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to shimmer or not

I am 56 yrs and would like to know the rule about wearing eye colors with a shimmer.I am not talking about frost or glitter but I usually prefer matte colors  sometimes I feel they are somewhat heavy looking and I need something with more dimension. I have heard Smiley Surprisedlder women should never wear shimmer makeup whatsoever.Please set the record straight.

Re: to shimmer or not

I think that's a bogus "rule," and if you like shimmer, glitter, or frost you should feel free to wear it with confidence regardless of your age!  


If your personal preference is a slightly satiny finish (not quite matte but not necessarily shimmery) I'd seriously look into Edward Bess palettes - Sephora has a number of neutral palettes and they're gorgeous.

Re: to shimmer or not

I say find your OWN rules. Figure out what works for YOU! Try mafan's suggestion of booking a consultation or makeover at a store, to help get an idea of what you like best.

Re: to shimmer or not

Ok, so I'm only a 20some so it's just an observation. When I see an older women, I could care less whether they are wearing matte, shimmery or glitter. What I do notice is how well they apply/wore the makeup. I mean, as you get older it's only natural you get wrinkles and creases, but a smudgy panda eye look bad on everyone regardless of age. When I see ladies with makeup, I think "oh that color looks good on her" or "that's a nice liner shape", or sometimes "wow...spider eyelashes....that's a lot of mascara...." or "is that....a smoky eye or did her eyeliner smudged and she didn't know?". I never think "oh she's too old to wear this or that". I've never seen an older lady wearing glitter, but if you can make it look good like the pictures someone posted below, then by all means go for it, and if I see you I will compliment you. As long as you know your way around makeup, there's no age difference.


Re: to shimmer or not

I didn't read all of the posts, there were so many, and I say 'ditto' to the ones I read. My personal opinion is that real hardcore glitter can be a bit much, and not just on somebody who's older, but on someone who overdoes it. Shimmer, glow etc. - Awesome. You might want to try something from Bareminerals, they have the All-over colors and Radiances which give a little glow. You could put a 'glow' product on under powder or mix with your foundation - there are tons of them. I also think you could contour and put a subtle shimmer just above where you apply blush and over the eye and on your brow bone and other areas, especially on your décolleté!! Mally Beauty has some nice blush and highlighter sets and some with a darker contour color. Benefit has huge buzz over their Luminizing products, High Beam and some others, haven't tried them yet. A totally matte face can work for some people and not others regardless of age, sometimes it can age even a younger person, just depends on your coloring and the specific brand and/or color used.


My only real major issue is with lips. I do not like a dark or matte lip on very many people, some people get it just right and can totally rock it. I'm younger than you are and could never really wear a matte or darker shade of lipstick because I'm super white. I think it ages almost everyone and as the years roll by and leave tire tracks on our faces (How Rude! )I think that is a Huge mistake. A brighter, lighter, shimmery glimmer (maybe even glittery) Lip can instantly take 10 - 15 years off of a person.

I do think you should treat yourself to a makeover consultation. Watch for the brand you like and the way the woman behind the counter is made up and even her age. Maybe someone a speck older could be more helpful and really understand the challenges we face as we age.

Best of luck and I really hope you'll come back and let us know how you make out, okay? You got some Great opinions here, especially, do what you like and what makes you happy {unless it's matte, dark lips Smiley Wink  } Rules are meant to be broken! Hope this helped and looking forward to updates from you. Smiley Happy

Re: to shimmer or not

It's all a matter of what you're comfortable with! I often find that most women over the age of 20 have a tendency to go for a finer shimmer i.e. a satin finish Smiley Happy


Below are some of my favorite satin finished products that will give you that finer glowing shimmery finish.


Naked 2 Palette


Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Whimsically yours,

Re: to shimmer or not

I agree with the others, wear what you like!  I'm an "older" lady and I love shimmer and glitter!  I like glittery eyeshadow (I wear glasses that make my eyes look smaller than they really are, so I try to make my eyes pop), and a glimmer highlighter on cupids bow, cheekbones, and browbone.  

Re: to shimmer or not

Yah, I gave up no white shoes & bag/shoe matching thing about, oh 40 years ago. LOL. Those rule makers should all be deceased by now any way. Phui.

Re: to shimmer or not

@mbertieg - you are so right in re: eye makeup with glasses. My sister has the same issue and you do have to really work to get things just so.


re: mention of highlighting cupids bow...sooo right. I actually do a tiny bit of IT Cosmetics Bye-Bye Undereye Concealer all around my lips, I'm White, crazy white! and the concealer is just pale enough that it brings a little light to that area. It helps your lips look a speck poofier and also keeps lip products from bleeding and migrating from your lips. Most highlighters will work/ Also in the inner corner of your eye, kind of where your tear duct is, just a speck of light shimmer there brightens and opens your eye up. Also, bringing concealer up inside the inner 'corners' of your eye, hard to describe actually, but if you look you can usually see there is some darkness or shadow right where you'd pinch above the tear duct. Does that make sense? Do one eye and then look in the mirror and you can usually see a big difference, I know I can. Smiley Happy

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