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to shimmer or not

I am 56 yrs and would like to know the rule about wearing eye colors with a shimmer.I am not talking about frost or glitter but I usually prefer matte colors  sometimes I feel they are somewhat heavy looking and I need something with more dimension. I have heard Smiley Surprisedlder women should never wear shimmer makeup whatsoever.Please set the record straight.

Re: to shimmer or not

I say wear whatever feels good and makes you happy, no matter what that is or what others say you "should" do.  It's only makeup:  it washes off at the end of the day.

That being said, I can see how shimmer could emphasize fine lines and that may be why older women tend to steer clear of them.  You may want to play around with the level of shimmer as well as with how you apply the shadow, to see if you can come up with a good look for you.

Re: to shimmer or not

I'm only 31, but I find that shimmer does tend to settle into fine lines and wrinkles, if you have them. In areas where I don't have any kind of fine lines, shimmer still works as a great highlight and color item. In areas where I do have fine lines, like around my mouth, shimmer will migrate and settle in and highlight those.

I agree with the previous poster - wear what makes you happy! 

Re: to shimmer or not

I'm going to be 50 in about 3 weeks. I usually have some amount of shimmer in some of my eye shadow.  But I think you really need to look at the shadow and see how much glitter/shimmer there is in it.  I love Stila's Kitten but it has so much that you have to be careful.  The shimmer in the Estee Lauder Christmas Blockbuster set is totally different (and nice), and the Laura Mercier Artist's Palette is different again.


I don't think there is a rule that says you can't wear it.  I know I don't plan to stop unless I think it doesn't look good.  I think a bit can really add dimension to the eye and is nice with my eye shape. 


You're Rouge.  Are you near a store?  Book a makeover appointment and tell them you want to work on your eyes and you're interested in shadows with some amount of shimmer.  If they're good, they'll give you options, try things and let you tell them if you like it or want to try something else. 


Just remember that if you're not used to it you need to give it a bit of time.  Look at it a bit later when you've seen yourself a few times (or ask a friend you trust) and see what you think.  I know for me my favorite shadows are taupes with a bit of shimmer (but never glitter).


I also think subtle highlighter is great.  Not glitter on the cheeks, but a bit of a glow is very nice.

Re: to shimmer or not

Booking a makeover appt is a great idea!! I'm 40 and have been thinking about the same shimmer issue.


I'm going to do that. Smiley Happy

Re: to shimmer or not

As mentioned below, if you like to look of something you should wear it! Mature women can wear whatever they want if they like it.


If you are worried about it settling into uneven skin maybe just try it on the lid instead of the crease and lid.  Or not Smiley Happy


You should try playing around with a few new looks and see what you like best.

Re: to shimmer or not

Oddly, if I wear just a little shimmer, it does settle in lines but if I prime, use a shadow base and then pack it on damp, not tentative but really press it in, THEN blend the edges... I can wear it. I like frost, glitter and colors, I'm going to wear them, but shimmer, especially duochrome or reflects is my fave. They will likely bury me in UD Oilslick and  Grifter though. 

#shimmerthuglife #over40

Re: to shimmer or not

THERE ARE NO RULES Smiley Happy Be happy and confident in what you wear. Try different looks and if you like what you see then flaunt it!! 

Re: to shimmer or not

Its makeup, you can do what you want! Personally I think a little shimmer on the lid or inner corner is perfectly fine! I more just don't care for shimmery crease colors (thats on me or anyone!) I like a good contrast in my makeup. In terms of it settling into fine lines, use a primer and that should take care of it. Personally, I really like a glowy sheen on the middle-aged group. 


To get deep and philosophical on your. Its makeup, its art. Do what you want to! I know we all want to look good, but if you like it, that is all that matters! 

Re: to shimmer or not

Caitlin, I love what you said!  It is art, I love being creative in the mornings and doing something different every day.  Smiley Very Happy

Re: to shimmer or not

Thanks! It is what is fun about the whole thing! 

Re: to shimmer or not

I have the little crow's feet on the edges of my eyes, sometimes if I apply something with shimmer it makes them show more, but some shimmers don't.  So there are plenty of shimmers I will wear, even to an office workplace.  It's all about what you want and like!  Smiley Very Happy

Re: to shimmer or not

When I first got into makeup just a few years ago my favorite eyeshadow brand was Stila (especially Kitten, Starlight, and Diamond Lil) and I could wear those everyday and feel fine about it.  Now that I'm almost 40 I noticed that I've been staying away from those beloved shades because the shimmer really highlights any fine lines and dryness on my skin.  I feel really sad about not being able to wear as much shimmer as I used to.


