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proper skincare for 27 year old

Hi, I would like to find out what moisturizers and eye creams/serums would be best for me. My main concern is to moisturize and prevent aging of my skin. I am 27 years old and I just learned that using anti-aging products can cause anti-effect and can actually harm my skin rather than make it better. I have been using anti-aging products (including anti-aging eye creams) for a while, but now I am very careful about what I choose and I want to make sure that the products will actually suit my young skin. I do not have wrinkles, but I would like to use the right product to prevent wrinkles from forming (at least as much as possible).
 What lines of products would you recommend me to try? Also, I am wondering if it is safe to use hyaluronic acid at my age or I should be looking for other ingredients in my skincare products. How should hyaluronic acid be used, before or after moisturazers, how often? I would also like to suggest for Sephora to consider putting the age range next to each skincare product. When buying online, it is impossible to know what products are good for what age. All of the products nowadays have anti-aging label on them, so it is hard to find the product that won't harm you. In addition, when at Sephora stores, beauty consultants give inconcistent advice about the appropriateness of products and actually recommended me to try products that were designed for mature skin that I was buying for my mom!

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