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4 or More Tag! Collector's Edition

I've seen this tag before on youtube. I know it's not really a tag situation on BT but I was inspired by starletta8's stash photos. They'e amazing and it's clear she's a collector. Then again, aren't we all? It is our makeup "collection." Anyway one exception is that you can't count anything you got in a set. For example, eyeliners you got in the UD vault wouldn't count.


I scoured through my stash and realized that I pretty much only had 4 or more of items I got in a set except for Revlon lip products. I must really like them...



I would love to know what products you have 4 or more of. Pics would be awesome too. I don't know why mine wants to be so small.


Re: 4 or More Tag! Collector's Edition

Challenge accepted Smiley Very Happy


If it isn't obvious, I've had a Benefit obsession for a while now! Smiley Very Happy

Benefit Boxed Powders

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes

Revlon Lip Butters (funny how we both have 7!)

Benefit Velvet Eyeshadows

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows, with different packaging!

Re: 4 or More Tag! Collector's Edition

I have been wanting to try out the Revlon lip Butters! How do you like them? What is your favorite shade? I tend to go with more of a natural or light pink color for my lips, any colors you'd suggest?

Re: 4 or More Tag! Collector's Edition

For sure mascaras, eyeliners, (should of waited for the vault since I spent 120 on 5 eyeliner) which are now on sale Smiley Sad... things to contour (i have more but came in kits... and eyeshadow palettes which are too many to post a pic of.)20130629_092005.jpg20130629_092227.jpg20130629_091713.jpg

Re: 4 or More Tag! Collector's Edition

I had to do a real search for multiples of the same product in various colors!  I guess I am not too loyal to any particular product.   I did find these two items below.  image.jpg


Of course Baby Lips (can't have enough of those) and these small chubby Sephora eye pencils.  I got one, fell in love with the color and the use.  Found it on the sale page, so I figured they were trying to unload them so I bought muliples of the same and other colors.  Still like the original color I got (sort of like a bronzy taupe) best.  

Re: 4 or More Tag! Collector's Edition

Maybelline's color tattoo shadows. I have maybe 7 of them.

Re: 4 or More Tag! Collector's Edition

DSC01057.JPGDSC01054.JPGDSC01055.JPGI guess I'm pretty loyal to Chanel and Dior.  I wasn't sure if I should include my Dior Addict lippies or not.  They are all "Addict" but different variations like "extreme" or "high-shine".




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