This prompted me to search for a new favorite brand of eyeshadow and found Laura Mercier...very nice, ladylike and gentle luster, not the "hard" shimmer of Stila or UD.  Also in 2014 I'll be going on a mission to find the perfect matte palette.


Re: to shimmer or not

"in 2014 I'll be going on a mission to find the perfect matte palette"


Can I come with you? Smiley Very Happy


What have you tried so far??

Re: to shimmer or not

@kittichick -- I'm a newbie when it comes to mattes!  My only all-matte palette is The Balm's Meet Matt(e) which was an impulse buy.  It's not bad, but could use a better distribution of light/dark shades.  I end up needing to supplement with my own all-over-lid and blending shades sometimes which gets a bit annoying.  


The other one is the LM Artist Palette which is half matte.  Those are not only well chosen but the colors show up nicely and don't disappear on me or look patchy.


Definitely have been keeping an eye on Stila In the Know and KVD Ladybird.  Maybe Lorac Pro? Oh and there's a new one coming out by IT Cosmetics that looks pretty good, I might see if Ulta carries it by the time their spring 20% sale rolls around!

Re: to shimmer or not

I don't think there's any "rules".  I think if you like a color and it's a shimmer finish and you feel good about wearing it, wear it!  Do whatever makes you feel beautiful! Smiley Happy


Re: to shimmer or not

even at under 35, I avoid "glitter" and heavy shimmer for daytime at least -- however, I do like a subtle "glow"!  I like to have a little shimmer on my inner eye corners, browbone, or middle of my lid to brighten things up.


I think slight shimmer also softens wrinkles and signs of aging, can brighten one's face, and makes you look more awake.


If heavy mattes are feeling chalky, I say try some subtle shimmer.


I actually am currently using Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders as highlighter AND as eyeshadow, because it is a super non-glittery light reflector.  I don't usually recommend crossing product areas, but this had just the look I was going for, so I did it.


Bare Minerals Well Rested highlighter pen is a very subtle highlighter in a liquid consistency if you like that kind of thing - however, it's hard to layer and is best for low-makeup days.


You could also try a pearlescent cream shadow or "shadow base/primer" as a shadow.  These are usually soft finish and not too glittery.


I say try some subtle shimmers and avoid glitter in daytime, but feel free to go more glittery at night!


That being said, whatever makes you feel great in the end! Smiley Wink

Re: to shimmer or not

I am a FIRM believer that makeup "rules" are crap. If things look good on you, and make you feel better, rock them. This is coming from a woman who has birthed 3 babies, is 32 & still wears a bikini though Smiley Tongue

Re: to shimmer or not

There is nothing wrong with wearing shimmery eyeshadow, my mom is 53 and whenever i do her makeup i use this like mossy-green color with gold shimmer and it looks beautiful.


like what @txmommyofboys said, there are no rules, if it looks good on you do it! 

Re: to shimmer or not

I am a few years older than you and I use shadows with shimmer.  I use Perricone's acyl-glutathione eyelid serum and have no issues with crepiness on the eyelid.  I don't have a lot of wrinkles in the eye area in general but everyone has some.  I don't put any stock into recommendations made for "older" women unless they are made by "older women".  Most of my shadows are Urban Decay, Too Faced and some bare minerals.  I do like matte shadows used as liner. 

Re: to shimmer or not

Boy you guys are all making me feel great I feel 10 no 15 years younger just reading your replys. I had been thinking I would have to give up all of my favs just because the years said I had to.I have very few lines and/or wrinkles and look very good for my age I could  pass for 40 easy but I am proud of my age and my life experience.Now I will be more confident with a little shimmer in my eye and a glow on my cheek Thanks All

Re: to shimmer or not

Never give up something you love because of other people! If you like something, rock it! Heck, if you wanted to go around looking like a rainbow disco ball, I'd say do it if thats what you liked! 

Re: to shimmer or not

What rule? If there is any such rule, I say rules are made to be broken. I'm several years older than you & wear a mix of matte & shimmer shadows very often.  I do occasionally wear  all matte eye  shadows but almost always add a bit of shimmer in eyeliner. I say wear what you like.

Re: to shimmer or not

The rule from the same group that says don't wear white after labor day Smiley Wink


Rebels Unite!!  lol

Re: to shimmer or not

Pfft. That Labor Day rule is totally archaic. That and the whole Match Your Bag To Your Shoes thing. Way old-fashioned.

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