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oh how i've missed sephora<3

I've been unemployed making my $ from poshmark, thanks to a lovely lady on here who recommended the app to meSmiley Very Happy if anyone is on there, follow me @werebear (: ANYWAY, since I've been unemployed I haven't been able to keep up with my makeup. I ran out of a lot of things and its the worst when you need to reup on eyeliner, mascara, concealer, highlighter, primer, etc. all at once because you all know it can get expensive! I don't mind spending the money, but not all at once, esp. right now. So I was wondering who could show me some great products at a better price. I'm really looking for a good foundation to go with my LANCÔME DUAL FINISH - Versatile Powder Makeup. I also need a highligher and a primer. Any suggestions? I'm $11 away from rogue status so I cannot wait to submit this order! (: also I bought sephoras pro brush #56, i'm looking to buy another one but for finishing powder and i'm looking for recommendations. I've been obsessing over the way the Marc Jacobs face bushes look, they just look heavenly but i don't have the $ to spend. I may have to hold off a bit longer.

Re: oh how i've missed sephora<3

Poshmark?  I just looked that up and it sounds great.  Is it as great/easy as it sounds?

Re: oh how i've missed sephora<3

yes, but be careful!! there are a lot of scammers! always check and see if they have good feedback before buying or trading. 

Re: oh how i've missed sephora<3

Yes & be sure to always report people who are selling fake/knock off items and used cosmetics. 

I had a convo with one of the mods not too long ago. She was saying people complain about all the fake items, but those same people never report. There's so much on poshmark, the mods can't catch everything. If it's not reported then the same people will keep scamming. 

My biggest pet peeve is when I'm selling something from a HE designer like Jimmy Choo or Fendi & my description clearly states no trades, no paypal... & I see comments asking if I want to trade with their old navy or abercrombie stuff. Ummmm NO! There are a lot of cheap people on there who want luxury things, but still can't afford them at a discount. 

Re: oh how i've missed sephora<3

those crazy scammers are everywhere - Tradesy is kinda like Poshmark and they have scammers too, but Tradesy intervenes and does not pay until receipt is verified - it is easier to find what you are looking for on Tradesy, but Poshmark has better deals overall.

Re: oh how i've missed sephora<3

Hi Amynadinexo- sounds like you need multi-tasking products to help keep your cost down!  Have you considered a BB cream to wear under your powder foundation?  My favorite is Miracle Skin Transformer.  This beauty balm will hydrate, prime, enhance, mattify, and protect skin with SPF 20 in one single step!  Smiley Happy -Laura




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