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20% off and Sale Please! ♥

Who here would love to see the Sale section explode with lots of new goodies during the 20% off promotion this upcoming week? 

Heart if you agree!  

I hope the moderators see this and pass it along to the appropriate department Smiley Happy



Re: 20% off and Sale Please! ♥

You never know! Maybe the sale section will surprise us! But I'm trying not to be too optimistic and disappoint myself later... The sale section has been pretty boring for the last two months or so...

Re: 20% off and Sale Please! ♥

I like some of the sale items Smiley Happy They have some great LE items in there sometimes and I think *when there is a 20% off Sale items, I would be all over it!

Re: 20% off and Sale Please! ♥

Yep there will be, @ the beginning of the year Smiley Happy.

Re: 20% off and Sale Please! ♥

I will be definitely stalking the sale section during the discount. 

Re: 20% off and Sale Please! ♥

That would be amazing if there was more sale items!


Re: 20% off and Sale Please! ♥

That would be incredible.  They have had some great deals, but it's been kind of picked over the last couple of weeks.  Lets hope they beef it up for the saleSmiley Wink

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