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occ tars

I just received the 5pk i ordered online and they all seem a little unsettled. Its kinda hard to shake them back up. is that normal?

Re: occ tars

I read that if your lip tar starts to separate, all you have to do is flip it over on the other side (the side it wasn't laying on) and it will mix back up in about an hour.

Re: occ tars

Hi Aviscardi-


I have a few Lip Tars and this is 100% normal. Since they are 100 percent vegan and made without preservatives this may happen. I simply shake mine or like Ireagan says flip it up and down to mix it. It doesn't ruin the actual application of the product.

<3 Melissa

Re: occ tars

thanks!! i was figuring since they are vegan that was the reason. i put them in my drawer last night so i will check them tonight when i get home.


And do you keep it past the expiration or shelf life on the back? i know i have some of my lipsticks for over a year now

Re: occ tars

Ok i wore both so far just once. i used a scrub under vs a polish and it seemed to helped. but even with a balm they felt a little drying. So i added jack black balm over it and it feels way better

Re: occ tars

The Lip Tars can feel drying because of the actual formulation itself. Since they're more like a liquid lipstick, they don't really provide a layer that remains on the surface of lips where you can rub your lips together and push product around, it settles in and is long wearing.


If you add a balm underneath, be sure to let the balm sink in for at least 2-5 minutes. Apply the Lip Tars over lips with fresh balm won't allow it to sink in as well and might cause issues like bleeding, feathering, or even cut down on the wearability of the product.


P.S. Cute nails!

Re: occ tars



yea i had the balm on for a while before i applied the tar. and i put the balm over top when i got to work after about 2hrs or so

Re: occ tars

Nice, sounds like you got a good time frame going on, have you noticed the JB balm in particular breaking down the formula or does it sit well on top of the LT?

Re: occ tars

no, not at all. it held up well. i'd say it lasted about 5hrs before i wiped it off. i put the balm on after about 1.5hrs when it felt uncomfortable. 

Re: occ tars

Cool deal, I wonder what type/formulation of balms or glosses last better on the LTs, good info you provided!

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