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which is better, dior or chanel

I want to try Chanel makeup but sephora doesnt carry it. I was thinking Dior would be a good alternative but, idk I feel like for the price Chanel's quality might be better? I've been using mac studio sculpt foundation in nc25 and im in love, nothing has ever made my dry, dull skin look better. I was thinking about buying chanel or dior setting powder. I used lancome's setting powder and it lasted me the summer but it didn't really do its job of setting my makeup and it looks bad under direct sunlight. which is usually my problem Smiley Sad 

Re: which is better, dior or chanel

Personally i would recommend YSL instead of Chanel or Dior. Smiley Happy


Re: which is better, dior or chanel

What are you looking for in a finishing powder, your main priorities - shine control, translucent or colored, matte or slight sheen, etc...

I sometimes have 2 different ones for different needs throughout the year or for different looks.  For example, for work/day, I'll look for a more matte finish, but for evening/events, I want more of a glow.  But that's just me - I like to play with makeup (maybe b/c I never got to when I was younger).

Re: which is better, dior or chanel

Hi amynadinexo,


I adore the Dior brand! All of their products are rich in pigmentation and do exactly what they state they will do. I'd recommend giving their setting powder a try. If you're hesitant in making the purchase feel free to pick up a sample of the powder to see what you think Smiley Happy.

Whimsically yours,

Re: which is better, dior or chanel

I absolutely agree with Janine Dior's products do exactly what they say they will do and I've never been disappointed with any of their products. Hope this helps!

Re: which is better, dior or chanel

I can't be team one or the other. Dior makes beautiful eyeshadows but their face products -- for the most part -- only last 4-5 hours on me. Chanel's face products hold up well throughout the day, although their eyeshadow quads could use a little tweaking. For a good setting powder, comparable in price to both Dior and Chanel, I highly recommend the Guerlain pressed Meteorites compact. One of the best purchases ever for me Smiley Happy

Re: which is better, dior or chanel

I was afraid of the hype around those Meteorites...worth it, based on your statement above?  What did you find held it above the rest?

Re: which is better, dior or chanel

It's incredibly finely-milled, keeps my oil at bay (no blotting throughout the day!), and super compact to throw in any bag. It also smells like violet Smiley Happy


Re: which is better, dior or chanel

I love all things Meteorites! The pressed is perfect for touchups or to even out skin tone on those lazy days. 

The pearls are by far my favorite setting powder & there's just something about the whole process of applying them that makes me feel pretty. 

Re: which is better, dior or chanel

I'm surprised Guerlain isn't putting out a Meteorite for the fall collection... unless they plan on surprising us come holiday sets Smiley Wink

Re: which is better, dior or chanel

Holiday Meteorites set? Yes please, I wish! Like three mini special editions? I'd die happy, haha

Re: which is better, dior or chanel

I'd be on that so fast lol, no debating or acting shy around that!

Re: which is better, dior or chanel

Are the pearles sufficient as a setting powder? I always thought of them as just a pretty way to up your complexion but if they're actually a great setting powder I might have to try them.

Re: which is better, dior or chanel

@poshified, what color do you wear in the guerlain powder? are they fairly translucent ?

Re: which is better, dior or chanel

You're right; they're pretty translucent. I'm an NC27 and I can go either 02 or 03, but I stick to 02 all year round Smiley Happy

Re: which is better, dior or chanel

Before I go addicted to Sephora, I used to purchase all my  makeup from department stores that carried both chanel and dior - I've been to the chanel counter twice and I have no major complains, but I keep going back for dior. I don't know why, but I do...

And now I buy a lot of makeup from Sephora, and I don't really find myself missing Chanel

Re: which is better, dior or chanel

oh - and by the way, I got my sister who swore she would never buy anything pricier than drugstore makeup addicted to the dior foundation! Is that good Smiley Happy

Re: which is better, dior or chanel

Amen Sista!

Re: which is better, dior or chanel

Dior is an amazing foundation! I tried the perfection lumier by chanel but I didnt like it as much. Diorskin forever has a beautiful finish! Smiley Happy

Re: which is better, dior or chanel

YAY!!!! Another Dior Addict...WHOO HOOO! ^_^ 

Re: which is better, dior or chanel

If you want setting powder, you need Guerlain in your life. Smiley Very Happy


FWIW, in my opinion:


Eyeshadow: About even between Chanel and Dior, Dior has a wider range of palettes right now.

Eyeliners: I've tried waterproof formulas from both, Chanel gets the edge- but MUFE/Urban Decay are actually better than either of them

Mascara: Love the LE colored Chanel mascaras, but in general Dior wins, hands-down

Blush: Chanel has some amazing formulas

Lipsticks + Lip Glosses: I could scream if you made me decide between the two. If forced to do it, I give the nod to Chanel. I've got far more Chanel than Dior in my collection for a reason

Nails: Chanel. The Chanel shimmer, anyone? They set the colors everyone's duping for years.

Skincare: I have loved every Dior product I've tried; so-so on many Chanel products



Re: which is better, dior or chanel

Foundation- Both. I used the cream to powder Chanel for years, it's light coverage but easy to work with. Lately I've been repurchasing Dior Airflash over & over again. 

Eyeshadow- Toss up. Chanel lasts longer & is more pigmented, Dior has a better range of colors. 

Eyeliners- Chanel, but their shadow sticks suck & crease & aren't waterproof

Mascara- Dior

Blush- Chanel

Bronzer- Chanel, the mousse... ah to die for!

Lip- Dior I miss the DiorKiss lipgloss! That was hands down my favorite lip gloss I had every shade & every LE shade. I still have a few tubes of my faves that I stocked up on. If it weren't for YSL glossy stains & NARS lipgloss I don't know what I'd do. I have a few of the Dior serum rouge & really like the texture. Chanel lipgloss is too tacky for me. Reminds me of MAC lip gloss

Nails- CHANEL hands down! I own so many of them & try not to use too much of the LE ones. 

Skincare- Neither. I like a few Chanel items, my mom uses mostly Chanel. Dior tends to have a lot of waxes & fillers that are unnecessary. I rather use a product that works than make my skin "look" better. 


P.S. Guerlain setting powders all the way! Meteorites & compact! 


Re: which is better, dior or chanel

@dannyc - have you gotten any of the newer Chanel nail colors?  I just got Elixir (I think it's new)....

Re: which is better, dior or chanel

No new ones yet. I'll probably pick some up next week. I'm trying to be good. & I hate how they say a shade is LE & then they add it to their permanent line. 


Re: which is better, dior or chanel

I've always refused to spend more than $10 on nail polish because my nails just attract dings and chips and my self applied manis never last long at all. But I'm dying to buy some Chanel polish... I've had my eye on Taboo ever since Temptalia did a review on it, but I can't even fathom spending $30 on a polish.


I'm gonna have to just suck it up and buy it, haha

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