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inexpensive quality makeup?

im a teenager who loves makeup but is sorta on a low budget... but i dont wanna just buy low quality cheap stuff. can anyone suggest good relyable quality brands/ products that dont cost an arm and a leg?

Check out Sephora's own brand:  Sephora Collection. For t...

Check out Sephora's own brand:  Sephora Collection. For the price, the quality and variety of color is excellent.  Great brushes and brush sets as well.


Clinique has some great lip products.  Eyeshadows not so much. 

Quite a few things from Tarina Tarantino have been nice.  It might be a little more in price but great blushes. 


A good quality mascara can be found at any price point. 

You must try Sehora collection!    The end. :smileywink:...



You must try Sehora collection! 


The end. Smiley Wink


Gilbert S

Sephora PRO

Are you able to get GOSH cosmetics in the US? They have a...

Are you able to get GOSH cosmetics in the US? They have a lot of fun products. I also love Revlon and CoverGirl lipsticks. Marcelle and Almay are good brands as well. I buy a lot of high end cosmetics but still find a lot of stuff in drugstores. Try the Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows (I have bronze, orange, and purple). These don't crease and are beautiful and buildable. Also try Fairytale, Darling, and Temptress in Covergirl lipstick and Rimmel Airy Fairy lipstick. That's a nice assortment of pinks, brights, and nude. Neutrogena Oil-Free eye makeup remover is the only remover I use and that's cheap. I've seen lots of nice coloured eyeshadow palettes at drugstores recently as well. I also recommend the new loreal kohl eyeliners. Love them!

A lot of good mascaras are drugstore brand: Maybelline an...

A lot of good mascaras are drugstore brand: Maybelline and Covergirl especially are featured in magazines everywhere.


I like the face stuff from Maybelline, and I like the eyeshadows and lip gloss from Covergirl. Revlon lipsticks are pretty classic. I have a soft spot for Physician's cute packaging and promise of good ingredients.


Personally I like experimenting but don't use make up enough to finish full size products, so Sephora have nice palletes on sale around holiday times. Also, my mom uses expensive skincare, so I subscribed to the mailing list and at least twice a year, they have giant gift-with-purchase with lipstick/eyeshadow/mascara/makeup remover/clutch and a couple other items. Clinique and Estee Lauder have great skincare and great GWP twice a year (Clinique's lip stuff is good while Estee Lauder's eyshadows are good).

Hello glitterandshine!   Have you considered NYX, e.l.f....

Hello glitterandshine!


Have you considered NYX, e.l.f. (eyes lips face) cosmetics, or coastal scents? They're quite popular among youtube makeup gurus (and drag queens!). While I would recommend e.l.f. for eyeshadows, I think NYX is better for lipsticks. You can buy their products online, or I believe e.l.f. is also sold at Target.


 Hope this helps! I plan on buying some NYX & e.l.f., myself!

Re: Hello glitterandshine!   Have you considered NYX, e.l.f....

I also second NYX! I love the brand. My must haves from the brand (comparable to other higher quality products): matte blushes, jumbo eye sticks, eye primer, eye shadows!

Re: inexpensive quality makeup?

In your sephora store, there should be a sales section.. and they should have some foundations and stuff that range from $7-10 depending on where you are.. I bought a foundation there FOR $5!! You might want to check it out.

Re: inexpensive quality makeup?

Loreal, Rimmel London and Milani all make really great products that work well and dont break the bank. I also heard great things about Flower Beauty and NYX.

Re: inexpensive quality makeup?

I would go with Cinique. I wore it all through high school. They have a type to find your skin at any given time and though it might be more than you want to spend, you have to remember that quality makeup provides better coverage, therefore you will use less of it. I realized in college that I was spending just as much on Covergirl as I would on Clinique because I was using so much more. Good luck! Hope this helps.

Re: inexpensive quality makeup?

