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return time limit?

I purchased a product about 3 months ago and I never used it because i then found out that the shade doesnt match me. Its totally new and i still have the packagiing and reciept of the item, can i still return it? im just wondring if there is a time limit for returning products. thanks.

Re: return time limit?

Hi Ktlaaamx I would recommend contacting your store directly for more information >


Re: return time limit?

If you bought it online, then you should email them directly. I emailed them about returning a product over 90 days old, because I was traveling, (it was around christmas and I was gone for over 2 months), but they made an exception for me once I explained the situation. But they did give me an online store credit. I did not get it back on my card, but I was fine with that since I went back a day later and spent it!


If you bought it in store, it doesn't hurt to stop in and ask right?! I think my local sephora gives store credit over 90 days??.. maybe I'm thinking of somewhere else but I think that's what it was.


Probably no matter what, expect a store credit. Smiley Happy

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