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Post in Beauty Confidential

5 tips that make my beauty life easier

I wish so badly I'd known these things would make my life easier!  If this helps even just 1 person, that's what I want.  (If my post helps you in any way, please let me know!)


1. Change your mascara with the change of seasons.  We all know we should change it out every 3 months, but who can remember when that was?!  So, I change mine next month as Summer officially arrives.  Then, another new tube in September when Fall arrives.  That way, there's no doubt just how old that tube really is!


2. Quit picking.  (This is where I'm being brutally transparent.)  For years, it has hurt my head to see a clogged pore or a slight white center to an upcoming blemish.  My solution was to squeeze, poke, prod...whatever I could to get it gone.  What I've found is that LEAVING IT ALONE is actually the fastest cure for blemishes and for the overall prevention of them.  I spent so much time in the mornings concealing, blending, concealing, blending, applying powder.  My battle with cystic acne, I believe, is probably a lot of my fault because I was causing absolute chaos under my skin with all that nonsense.  I've not touched my skin for almost 2 months now.  How many blemishes do I have?  Zero.  How much redness do I have?  Very little.  When is the last time I used concealer?  1 month ago.  Case made.


3. Don't reinvent the wheel.  Instead of sticking with the formula of foundation that truly did work for me, I've sampled about all of them.  YouTuber or blog poster raves about a foundation...I'm on it.  I just tossed a BB cream and a CC cream sampler because I felt so compelled to see if this was the stuff that was going to work magic for me, and...wait for didn't.  Back to my foundation (Lancome's Dual Finish) formula and shade that get it right every time!  I've learned that liquid formulas just don't work well for me, so why waste time, energy, and good skin (experienced a few hiccups of blemishes or just "yuck" skin because of sampler situations) to find that miracle product?!


4. Keep it simple.  Instead of having tons of color products rolling around and coming loose from their pans, I have 1 single eye palette (Benefit's World Famous Neutrals in "Everyday") and 3 cheek colors (Tarte's Dollface, Exposed and then Benefit's Dandelion).  All I do now is make either my eyes or lips the focal point of my look and use one of those cheek colors to brighten my face.  And guess what?  It's simple.  I'm actually using up product before it expires or gets goopy or whatever.


5. Stick to a memorable routine.  I exfoliate twice weekly (Murad's Pomegranate Mask), and I do it every Sunday and Wednesday.  While it sets, I wash my BeautyBlender (I have 2, so this gives me a clean one twice a week).  Once a month, I also wash my face & eye brushes while also doing my BeautyBlender.  If I didn't stick to just those two days for treatments, I'd forget when, then it'd be a week, then a month before I'd realized how time had slipped by without keeping a routine.  It truly does make a difference in my skin!


Hope I helped!

Re: 5 tips that make my beauty life easier

Guess what, pretty girls?  It's just a couple of weeks away from #1!  I've already got my replacement ready to go.  Do you?

Re: 5 tips that make my beauty life easier

About #3: Along with the dozens of foundations I've tried and only to find my HG is NOT a liquid, I'm sad to admit that I've done the same with skin care.  I've tried using all cruelty-free, more expensive brandse more "natural", Etc.  All to circle around and stay on Clinique's 3-step.  Granted, I've customized it to what works for me--not #3 all across the board.  (Mild liquid cleanser, #3 toner, DDMG).  


With me not picking, keeping my sponges & brushes clean, and simply STAYING ON WHAT WORKS, things are a lot clearer on my face.  Plus, my checking account thanks me!

Re: 5 tips that make my beauty life easier

I agree with all of your tips. I, too, have developed a simple, edited beauty routine after YEARS of testing, sampling and deciding. The only eye shadows I own are Urban Decay's Naked Basics palette and a Guerlain shimmery neutral mono. Three blushes-- Too Faced Cocoa Rose (neutral), Nars Sex Appeal (peachy) and YSL Crème Powdery Rose (pinky). Three lip products-- classic, sheer wine lipstick; matte, bright red lipstick; a natural lip stain. Once you figure out what works for your skin type and coloring, it's easy to pick the best shades and stick with them!

Re: 5 tips that make my beauty life easier

Yes!  Glad this post reaffirmed you!


Re: 5 tips that make my beauty life easier

Thanks a bunch for the advice- especially with regards to #3 and #4. I'm guilty of sampling new products in search of finding the perfect "foundation, concealer, tinted moisturizer, etc," which in turn wreaks havoc on my skin. Also, I'm working on using up some of my products to help simplify my routine.  

Re: 5 tips that make my beauty life easier

Yes, it's no mystery why our skin reddens, flakes, breaks out, or just has a come-apart when we're bombarding with so much stuff so often.  Grateful I've learned that lesson!

Re: 5 tips that make my beauty life easier

Because I had a little slip of #2 last week...

Re: 5 tips that make my beauty life easier

Amazing how just using #1 on this list made my day already easier.  As my mascara seemed a tad drier, I realized it's days away from that time.  No guesswork.  No worries.  LOVE it!

Re: 5 tips that make my beauty life easier

So thankful for this...I knew -nothing- about #1 and had been wondering why my covergirl mascara had been kind of dry. I think I've had it for nearly a year! So glad I bought some new mascara recently; now that old stuff can go out! 

Re: 5 tips that make my beauty life easier

Yes!!  REMINDER: Change your mascara with the change of seasons.  Saturday, Dec. 21 is the first day of Winter, so go shopping and get ready to toss out the old!!!

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