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which clarasonic should i use????

so, recently I've been really tempted to buy a clarasonic because my dermatologist always uses it, and at least three friends of mine use them of a regular basis, and love it. but, when i went online to look, there were, i think, four different types available to buy, ranging from 100 to 200. price really isn't that much of an issue, but i would prefer not to buy the most expensive one if i don't really need it. my skin has little bumps sometimes, mostly on my forehead, and i have a couple acne blemishes, but what i would like to try to get rid of would be my, ahm.... larger pores on my nose. because, lets be honest, those are not that attractive. my skin isn't particularly oily, but it breaks out a little, and i have freckles, (if that really helps at all). i do wear makeup, not a lot, but not a little. enough to make me comfortable to go outside, and i try to steer clear of products that are bad for my skin. I'm 15 years old next month, and so i am a teenager, and would like anyones advice on which one they think i should get. 


Re: which clarasonic should i use????

Hi Lulu1357, the Clarisonic is an excellent investment for long term skin care because it will be able to address your skin issues now, and as you get older.  I, myself have the Aria™ Sonic Skin Cleansing System, and it is amazing.  What makes it stand apart from the others is that it has the option to do a 2 minute cleansing (the others only go for 1 min), it has a USB-enabled charger, and a battery life indicator. It's also travel friendly (Clarisonic Plus is not) and the drying stand that converts to a charging station.  There are so many cool features on this newest model in the Clarisonic family, it's hard not to pass up!  Of course they all have their own features- if you want a colorful handle, go for the Mia2!  You really can't go wrong.  Smiley Happy -Laura


Clarisonic Aria™ Sonic Skin Cleansing System



Re: which clarasonic should i use????

thanks so much Smiley Very Happy 

ill definitely look at this one, it seems like a good choice with the different settings than the others. i think that i would want a white, black, or printed one 

Re: which clarasonic should i use????

I love the plus, the most expensive one, just because of the body brush head. I love taking it into the shower to exfoliate my chest/back, elbows, knees... 

Re: which clarasonic should i use????

thanks so much for the advice, i will look into that one, and the Aria as well, and maybe just go to the store to look at them myself before i get them

Re: which clarasonic should i use????

I used the Mia and HATED it.  Too aggressive of exfoliation for skin, even with the Sensitive head.  Try an enzymatic mask for gentle exfoliation, instead.  Remember, scrubbing brushes belong in a bathroom or kitchen sink--not on our faces!  = )

Re: which clarasonic should i use????

I have to disagree, if used properly & your skin isn't ultra sensitive then a face brush can do wonders. 

Re: which clarasonic should i use????

So many opinions out there!  Interestingly, I've had more than one dermatologist and multiple estheticians tell me the hype and cost of a Clarisonic is not worth it.  They've voiced concern over a loss of moisture because the top layer of skin is buffed too aggressively and/or too often.  They feel a good cleanser, water, and a clean washcloth give excellent exfoliation for just everyday use and needs.  Just quoting!  = )

Re: which clarasonic should i use????

I use mine 3x a week and haven't had an issue with moisture except in the winter when I'm using retinol, but then usually just use the clarisonic 1x a week. I've also talked to Derms & estheticians who own them & love them. 

Everyone's skin is different; some can tolerate more, some can't. I would never use a scrub daily, but know many people who do. 

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