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who can tell me more about Guerlain Meteorites

and why are they so expensive? their light defusing perfecting primer looks so appealing but I dont know if i want to pay $70 for something I dont know much about.

Re: who can tell me more about Guerlain Meteorites

Now I'm tempted to get the set just to have a mini meteorites for my travel makeup bag & to try the primer. I love my YSL pen, but who knows... maybe I'll convert

Re: who can tell me more about Guerlain Meteorites

My friend found a dupe for the YSL pen that she swears by - I haven't tried it yet but she's a pretty good beauty connoisseur: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch.  The packaging isn't gold but it looks like a near perfect dupe.  Maybe worth checking out? Save those $'s for another splurge?

Re: who can tell me more about Guerlain Meteorites

& a lot of work. Every time I try to add a highlighter all over I turn into a disco ball. Meteorites is a shimmer finishing powder. I still highlight when using meteorites because they are two different steps. 

Re: who can tell me more about Guerlain Meteorites

I agree with Dannyc. Meteorites powder isn't a highlighter- it smooths, perfects, and gives a beautiful finish, but it really is a multi-faceted finishing powder. The different colors are all in there specifically to do different jobs and reflect/refract light in different ways. I also use highlighters in addition if I'm deciding to contour.

Re: who can tell me more about Guerlain Meteorites

It truly is a product you don't understand until you own it! I put off getting it for years, but the packaging is what finally did it for me. It's so pretty I just had to have it on my vanity/counter... I'm glad I gave in. 

Can we also talk about the texture! It's weightless & beautiful & just perfect.... ahhhhh... 


Re: who can tell me more about Guerlain Meteorites




Yeah, I've never tried anything that's even come close.  If I had to pick a similar "category" of product it would be that white mineral finishing powder by Make Up For Ever (and I, personally, hate that stuff... it does nothing for me) 

Re: who can tell me more about Guerlain Meteorites

YES THE SCENT! Heavenly. I've said this before in another thread; There's just something about applying it that makes me feel beautiful s**y (Not sure what BT will bleep so I'll just do it myself)! 

The MUFE actually makes some of my foundations oxidize on me. Strange... but true... & it's kind of messy & I end up with too much of it. 

Re: who can tell me more about Guerlain Meteorites

If they bottled that fragrance, i'd douse myself in it every day.

Re: who can tell me more about Guerlain Meteorites


I think everyone is pretty much spot on, with one exception, the fragrance, I couldn't tolerate it - I was hoping it would dissipate but it didn't, it gave me a headache. Don't remember how long I left it on before I had to wash it off, does anyone know if/when the scent goes away?

I was actually thinking of trying it again since that was a while back. The Precious Lights Radiance kit sounds awesome, great value, really thinking of trying it, thanks for posting that.

Guerlain is a very prestigious brand that uses excellent quality ingredients and their packaging alone is mouth-watering and simply seductive. They charge those prices partially just because they can. They know people will buy. It's an 'experience'

If you try the kit and decide you like the Meteorites I say go for the big one if you can. It's nice to have a few luxury items if you can swing it. Don't know your age or marital/parental status, but I always felt that I might as well splurge, treat and pamper myself while young and single. You never know for sure if you'll be able to do/buy things like that if you marry and have children. Many merchants profited from this theory, and it helped me justify some major purchases

Loved **nebels** description, she's so right, there's just something about it that's indescribable and it truly doesn't fit into any one category. I imagine using it all over, I think it would feel like you were floating on a cloud, it is delicious.


@dannyc - OMStars that was so funny the way you ***bleeped*** yourself before bt could, I needed a laugh, thanks for that.


I hope you'll come back and let us know if you get it and how you like it. Remember, you can always return it if it doesn't work out for you. I think it's important to treat yourself sometimes, just remember - You Are Worth It! Smiley Happy


ps - sorry so long, this was only going to be maybe 2 paragraphs. Seems once I get started there's no stopping me, much like when I'm shopping (all the time) Smiley Wink

Re: who can tell me more about Guerlain Meteorites

Awww I'm sorry the scent wasn't for you! It always amazes me how personal & subjective scents are.


I actually cannot smell the scent anymore after a moment or two!

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