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oily dehydrated

I have very oily dehydrated and sensitive skin...can you please tell me which cleanser and moisturizer will work for me?

Re: oily dehydrated

Since your skin is oily and sensitive I would suggest looking into the Boscia  Purifying line but most important put more water in your diet that's the ultimate thing for having good skin. Here the link for you to check the out:

Re: oily dehydrated

Thank you for the info...but I drink lot of water at least 2 litres..and can you suggest any moisturizer..I have oily and flaky skin..tried clinique 3 step did not help at all...the moisturizer does not give hydration and toner was too harsh...

Re: oily dehydrated

Hi Utmgr, it sounds like you have combination skin.  Since you say that you're sensitive, I would recommend looking at these brands: First Aid Beauty, Boscia, and Clinique.


First Aid Beauty Cleanser



Boscia Balancing Facial Tonic



Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief


Smiley Happy -Laura


Re: oily dehydrated

Thank you for your help but I have tried clinique before the 3 step..did not help..what would you think of korres yogurt cream for night and can you suggest other moisturizer for the day to help oily and flakiness due to dehydrated..I would much appreciate...

Re: oily dehydrated

I have a similar issue - Clinique DD gel moisturizer was not enough, would still leave my skin flaky. I just switched to Ole Henrikson Sheer Transformation. It's a little pricey though. That's what I use during the day and night (no SPF so you'll have to get it from somewhere else). I also have heard great things about Kate Somerville's goat milk cream.


If you still have your Clinique toner, I recommend not washing your face every morning, but instead do a water rinse + clinique toner. I felt that I was over-drying my face with a salicylic acid face wash, and by not washing my face every other day it's really helped prevent the flaking around my mouth/cheeks (less oily areas). My skin is always tight after washing so this is a nice break. I just splash warm water on my face a few times, pat dry, use my Clinique Toner #3 and continue on. My face is extremely oily when I wake up but the toner is enough to cleanse it without making it tight and itchy. Might be worth trying!


When my skin went crazy red/itchy/flaky during the winter, argan oil was a life saver (only recommend for night though). I've used maracuja oil more recently, and I still prefer the argan oil. At night I use a creamy face wash - Origins checks and balances - as to not strip my skin too much. I do exfoliate once a week with a physical scrub and a couple times a week with a clarisonic... and it's helped keep my skin from being flaky (in my case from retinol and acne medicine use).


Good luck!

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