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Has anyone else ever heard of AHAVA?  I love their stuff and it's all really, really good fro you as they use loads of ingrediants that come straight from the Dead Sea.  I would absolutely LOVE if Sephora stocked some of their products, because they're a bit hard to find where I am, but I'm very near a Sephora and I think AHAVA's collection would fit in perfectly with Sephora's stuff.  Anyone else second this? Smiley Happy



I currently am using AHAVA.  I have the moisterizer and the hand cream and I love it.  They do sell it at ULTA if you have one close by you.


I have their All-In-One Toning Cleanser, which is an amazing face make-up remover and just overall is great for the skin.  I haveone of their mud masks, and many of their creams and lotions and such for the hands, feet, and body.  Has anyone else triedtheir make-up line?  I find it absolutely AMAZING and it's great for you, too Smiley Wink I guess that's what really made me think Sephora would take interest in them--it would just be so great if they carried their products!

I do have an ULTA near me, but from what I've seen their selection of AHAVA products is pretty limited.


I third this suggestion!  I love Ahava's bath and body products, particularly the scrubs, salts and body creams.  I typically purchase their products from Blue Mercury, which is within walking distance to my job, and is sold by Blue Mercury online.


I have the Ahava Bath Salt Trio (Lavender, Eucalyptus, Honey-Herbal Mineral Bath Salts) and I love nothing more than filling my tub with one of these mineral bath salts for a nice, relxating bath on a Saturday night.  I also love the Ahava Dermud Nourishing Body Cream.  The last time I shopped for these products, I noticed that Ahava has a spray-on dry oil that I might be interested in trying.


I totally agree that this line would be perfect for Sephora!  That way I can shop in one place without making extra stops.



I also love Ahava. I especially like their Honeysuckle and lavender body wash and lotion. The fragrance itself takes away the stress of the entire day! Superb product. Sephora must consider Ahava.


Another brand using dead sea minerals is Dr. OlenGin. I found their foot cream excellent. Its got menthol which releases slowly and keeps my feet so pleasant and cool Smiley Happy


Ahava body wash + lotion and then Dr. OlenGin foot cream is my daily routine to de-stress Smiley Happy


Sephora, why don't you include these brands?



Totally agree!! I also LOVE AHAVA . I first started using the body lotion and absolutely loved what it did for my skin. Now I buy their bath salts (yummy), hand lotion, and some of their facial masks. I do however have a hard time finding their products and sometimes have to order online. 


It would be awesome if Sephora carried their product line Smiley Happy 


Hi Hotcoco1124,


Ive tried some of AHAVA's hair care products! Its sold at my local Whole foods. I've never tried any of the skincare. It looks like it would be goodSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa


Lol you HAVE to try their foundations!  Even if it doesn't really look like it would be your color (mine looks like it should be too dark for me), it somehow magically matches to your skin so I don't even have to switch between seasons!  And of course all their lotions and things are delightful.  I've been meaning to try the firming lotion and comforting cream...


AHAVA is really great!!! And Sephora is selling their products in France for instance, for exemple in the huge Sephora store on Champs-Elysees in Paris and also on their website. Smiley Happy


You could purchase AHAVA online at

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