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over 60 skin care

Good Morning, As a 62 year old I would like to see Sephora focus on the older woman's seems everyone is focused on youth...we were all young after all, but, our older skin needs special care what with all the changes we are going through or have gone through. The feedback for products is very helpful but maybe you could feature skincare for mature skin with special e-mails? I'm going to try the Origins moisturizer with Mimosa...I believe it's very important to go organic, and or natural,ingredients, as man made chemicals cannot be good for our bodies..  thank you,Amy 


Re: over 60 skin care


I'm a complete reviewaholic!


In case you haven't thought of doing this, I always at some point in the process sort by my age range to see if the overall rating is lower, higher or the same(ish). Then I can also read only the reviews of those in my age group.


Just thought I'd mention it...

Re: over 60 skin care

Aside from wanting to go more organic/natural with ingredients used, could you share some more details about your skin in particular?


Though you state your age, is your skin dry, combination, do you still have oily areas, enlarged pores, wrinkles/lines in particular areas you wish to address, loss of elasticity, or even hyperpigmentation/age spots you wish to address? This can help us tailor and recommend more suggestions to best suit your skin!

Re: over 60 skin care

@mafan&wingatprsct- The Algenist line is going to be one of the more "working" line in terms of aging skin. There are also some anti-aging products from Dr. Perricone that will help you see improvements. Then there are more of a medical grade line of skin care products you could look into that will work the best when your ready to move into those. Hope this helps!

Re: over 60 skin care

Hello - you mentioned a medical grade line of skin care - what might that be?  Also, which products from Dr. Perricone might help see improvements for over 50?

Re: over 60 skin care

So glad this thread existed - I'm definitely pro Sephora and have been a customer for many years. I also can't understand why the retailer does not focus on their mature clientele ... I often ask for advice from many stores and always seem to get different recommendations, always from a 20 or 30 something salesperson. These age groups do not know nor have they experienced our concerns.


I am just using a Boscia moisturizer. I need to improve my oily, dull skin - including my neck and chest. When I look in the mirror, I do not see the color I once had. I eat strictly Paleo so know I'm getting the nutrition ..... it's the exterior that I need help with. I can see that a lot of you have almost the same recommendations. I'm also gearing up for my sons wedding on 5/10, so need all the help I can get! 😀

Re: over 60 skin care

I have been using Philosophy's Miracle Worker's line for about 3 years now, and I love it. It's quite unusual for me to stick with a skincare routine for that long, so I know it's working for me!  I'm 58, and have combination skin, minor wrinkles, and my skin is in fairly good shape.  I find the Miracle Worker line is perfect to treat the issues I have to deal with - dull skin, minor wrinkles, loss of firmness. I really love the whole line.



Re: over 60 skin care

It's true, unfortunately mature skin is underrepresented.  If it helps, I know my mom (just a hint over 60) really enjoys the ORIGINS mangosteen moisturizer, she has raved quite a bit!  Otherwise, it depends on price.  I know Shiseido tries very hard to cater to all clientele, on the higher end I've foubd a new love in AmorePacific, they tend to have more immediate results than other brands in my opinion.  Hope you find something great Smiley Very Happy

Re: over 60 skin care

Hi there - what is AmorePacific? Which products are you using or have experience with? I'm assuming these products would be great for over 50?

Re: over 60 skin care

Whoa, didn't realize this thread was necro'd sorry for the Shiseido/Origins double post XD

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