If you are interested in buying cheaper makeup from Sephora, then check out sephora brand makeup. I really like their eyeshadows, but just try to test them before buying them because some of the "glitter" finish ones have a lot of fall out. From the drugstore, wet n wild has great quality eyeshadows (like MAC quality good) and Revlon has some good foundations (love the photoready makeup) and I think that Revlon and Maybelline and even L'Oreal has some great lip products that are "dupes" for some of the higher end ones. Just do reasearch on the products you are interested and check out reviews online before buying them. 

Hope this helped



Re: inexpensive quality makeup?

It's been a while, but I remember being in your shoes once upon a time! Personally, L'Oreal has always been one of my favorite lower-priced brands. Their products are available just about everywhere, don't break the bank, and perform reliably. One parent company owns both L'Oreal and Lancome, and many of their respective products seem very similar. L'Oreal makes some great foundations, powders, blushes, and bronzers. Occasionally I"ve seen L'Oreal in my local Dollar Tree stores (I live in the Southeast). Some of my other favorite lower-cost lines include NYX (great matte blushes and eyeshadows), Revlon (lip products, nail polishes), Rimmel London (blushes, lipglosses/-sticks, mascaras), Sonia Kashuk (blushes, bronzers, eyeliners, makeup brushes/tools and bags), and the ultimate cheapie, Wet 'N' Wild (matte blushes, bronzers, pencils).  

Re: inexpensive quality makeup?

For drugstore brands I highly recommend:


Foundation: Revlon colorstay

Powder: Rimmel stay matte powder or Maybelline Dream Matte powder

Lip products: Nyx has some awesome lip glosses and the Revlon lip butters are great color payoff and moisturizing.

Eyeshadows: Elf has some pretty palettes that have pretty good color payoff that are cheap!

Blush: Nyx has some AMAZING blush.(pinched is one of my favorites) 

Bronzer: NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder is amazing! Super cheap and great quality!!!

Brushes: I love the Real Technique brushes

Mascara: I've been highly impressed with drugstore mascara, Maybelline Falsies is awesome!


Most of these can be found in Target/Walgreens/CVS and almost always have a buy one get 50% off deal. NYX is only at Ulta in my area so I'm not sure where else you can get that. If you sign up for their membership you can get coupons constantly for that as well.


I highly recommend watching YouTube beauty girls like Missglamorazzi or Amarixe. They mix in both drug store products and highend so you can find out some great recommendations Smiley Happy

Re: inexpensive quality makeup?

I have your same problem and I can only recommend a couple things... Mary Kay mineral powder foundation is the bomb! It lasts forever and is only

$18. I know it doesn't sound cheap but for the huge quantity you receive it is an awesome price. Same goes for their primer.  I also love Rimmel's bronzers.

Re: inexpensive quality makeup?

Surprisingly there are some drug store brands that can give you very good quality.

Eyeshadows: Personally I love the wet n wild eyeshadow palettes! they have really good color pay off and give you alot of different colors to work with (You can buy these at any Walgreens and CVS). Nyx cosmetics has really good quality eyeshadows and dont cost very much at all (You can buy these in any Ulta). 

Lipsticks: Revlon's lip butters are amazinggggg they are smooth, creamy and have alot of pigment I have about 8 of them they are sooo awesome! (Walgreens and CVS).

Brushes: Sephora has some great brushes I own the crease brush #13 and I no longer use 12368213767 brushes to do my eyeshadow. I can use this brush to put eyeshadow on my lid, in my crease and on my brow bone. Target and Walgreens sell Eco Tools which are pretty awesome brushes. Elf brushes are pretty good and lots of them are just $1 (Target).

Blushes: Milani and Elf both have really good blushes that some youtubers have compared to Mac and Nars blushes.


*Go on youtube and type in things like high end dupes or drugstore brands worth buying and you will find alot of youtube gurus who will recommend reasonably priced makeup products that are just as good as the high end brands that are sold in Sephora and Department stores. 

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