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make up creases near mouth when i smile

im 24 years old, use kat von d foundation in 62 and sehora powder. after about 2 hours of applying my make up i get lines near my mouth. i have tried different powders and foundation more and less. primers. moisturisers. i dont know what can help. any advice?

Re: make up creases near mouth when i smile

Hi Mcontrf8,


Try using a primer that targets lines! I highly suggest the Smashbox Photo Finish Targeted Pore & Line Primer. Use a little bit on problem areas and apply your foundation on top.


The Kat Von D foundation has a lot of coverage and is REALLY matte! Try using a setting spray to diffuse it a bit and to make your skin look more moist.

Lock 'N Load Makeup Setting Mist

Kat Von D - Lock 'N Load Makeup Setting Mist

<3 Melissa

Re: make up creases near mouth when i smile

ive tried the lock and load, de slick, strivectin wrinkle and stretch mark lotion, smashbox primers, porefessional, make up forever primers. i cant seem to find anything

Re: make up creases near mouth when i smile

Maybe you can try replacing your foundation with Smashbox's Camera Ready BB Cream.

I personally have not experienced the issue you are talking about with the lines in your makeup, but I think that the BB cream might be a good alternative for you because it is thick enough to provide coverage like a medium-sheer foundation, but light enough that it does not weigh on your skin at all. This BB cream looks and feels incredibly natural, while adding a nice rejuvinated, firm look to your skin.

I have been using this BB cream in light, and I am very happy with it. I use it as a foundation over my regular moisturizer with my bare minerals bisque powder concealer and Nars bronzer in laguna. This base combination is great, light and comfortable. Personally, I feel like it looks like I'm not wearing any face makeup and doesn't ever weigh my skin down. Then you can add your blush/eye makeup to dress it up and still look and feel great!

(There are also other benefits to BB creams, but smashbox can explain it much better than I)


Re: make up creases near mouth when i smile

I am not an expert on this subject, but I once heard (from a professioinal makeup artist) that if your foundation appears to be settling in your pores or in lines on your face (or emphasizing either of those things) it often means that the foundation is not the right color for your skin (or is not the right color for your undertone.) Matching foundation to your skin color is really hard and I often have exactly the same problems you're talking about. I agree that using a product with a finish that is not so matte and has some light reflecting properties can definitely really help minimize the appearance of lines and pores, but again, it has to be matched to your skin tone really well.

Re: make up creases near mouth when i smile

Laugh lines can be treated with a serum or targetting skinc are product. One that doesn't break the bank is Ole Heriksen's Truth Serum (Sephora has a kit with a mini one for $10, it also has 2 mini moisturizers). It's packed in vitamin C, which boosts natural collagen production and sodium hyaluronate, which binds healthy moisture to skin to plump lines.


Apply this prior to moisturizing every morning and night to help diminish the look of fine lines.


After moisturizing, use a primer with a silicone/dimethicone base. These silky textured primers form more of a barrier compared to a water based or lotion like primer to prevent make up from settling into trouble spots.


In terms of application, avoid applying make up starting in that area. In other words, don't slap on foundation to that portion and blend product out from there, instead, start on the cheeks and slowly work product in that direction, that way, there's no as much foundation to sit on the skin in that spot.


As the Kat Von D foundation (Lock It) is a bit fuller in wear, this issue may also be caused by that, you can try to "thin" down the formula a bit with a drop of moisturizer if needed.


the suggestions of make up setting sprays can also help!


Re: make up creases near mouth when i smile

i bought the smashbox bb cream and i love it. except i have tons of blemishes that it doesnt cover. any concealer you might recommend to use with this? i changed up my powder to cover fx and in like it.

Re: make up creases near mouth when i smile

Oh great!! I'm so glad that works! I love it too, it really provides a great base and a nice finish.

I use bareminerals Bisque Multi-Tasking Face and it is great. It's great to use as a concealer to try to even out dark spots or even to help cover up blemishes. If the spot is very dark or obvious, bisque wont make it disappear, but it certainly smooths it out no matter what. 

Since it is a powder, sometimes if you have a dry spot it can show, but I just add some moisturizer and reapply bisque and it helps. Also, a word of warning, you may notice that it is obvious where you applied concealer on your face, but after you apply even a very light layer of bronzer, it levels it out and you cannot tell at all.

I really hope this helps!



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