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night moisturizer

Im currently on a look out for a night moisturizer, as well as an eye serum. I am 20 years old and have oily/combo skin. Im mostly targeting to brighten and to repair skin because of large pores. In addition to brightening my skin I would like something to prevent future breakouts. 

Re: night moisturizer

For oily/combination skin, try a lighter weight cream or a gel based moisturizer so it absorbs faster and won't feel as heavy on your skin before bed time.


Ole Henriksen's Sheer Transformation is a gentle, yet effective moisturizer perfect for brightening and evening skin tone with more natural and delicate ingredients that won't sensitize or irritate your skin. It relies on fruit enzymes, vitamin C, licorice and a complex called Acti-White to even and balance your complexion be it from age spots, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, or post acne marks.


Korres also has their Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizer & Brightening Cream (they also have a more amped up formula called their Sleep Facial with added vitamin C) to even out skin tone. It's a very balanced moisturizer so it's great for combination skin.


For something to walk a fine balance between combating future break outs, tackling the appearance of your pores, and evening your skin tone, Boscia's Black Hydration Gel works well. It uses charcoal to draw out excess oil and to clarify pores, artichoke extract to help strengthen pore walls, and vitamin C and fruit enzymes to brighten your skin tone. It's a great moisturizer to start with and from there you can decide if you want to focus more on oil/pores/break outs or more toward brightening/evening your skin tone with the first two moisturizers I suggested.


As for an eye serum or treatment, what are you looking to target or treat?

Re: night moisturizer

Hi sgbaby101,


Lylysa has provided you with some excellent suggestions! I would recommend picking up some samples of these if you can from your local Sephora to see which evening cream you like best Smiley Happy.

Whimsically yours,

Re: night moisturizer

I don't think the sheer transformation is for night,it's a day moisturizer. Just to give you another option is the Algenist multiperfecting Pore Correcting concentrate it's more like a serum but it does moisturize and give you treatment for all of the concerns that you have. Also Dr. Dennis Gross' Ferulic and Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum is a great choice. Hope this helps!

Re: night moisturizer

I have to disagree about the Sheer Transformation. I use it at night over the invigorating night gel or retinol as a light-weight moisturizer. If it had SPF in it, then I would use it in the AM. I try to keep my morning routine to as few steps as possible; wash, treat (truth serum), moisturizer with SPF, makeup (if needed). On OH's site the directions say to use it AM over truth serum (but then you need to add SPF) and at night over invigorating night gel. 

Re: night moisturizer

@dannyc- You can disagree that's fine but  what your suggesting is not the single use of the sheer transformation you are using over the invigorating night gel and that's the point I was making. The sheer transformation is not a night time product.

Re: night moisturizer

I don't understand. How  is it not a night time moisturizer? It's hydrating and has fruit enzymes.  Some use it as a moisturizer over a treatment, and others use it alone as a treatment & moisturizer depending on their needs. 

I don't mean to sound rude, just trying to figure out why it's not a night time product and if I was using it wrong, even though OH states it's for AM &/or PM use. 

Re: night moisturizer

It is more of an all-purpose moisturizer. Some moisturizers contain retinol or high concentration of certain ingredients that can breakdown  in sunlight or cause sensitivity, which is why they are labeled as night cream and are for use in PM only. Then there are moisturizers that can be used AM and PM like Sheer Transformation. I usually go for a AM moisturizer that contains SPF, but some people layer non-SPF cream under sunscreen/SPF cream because they really like the moisturizer, or need an extra boost of hydration, or have problems with certain types of SPF etc etc. That's why you see some moisturizer labeled as "night cream" or "use in the PM" while others are just lotion/cream or "use in the AM and PM" or day cream. Or at least that's how I understood it. The naming/description of these things can be a bit fuzzy some times.

Re: night moisturizer

So it's fine to use Sheer Transformation at night, right? I like it because it's mild enough to layer over treatments, but still hydrating. 

Re: night moisturizer

My mother uses it for night just because she has a lotion with SPF for day and likes how light weight it is but still very nourishing. I think it definitely depends on preferences since Ole states it can be used in the AM or PM, it's just for AM use, the added step of layering a SPF on top might seem one step too many for folks so leaving it for night use might make it easier.

Re: night moisturizer

As far as a night cream or moisturizer, right now I am absolutely in love with Hope in a Jar Night. I notice a significant difference in my skin in the morning. It works FABULOUSLY with my acne prone skin and I feel that it evens out my skin tone. Most of all, I feel like it has significantly diminished a fine line that I am concerned about in just one or two uses.


As far as an eye cream I use Eye Hope from Philosophy. I do not have any sensitivity to retinol  though so you want to be wary of that if you do.


However I do have to say on the negative side that Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster did not work work for me and aggravated my skin greatly. I did not realize I did not have acne prone skin until i used this product. Very thankful for Sephora's great return policy on this one. I was really disappointed and hopeful it would work for me @dannyc. 



Re: night moisturizer

Murad, Perricone & Philosophy both have AM Vitamin C treatments. Or do you think you had a reaction to the Vitamin C itself (some are sensitive to it) 

Re: night moisturizer

@sgbaby101. Sorry for going off on a tangent. As for night moisturizer for oily/combo skin, it also depends on the weather. I enjoyed Philosophy Hope in a Jar, Sheer Transformation, and Korres Wild Rose for winter when my skin is drier. They feel a bit too heavy for me in the summer, when I prefer to go for lighter ones like Boscia (personally I enjoy the white/oil-free line more, and really enjoyed their Amino eye gel cream) or Caudalie. 


Good luck and enjoy!

Re: night moisturizer

@dannyc- If you like layering products that's great  everyone has their own opinions. The suggestions that I'm giving to the original poster are not anwsers to your questions.If you have questions on the products you are using I suggest you do more research on that product.

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