sun-kissed look. It's such a beautiful and versatile shade. I've been using it daily and I don't see that changing any time soon.


YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer - I've been using this for a couple months and really love it. My makeup sits beautifully on top of it.


Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Chihuahua - I don't own too many liquid lipstick, but I saw this in a youtube video and ran out to buy it. I love the shade, and the formula is really nice too.



Reverie Milk Anti-Frizz Leave In Nourishing Treatment

This crazy weather has been wreaking absolute havoc on my hair Smiley Sad I have long straight hair that easily knots so you can imagine the birds nest situation that was happening. NOTHING was working to tame down the mane -not even my beloved Living Proof Satin Hair Serum! This leave in treatment got everything back under control with just one use. It is amazing! It does not weigh down my hair but it definitely treats and conditions the hair. The consistency is between a serum and a light cream. It smells wonderful too! Reminds me of herbal Aveda products my mom used to wear. This is expensive but worth every penny. I highly recommend you try it out if you have been having hair issues too!


Models Own Sculpt & Glow Highlighter Powder in Golden Sand and Peach Pearl

These haven't been getting the best reviews by "beauty gurus" but I have really been enjoying them. Since I have a bit of a tan going I prefer Golden Sand but when I was a bit lighter Peach Pearl was the favorite. They don't work as well with my typical MUFE fan brush so I use the Sephora Collection and hakuho-do highlighter brush instead. It looks beautiful on the skin! I do like to set with some sort of spray (i.e. UD or Fix +) so maybe that's why I haven't been seeing the powdery issues others have been mentioning. 


Meg Twin Nail in Lovey Dovey

The Lisa Frank brush made me re-sub to ipsy after a fairly long haitus and I am so glad I did. Every thing in my bag was a winner this month but this one takes the cake (surprisingly lol). The colors are so pretty and they have been wearing like iron for me. 


Bite Lipsticks

One is in the Amuse Bouche formula and that is in the shade Rhubarb, the other is from the old Luminous Creme formula and that shade is in Musk. Both gorgeous shades and my love affair with Bite is back on track. I also recently just picked up the new Bite set with the multisticks and those are quickly becoming favorites as well! 


ABH MR and Mario Palettes

I'm not obsessed with either one of these on their own but when I use them together I feel so inspired! I was watching one of Carli Bybel's videos and saw that she laid out multiple palettes and had them all open. I never thought of doing that before! I usually just work with one palette at a time. Propping both of these open at the same time was a game changer for me. It sounds so simple and probably silly but it really changed things for me lol. As most of you know, the formula of these shadows is fantastic. They all play well together and wear for a very long time. I can not wait for the new ABH palette to come out in the fall!



aprilfaves2.jpgMy baby has been extra curious about makeup lately lol 



@Mcakes i've had my eye on that reverie product (as well as the recovery oil). i may treat myself. i've been really into oils and milky hydrating products to treat my hair in between washes. happy to have received your input !


@jemly Oooh that recovery oil is something I have my eye on too! Please let me know if you end up getting it how you like it. 


I think the milk treatment is 150% worth the shot! My ends look so healthy thanks to this product. 


I'm interested in that Reverie milk! My hair goes birdsnest easily too, I'm always looking for new leave-ins. 


It did the trick for me @fairlywell! The birds nest was not looking too pretty before this lol. 


I've been loving the Golden Sand highlighter you sent me too @Mcakes! It's such a pretty light gold, great for when I feel like a shimmery highlight Smiley Very Happy


Oh yay I'm so happy that you like it @k617

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